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Urban Renewal, Insolvency, Civil-Commercial Litigation

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Established: 2010
Line of Business: Urban Renewal, Insolvency, Civil-Commercial Litigation
Address: Sonol Tower, 17th floor, 52 Menachem Begin Rd., Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-3-5762555
Fax: 972-3-5762556
Email: [email protected]
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  • Roy  Bar Yosef, Bar Yosef, Nawi, Torgeman & Co., Law Offices

    Adv. Roy Bar Yosef

    Founding Partner

    Bar Yosef, Nawi, Torgeman & Co., Law Offices

  • Ronen Nawi, Bar Yosef, Nawi, Torgeman & Co., Law Offices

    Adv. Ronen Nawi

    Founding Partner

    Bar Yosef, Nawi, Torgeman & Co., Law Offices

  • Moshe Torgeman, Bar Yosef, Nawi, Torgeman & Co., Law Offices

    Adv. Moshe Torgeman

    Founding Partner

    Bar Yosef, Nawi, Torgeman & Co., Law Offices

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    Moshe Torgeman
  • Noa Grabovski Nathaniel, Bar Yosef, Nawi, Torgeman & Co., Law Offices

    Adv. Noa Grabovski Nathaniel


    Bar Yosef, Nawi, Torgeman & Co., Law Offices

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About Bar Yosef, Nawi, Torgeman & Co., Law Offices

Bar Yosef, Nawi, Torgeman & Co., Law Offices is a high-quality leading boutique firm that specializes in insolvency (Debt arrangements for companies and individuals, companies’ liquidations and bankruptcies), representation of residents in urban renewal projects, and civil-commercial litigation. The firm was established in 2010 and has since been recording consistent growth both in its activity volumes and in its high-profile and significance cases. The firm employs a team of 10 experienced and proficient lawyers who set a new standard of client service and uncompromising expertise daily.

Urban Renewal

The department under the management of Adv. Roy Bar Yosef, is a pioneer and leader in the field of representing apartment owners in urban renewal projects on TMA 38 routes and Pinoy Binui . Adv. Roy has earned his good name in protecting the rights of apartment owners against the authorities, and developers, from the beginning of the project till its completion. The team of lawyers in the department brings to each new project a unique and varied experience in planning and construction, real estate taxation, contract law, commercial knowledge and a thorough understanding of the field and makes it accessible to all those apartment owners, starting from the phase of formation and organization of the complex, planning, taxation , legal and commercial inspections of the project, management of complex developer tenders, drafting of construction eviction agreements, project planning, accompaniment with the lending bank, execution of the construction works, completion, delivery of the new apartments and their registration at the Land Registry Office. The determination and consistency in representing the apartment owners only, succeed in setting new standards in the industry in favor of the apartment owners.

Insolvency and Debt Restructurings

The firm specializes in insolvency law and debt restructurings for companies and individuals. The co-heads of the firm’s Insolvency Department – Adv. Ronen Nawi and Adv. Moshe Torgeman – are part of the Central District Special Managers List and are accordingly often appointed as court-appointed officers in liquidations, moratoriums, debt restructuring and bankruptcies. The firm represents companies, shareholders and individuals in companies’ turnarounds, debt restructurings, formulation of agreements with banks and the tax authorities, including in court proceedings and in out-of-court quasi-proceedings in the framework of “individual arrangements”. As of today, hundreds of insolvency cases are managed by the firm, including the Insolvency case of “Eldad Peri” group; Operating construction companies under liquidation orders, large debt restructuring and appointment as the trustees of the assets of the bankrupted real estate mogul Amir Muchtari and more.

Civil/Commercial Litigation

This department has vast experience in managing complex cases, in courts and in arbitrations. The firm represents leading Israeli and represents private clients regarding civil/commercial disputes, representation in claims on grounds of contractual breaches of all types (disputes between companies, shareholders, partners and investors, parties to real estate contracts, partnership dissolution, construction defects, libel etc.).

Compassion and Cordiality Alongside with Determined Striving Towards Victory

The firm is young and dynamic, and its clients benefit from a friendly, compassionate, and cordial attitude from its team. However, the firm’s team never hesitates to take the gloves off and fight for its clients in all courts of law.

The Partners

Adv. and Notary Roy Bar Yosef, Founding partner - Adv. Roy is one of the pioneers of the urban renewal industry in Israel, with over 14 years of experience in the niche of representing apartment and land owners in the field of urban renewal. Adv. Roy Bar Yosef lectures at professional conferences , publishes articles dealing with the field of urban renewal . In his academic education, Roy has a bachelor’s degree in law with a specialization in commercial and real estate law and a master’s degree in business administration with a specialization in finance, both within the framework of a study program for excellent students, the academic track at the College of Management. Member of the Bar Association since 2009 And in his military service he was a fighter in the par atroopers brigade.

Adv. Ronen Nawi, Founding Partner - Ronen has vast experience in insolvency and debt restructurings and in civil-commercial litigation. Adv. Ronen is listed on the trustees of the insolvency supervisor since 2016 in the Central and Tel Aviv regions, and he is regularly appointed by courts as a liquidator and a trustee. Over the years Adv. Ronen led very noteworthy cases in the Israeli insolvency practice area and has been involved in the most significant in-solvency cases in Israel, including IDB, Hadassah, Eldad Peri, group of 280 families in a creditor’s arrangement, among others. Adv. Ronen maintains an impressive success percentage regarding creditor’s arrangements, and some of the companies he represented continue to work while accepting the creditor’s arrangement. In most of his cases, the company’s owners and executives were exempted from personal guarantees. By education Adv. Ronen has an LL.B. from the College of Management Rishon LeZion (cum laude) and an M.B.A. with a specialization in finance (cum laude). Adv. Ronen was admitted to the Bar in 2009, and in the IDF he served as a fighter at the Parachuter’s’ commando unit.

Adv. Moshe Torgeman, Founding Partner - Moshe is an expert in insolvencies of individuals and corporations, debt restructurings, operation of companies under liquidation orders and moratoriums, and has vast experience in this field. He served as an attorney in the Official Receiver’s Tel Aviv and Central District for about 5 years, where he managed cases with public implications and vast financial scopes. Since 2016, Moshe has been practicing independently, and is included in the court-appointed special managers list of the Official Receiver in the Central and Tel Aviv District. In recent years, he has been representing material creditors, insolvent companies and external affected parties. Adv. Torgeman’s excellence is displayed in finding creative solutions, alongside initiating, and managing long term processes while striving to win. By education he holds an M.B.A. with a specialization in capital markets, and an LL.B., both from the academic program of the College of Management. He was admitted to the Bar in 2010. In the IDF, he commanded an intelligence team in 8200 unit.

Adv. Noa Grabovski Nathaniel, Partner - In 2023, Adv. Noa joined our firm as a partner, after practicing independently since 2016. During her independent practice, she specialized in bankruptcy proceedings for corporations and individuals, as well as managing business disputes in various legal settings. Currently, Adv. Noa serves as a trustee for individual bankruptcy proceedings in the Haifa district. The shared goal of managing all processes is to establish debt arrangements in court and beyond, between the firm’s clients and their creditors. The emphasis is placed on economic-realistic dialogue and finding creative solutions to avoid bankruptcy proceedings, thereby facilitating a relatively quick resolution for the clients to spare them the consequences associated with bankruptcy. In the past decade, Adv. Noa has successfully established debt arrangements for her clients totaling millions of shekels. Adv. Noa has been a member of the Bar Association since 2016, following her outstanding academic achievements in law at Netanya College. Recently, she has also been accredited as a mediator for bankruptcy proceedings at Bar-Ilan University.

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