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Established: 1965
Line of Business: Manufacturing, developing and marketing technical supplies, tools and power tools
Address: Israeli Offices: 3 Avraham Shavit St., Building 39, Rishon LeZion, Israel
UK Offices: Caswell Science & Technology Park, Towcester, Northants, NN12 8EQ, UK
Phone: 972-3-5444144
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.b-techtools.com
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  • Masad Elal, B. Tech Tools

    Masad Elal

    Owner & CEO, B. Tech Tools

    B. Tech Tools

  • Yanir Elal, B. Tech Tools

    Yanir Elal

    Owner & CEO, Bedek Bayit Technical Supply

    B. Tech Tools

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About B. Tech Tools

B-Tech Tools is a leading manufacturer and supplier of manual and electric tools and consumables. The company specializes in developing, producing, and marketing a wide variety of professional products, such as drills for grinding, engraving and tapping, screwdrivers, measuring and laser tools, grasping and cutting equipment, cargo carts, and safety and protection equipment. B-Tech Tools products are exported to more than 100 countries worldwide. The company’s machinery and technical equipment are marketed through distributors and retailers in Israel and around the world, among others in huge chains in the US and Europe.

Over 150 Years of Excellence in the Industry

In 1864, the company’s first factory was established in Nice, France, to produce machinery, equipment, and consumables. Only after 101 years of production, in 1965, the company was officially founded and quickly became one of the biggest names in its field. Following the great economic crisis of 2008, the company recognized a real need for high-quality tools at fair prices for the end consumers and the global market. At B-Tech Tools, a planning and development process has begun to reduce production and distribution costs without missing the ultimate goal - to provide first-class quality products that add value to the end-user experience. As a result, with the help of the world’s best factories and production lines, a new brand was born in 2012: B-Tech Tools. The brand’s name symbolizes the company’s vision to bring advanced technologies to the industrial tool market.

Creating Innovation in the Field of Work Tools

The company’s vision focuses on leading the tool market and staying at the cutting edge of technology, production, and innovation. The outstanding advantage of B-Tech Tools and the secret of its competitive advantage lies in the fact that almost every product includes a unique patent. As an international tool manufacturer, B-Tech Tools constantly strives to develop the next generation of tools that we all know and love. As of 2024, the company holds 57 registered patents on products and technologies and countless patent models that are integrated into most of its products - with many more to come. For the company to remain a technological leader in the field on a global scale, engineers and employees strive to develop new electric and manual tools. The combination of expert knowledge, extensive experience gained over four generations of the company’s activity, and patent development provides a competitive advantage for its customers.

Quality, Assurance, Fair Pricing: B-Tech Tools’ 3-Win Strategy

The company operates according to the WIN3 principle, which means a commitment to high product quality, long-term warranty, and a reasonable price for the end customer alongside profitability for suppliers and retailers.
Quality tools: unlike tools that are sticker brands, B-Tech Tools manufactures its own products at the highest level. This ensures close supervision and monitoring of the quality of the raw materials and the production process. The company conducts surveys regularly to ensure the quality of the products is high for the end customers’ satisfaction and to receive feedback on how the products can be improved. This investment translates into establishing its position as a trustworthy, reliable, and leading brand among its competitors.
Warranty on work tools: Given the investment in the planning and quality control processes, it is not surprising that B-Tech Tools provides a lifetime warranty on various work tools and technical equipment. The company has service centers available to its customers, providing humane and professional assistance.
An affordable price that only a manufacturer can offer: As a manufacturer, B-Tech Tools has control over the costs of production, distribution, and transportation around the world. These cost savings make it possible to offer attractive prices to wholesalers and competitive rates to large chains. In addition, B-Tech Tools is a one-stop shop offering all work tools and technical supplies—a distinct advantage for the company’s distributors. The bottom line translates into more profitability for wholesalers and retailers and fair pricing for the end consumer.

Giving Back: Contributing to the Community and Protecting the Environment

B-Tech Tools places great importance on supporting the community as an integral part of its business activity. The company contributes both publicly and anonymously to a variety of associations and aid organizations in various fields. The company works proactively to preserve nature’s values and the landscape. The company’s employees and managers volunteer together to clean and collect waste in the Keren Kayemeth Leyisrael, KKL areas. The management of B-Tech Tools views voluntary and community activities as important for strengthening the relationship with the immediate environment. Therefore, It encourages its employees to participate in these initiatives.

Where B-Tech Tools Products Can Be Purchased?

B-Tech Tools products can be found in various tool shops worldwide. Aside from that, B-Tech Tools offers its products on a dedicated website b-techtools.co.uk. To get details about the retail around the world, contact the manufacturer at [email protected]. In addition, orders can be placed using the email address: [email protected]. Unlike low-cost tools that have become disposable, B-Tech Tools is a brand for life. It is high quality, has a warranty, and justifies the investment.

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