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Established: 1965
Line of Business: Manufacturing, developing and marketing technical supplies, tools and power tools
Address: Israeli Offices: 3 Avraham Shavit St., Building 39, Rishon LeZion, Israel
UK Offices: Caswell Science & Technology Park, Towcester, Northants, NN12 8EQ, UK
Phone: 972-3-5444144
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.b-techtools.com
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  • Masad Elal, B. Tech Tools

    Masad Elal

    Owner & CEO, B. Tech Tools

    B. Tech Tools

  • Yanir Elal, B. Tech Tools

    Yanir Elal

    Owner & CEO, Bedek Bayit Technical Supply

    B. Tech Tools

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About B. Tech Tools

B. Tech Tools is a leading company in the field of technical supply and manufacturing of tools and power tools.

The unique strength of the company’s tools stems from the fact that almost every one of the company’s products includes a unique patent. The company has 57 patents, and countless design patents. B. Tech Tools specializes in the manufacturing of all types of drill bits, threading, milling and lathe equipment. The company works with store suppliers in Israel and around the world, including in mega-chains located in the U.S. and Europe, in 106 different countries across the world, which benefit from the company’s high-quality tools. The company’s turnover amounts to NIS 78 million in Israel, €46 million in Europe and $112 million in the U.S. B. Tech plans to build laboratories in Israel for promoting medicine, and to build a factory for manufacturing advanced tools systems and prototypes.

More than 150 Years of Professional Excellence

The story of B. Tech Tools’ excellence started more than 150 years ago, in Nice, France. The company started to manufacture tools, equipment and materials in France in 1864. After more than 100 years of manufacturing, the company was incorporated in 1965 and quickly became one of the greatest names in its fields of operations. In 2008, the company identified a market need for high-quality tools with an added value, as well as for reducing production costs, in order to provide top of the line products in fair prices to end-consumers and the global market. With this goal in mind, the company created a new brand in 2012, on the basis of the best factories and production lines in the world, and called it “B. Tech Tools”. This name consists of the letter “B” – for the corporate group, “Tech” – to denote the technological investments that the company strives for and “Tools” to denote the type of products, with constant attention to uncompromising quality, valuable solutions and win-win situations.

Cutting-Edge Technology, Fair Prices and Uncompromising Quality

The company’s vision focuses on leading the market and positioning itself at the cutting edge of technology, manufacture and innovation. The company follows the 3WIN motto, under which it meticulously maintains, at all times, a high-quality and lifetime warranty, an attractive price for the wholesaler, and fair prices for end-consumers. The synergy between the vast experience and professional knowledge that was accumulated throughout four generations of the company’s operations, and between more than 127 design patents and patents, creates the added value from which the customers benefit.

The company’s employees and engineers across the world continue to create new tools to enable the company to maintain its global technological leadership in its areas of specialization. The company conducts surveys on a regular and ongoing basis, in order to bolster its position as a segment-leader, and also to remain above the competition.

B. Tech Tools serves as a one-stop-shop, and in fact provides its customers with all of the products they require in a single store, with a very wide variety of products. This unique strength serves as a clear advantage for the company’s suppliers. The company offers attractive prices for wholesalers, as its products can be fairly-priced since they are manufactured directly by the company, and it offers pricing strategies for large chains.

Community Outreach

B. Tech Tools sees community service as a guiding value in all of its operations, and takes care to donate to various NGOs, including anonymous donations.

B. Tech Tools for the Environment

The company’s human capital, including its executive management, works and volunteers for the community in cleaning KKL areas.


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