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Commercial law, specializing in the fiscal sector, taxation, money laundering, real estate and white collar offenses

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Established: 2010
Line of Business: Commercial law, specializing in the fiscal sector, taxation, money laundering, real estate and white collar offenses
Address: 144 Menachem Begin Rd.,
Midtown Tower, 45th floor,
Tel Aviv 6492102
Phone: 972-3-6068282
Fax: 972-3-6068281
Email: [email protected]
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  • Gilad Barone, Barone & Co. Attorneys at Law

    Gilad Barone

    Founder & Mamaging Partner

    Barone & Co. Attorneys at Law

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    Gilad Barone
  • Adv. Tal   Cohen Barone, Barone & Co. Attorneys at Law

    Adv. Tal Cohen Barone

    Partner in the Commercial Dep.

    Barone & Co. Attorneys at Law

  • Yael Postelnicu, Barone & Co. Attorneys at Law

    Adv. Yael Postelnicu

    Partner in the Real Estate Dep.

    Barone & Co. Attorneys at Law

  • Orit  Namdar Avni, Barone & Co. Attorneys at Law

    Adv. Orit Namdar Avni

    Partner, Real-estate Dept., Tenants' Representation

    Barone & Co. Attorneys at Law

  • Smadar  Shaki Grosz, Barone & Co. Attorneys at Law

    Adv. Smadar Shaki Grosz

    Partner, Real-estate Dept.

    Barone & Co. Attorneys at Law

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About Barone & Co. Attorneys at Law

Barone & Co. is a boutique law firm with a leading and proven reputation, specializing in the fiscal sector, taxation (income tax, VAT, real estate tax, and customs duties), economic offenses, money laundering, supporting real estate deals, and complex commercial deals. The firm was founded in 2010 by Adv. Gilad Barone, one of Israel’s most eminent lawyers in the tax sector, economic offenses, and supporting real estate deals. The firm combines a deep understanding of its field of expertise with an ability to cope with complex, multifaceted cases while providing creative solutions. Barone & Co. provides solutions from supporting and representing clients before the Tax Authority, conducting litigation in courts, and providing routine real estate consultancy.
The firm’s team is composed of senior lawyers, an extensive professional support staff with the ability to conduct complex, large-scale cases. The firm’s lawyers include both lawyers and accountants with professional experience working with the Tax Authority, and the professional departments at income tax and real estate tax. The firm’s lawyers are also members of the Israel Bar’s tax committees. The firm has professional connections with accounting firms, tax consultants and leading colleagues from the legal world to whom the firm provides consultancy services, and also lectures and instructs in its areas of operation.

Practice Areas

Taxation: The firm specializes in a wide range of legal services in tax law regarding personal, company, NPO, partnership and NGO taxes. The firm renders to all these services in VAT, income tax, real estate tax, customs duties, international tax, purchase tax etc. The firm’s services include legal opinions, consultancy, tax planning aspects of deals and business operations, supporting and handling in administrative stages, litigation support and representation in the various courts and authorities. The firm has major experience in supporting and representation before the various tax authorities, the Money Laundering Authority, Israel Securities Authority, Justice Ministry, Tax Authority investigation agencies, State Attorney, the Tax Authority’s legal and professional departments, and Israel Police. The firm’s uniqueness is inherent in its ability to combine the criminal aspects of tax offenses, and money laundering offenses with civil tax aspects.
Real Estate Tax: The firm specializes in real estate tax consultancy and support due to the special expertise acquired by its lawyers, former employees of the Tax Authority. The firm renders services to property owners, investors, developers, buyers, and sellers, with the aim of bringing optimal results from a tax point of view combining ownership and management of real estate assets and deals to realize or buy real estate rights. The firm services include consultancy and planning a deal’s outline, in all matters regarding tax aspects and related tax events. The firm also provides opinions, structuring required agreements, supporting and dealing with the tax authorities in appraisal and pre-appraisal proceedings, and support and representation in the authorized courts and committees.
Real Estate Deals: Barone & Co. operates a large and professional department for conducting, supporting and handling diverse and complex real estate deals for developers and contractors in urban renewal, combination deals, and cash transactions throughout Israel. The firm provides support and solutions from checking rights, planning the deal’s structure, support and conducting negotiations, agreements, and financing arrangements. The firm arranges contacts with the banks and financing institutions, implements agreements with consultants, supports, and acts in planning and licensing procedures until registering rights.
Economic Offenses – White Collar (Tax Offenses, Bribe, Breach of Trust): The firm specializes in support and representation of economic, white collar, tax and securities offenses as well as breach of trust and bribe, with major experience in these fields including some of the largest and most complex cases. The firm’s exceptional approach combines civil law with capital market and white collar offenses by understanding that a substantial part of economic offense cases has civil implications in terms of tax and assessment. The firm handles the largest cases in this field at any given moment from the pre-questioning stage, conducting questioning and afterward, representation in hearings and court for complex indictments. The firm is geared to handle such cases, requiring special preparation and conduct in terms of analysis and amounts of investigative material, both with the authorities and conducting court proceedings.
Money Laundering Prohibition: Barone & Co. specializes in money laundering prohibition and the criminal and civil aspects of the law’s instructions on its orders, through questioning and proceedings conducted by the authorities including Israel Police, tax authorities, Justice Ministry, Police Corruption Unit, Anti-Gambling Unit and other economic authorities. The firm supports individuals, organizations, and institutions obligated to report by law, representing them before the Money Laundering Prohibition Authority, Supervisor of Banks, Currency Service Provider Registrar, etc.
The firm is highly experienced in forfeiture and property apprehension proceedings, under the Prohibition on Money Laundering Law.
Commercial Law: The firm focuses on conducting, supporting and representation in diverse commercial deals for companies and businesses in commercial and business law. The firm’s services include supporting business procedures, conducting negotiations, planning deal structures, drafting founders and partners agreements, preparing sale, work, and JV agreements.
Litigation: The firm has major experience in handling hundreds of litigation cases from Magistrates Court to the Supreme Court including Real Estate Tax Law appeals committees, arbitrations, registration management committees, and mediation.

Adv. Gilad Barone

B.A. LL.B. Israel Bar member since 1995. Considered one of Israel’s most eminent lawyers in taxation, white-collar offenses, and real estate. He lectures in forums and conferences, tax departments, Agents Association, Bar Association Training Institute, Institute of CPAs and more. He is Deputy Chair of the Bar Association’s Money Laundering Prohibition Committee and a member of its Tax Committee, and other committees in the firm’s areas of specialization.

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