Ayelet Raich Law Office, Notary, Mediation

Multidisciplinary legal services in commercial, civil, administrative and agricultural law

Ayelet Raich Law Office, Notary, Mediation
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Established: 2006
Line of Business: Multidisciplinary legal services in commercial, civil, administrative and agricultural law
Address: Kvuzat Yavne, Moving Post Avtach, 79233
Phone: 972-8-8548377
Fax: 972-8-8548341
Email: lawsec@kv-yavne.co.il
Website: http://www.ayelet-raich.co.il
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  • Ayelet  Raich Michaeli, Ayelet Raich Law Office, Notary, Mediation

    Adv. Ayelet Raich Michaeli

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    Ayelet Raich Law Office, Notary, Mediation

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    Ayelet Raich Michaeli


    Vered Levy-Sahar
    Ran Lieber
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About Ayelet Raich Law Office, Notary, Mediation

Ayelet Raich Law Office is a leading boutique firm providing multidisciplinary legal services in commercial, civil, administrative and agricultural law, and specializing in supporting agencies, companies, Moshavim and Kibbutzim with a comprehensive support for their business conduct.

The longstanding firm was founded by Adv. Ayelet Raich Michaeli, one of the field’s leading lawyers, who practices all aspects of commercial, corporate, cooperative, labor and agricultural law.

The firm’s clients include private and commercial corporations from diverse business sectors, Kibbutzim, Moshavim, agricultural cooperatives, Kibbutz factories and various agricultural entities.

The firm practices commercial litigation, labor, corporations, contracts and debits, administrative, tenders, settlements and agricultural law, contracts in various agricultural segments under The Settlements Law, real-estate, solar and wind energy and environmental law, appropriations, insurance claims, debt collection, wills and inheritance mediations and arbitrations.

Since 2009, Adv. Raich-Michaeli has power of attorney from the Attorney General to represent Israeli government agencies in the courts. She serves as arbitrator and appointed investigator of the Cooperatives Registrar and a certified mediator in diverse monetary disputes. The firm is located at the heart of the settlements areas in Kibbutz Givat Yavne.

Commitment, Devotion and Hands-on Service

The firm provides values-oriented, extraordinary, involved and active service, emphasizing excellence and efficiency, and supports of its clients, with a pleasant and personal atmosphere based on trust and commitment to success.

Adv. Raich-Michaeli is personally involved in the firm’s cases, and the legal services are provided with an energetic pro-active attitude and commitment to finding the optimal legal solutions.

Practice Areas

Litigation – The firm is highly experienced in proceedings management, in various fields including commercial and corporate law, labor, administrative, tender and agricultural law, appropriations, real-estate, contracts law and more.

Cooperatives – The firm practices cooperative law and provides legal services to Kibbutzim, Moshavim, agricultural factories, farmers and Kibbutz and Moshav members. Adv. Raich-Michaeli serves as arbitrator and Cooperatives Registrars investigator.

Commercial law – the firm practices all its aspects and represents many entities in diverse transactions and contracts. The firm gained knowledge and expertise in complex agreements and establishing various corporations.

Agricultural law – the firm specializes in this unique field, with clientele from the poultry and dairy industries, food centers, crops, medicinal cannabis, etc. The firm specializes in contracts requiring official approvals under The Agricultural Settlement Law, and insurance damage claims, including the Natural Disaster Insurance Fund. The firm is experienced in supporting farmers on issues concerning the Animal Diseases Order and regulations under it, and formulation of agricultural employment agreements.

Poultry – the firm has particular expertise in this field, both in the meat and eggs topics. The firm represents, inter alia, farmers, hatcheries and slaughterhouses, and has extensive experience in integration, partnerships, growing, facility building agreements and more.

Labor law – the firm supports entities in hiring processes, diverse employment agreements, non-compete clauses, termination and more. The firm has particular expertise in foreign workers laws, municipalities labor law and labor court proceedings.

Administrative law and tenders – the firm provides ongoing counsel from the formulation of the RFP terms and the tender, and has extensive experience in administrative appeals and interim orders.

Solar and wind energy – the firm supports Kibbutzim, Moshavim corporations and partnerships that provide lands or rooftops in contractual renewable energy contracts and is experienced in the management of the commercial and legal aspects of such contracts, including partnerships.

Execution – the dedicated debt-collection department includes checks and notes execution, objections to receiverships, liquidation of guarantees, etc.

Appropriations – the firm provides legal support to individuals and entities before appropriation proceedings and in compensation claims, including Ex gratia compensations.

Libel – the firm provides legal counsel and manages proceedings for plaintiffs and defendants in libel and slander claims.

Real-estate – the firm provides legal services in the field including sale, purchase and rent agreements.

Wills and Inheritance law – the firm drafts wills, including for Moshavim landowners, and provides inheritance and inheritance execution order requests and objection proceedings.

Arbitrations – Adv. Raich-Michaeli serves as an arbitration of the Israeli Bar and the Cooperatives registrar, and is experienced in the representation of plaintiffs and defendants.

Mediations – Adv. Raich-Michaeli is a certified mediator with experience in representation and mediation, she developed the “Mediation Express” method for assisting parties in fast and efficient resolution of monetary disputes amounting to NIS 90,000 or less, without prolonged proceedings.

Notable Achievements

  • Kvuzat-Yavne vs. Po – a lawsuit for a veil piercing and personal liability of executives was accepted despite the lack of a signed surety.
  • Bar-Yochai vs. Yahav Organizational Consulting – an agreement between the company and the consultant was recognized as binding, even though not all appendices were signed.
  • Tenders case for Nes Matach Inc. a precedential claim that a tender should be accepted despite late submission due to an alarm siren during Operation Protective Edge was accepted, and enabled the company an unprecedented late submission.
  • In Ben-Atiya Shalom vs. Moshav Neve Yamin, a claim that the distinction between estates and support farms is irrelevant for lots allocations was accepted.

Adv. Ayelet Raich-Michaeli

Has an LL.B. and an LL.M., Bar Ilan University. Certified mediator and notary and arbitrator, and appointed investigator of the Cooperatives registrar. Leads the “Pro Bona” project, which provides voluntarily the required legal information for proper business conduct to businesswomen in The Periphery.

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