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Established: 2020
Line of Business: Barr Dinovetskey and Co Law Office
Address: 9 Jabotinsky St., Hachsharat HaYeshuv Tower,
31st floor, Bnei Brak 5126417
Phone: 972-79-3002020
Fax: 972-79-3002021
Email: [email protected]
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  • Ariel Dinovetskey, Barr Dinovetskey and Co Law Office

    Adv. Ariel Dinovetskey

    Owner and Founding Partner

    Barr Dinovetskey and Co Law Office

  • Ori Barr, Barr Dinovetskey and Co Law Office

    Adv. Ori Barr

    Owner and Founding Partner

    Barr Dinovetskey and Co Law Office

  • Erez Abramovich, Barr Dinovetskey and Co Law Office

    Adv. Erez Abramovich


    Barr Dinovetskey and Co Law Office

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About Barr Dinovetskey and Co Law Office

Barr Dinovetskey and Co. Law Office is a leading boutique law firm that provides comprehensive legal services in commercial-civil law, litigation and real estate, specializing in urban renewal and complex transactions. The firm was established in 2020 by Attorney Ariel Dinovetskey and Attorney Uri Barr, experienced lawyers with more than 20 years of experience accumulated during the time they held positions as senior partners in Dr. J. Weinroth and Co. Law Office. Before establishing the firm, both lawyers handled complex and large real estate and civil-commercial litigation cases.

Starting in 2024, our office is included and constitutes the exclusive Israeli Member in the DELPHI Allience, which is an international alliance of attorney and CPA offices with representations in many countries. In this framework, our office operates in various countries, especially in Cyprus and Greece.

An Outstanding Team of Lawyers

Barr Dinovetskey and Co. Law Office consists of a talented group of outstanding lawyers, former associates of leading firms, who were carefully selected to provide excellent and professional legal service to the firm’s clients. Along with professionalism, excellence and an interdisciplinary perspective, the firm greatly emphasizes an individualized and dedicated approach for each client.

Areas of Expertise

Commercial -Civil Litigation - Handling business and civil disputes in all commercial law areas, including class actions and derivative claims, disputes between company shareholders, tenders, hotels, labor law, retail, manufacturer-distributor relations, representation of public corporations, associations, individuals and high net-worth familiesand so on. The firm represents its clients in all judicial courts, including the Supreme Court, arbitrations, mediations and administrative proceedings.

Financing, Real Estate and Urban Renewal with an Emphasis on the Representation of Developers - The firm provides its clients with comprehensive legal services in the field of real estate financing, including legal counsel starting from the due diligence phase, drafting and negotiating the financing agreement, planning and setting up collateral and providing advice on other matters related to financing transactions, commercial loans, debt settlements and other financial transactions. Additionally, the firm provides legal support to developers and contractors in the fields of residential real estate, urban renewal, investment properties and hotels. The firm has a unique specialization in the field of litigation concerning urban renewal, including claims by tenants who refuse to be re-settled, disputes between developers, and claims for enforcement of urban renewal plans.

Arbitration and Mediation - The firm has handled arbitrations and mediations worth hundreds of millions of shekels both in Israel and abroad. The firm has extensive experience in managing legal proceedings related to arbitration procedures, among other things in enforcing arbitrator verdicts or alternatively opposing and annulling arbitrator verdicts. The firm’s experienced lawyers have served as arbitrators and mediators in various disputes over the years.

Commercial Law, Acquisitions and Mergers - Provision of comprehensive legal services in the field of commercial law, acquisitions and mergers. The attorneys at the firm have accompanied numerous complex transactions encompassing aspects of commerce, property, regulationand taxation over the years. The firm also provides full guidance on various commercial issues to boards of directors, senior managers and shareholders.

High-Tech and Start-Up Companies - As part of a fruitful collaboration with the Weinberg & Co Law Office, the firm provides a wide range of legal and business services to long-standing high-tech companies and start-ups. The firm accompanies the companies on an ongoing basis, starting with their foundation and their continued activities thereafter, through rounds of investor recruitment and formulating various agreements and contracts, and culminating with their sale or issuance.

Family Wealth Management - Provision of private and business wealth management services by the partners of the firm to families with significant assets and wealth, including identification of transactions, managing them on a general level alongside comprehensive legal support in the way of registering the assets, ensuring the form of management and ownership over them and carrying out an orderly and smooth intergenerational transition. The firm has extensive knowledge in real estate and commercial law along with unique specializations in trust law, including the establishment and support of trusts in Israel and abroad, and in family law, including the drafting of cohabitation agreements, wills and inheritances.

Intellectual Property - The office operates an intellectual property department that deals with providing legal services to creators from different content worlds as well as to entities and importers operating in Israel and owning international brands. The attorneys in the department protect their clients’ digital assets to the greatest extent possible.

The Partners

Ariel Dinovetskey, Attorney, Co-Founder and Owner Dinovetskey has proven ability and experience of over 20 years both in the field of civil-commercial litigation and in the field of real estate, including in urban renewal and management of complex real estate transactions. Aside from his legal work, Dinovetskey manages for the firm’s clients the financial and business aspects of family capital management. Before establishing the firm, he served as a partner at Dr. Y. Weinroth & Co. Law Office where he set up and managed the real estate department (alongside managing complex litigation cases in various fields). Over the years, he has handled complex litigation procedures in the fields of real estate, planning, and construction, as well as accompanied prominent real estate companies and landowners in real estate transactions. He graduated from the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center with a law degree (magna cum laude) and holds a bachelor’s degree in political science (magna cum laude). A notary since 2018, he has been qualified to practice law since 2006. Attorney Dinovetskey is currently also in Cyprus and manages the firm’s activities in Israel and Cyprus at the same time.

Ori Barr, Attorney, Co-Founder and Owner Attorney Uri Barr has been engaged in the field of civil-commercial litigation for about 25 years. Over the years, he has handled a variety of economic and commercial issues, including complex civil claims, class actions in general, and securities litigation in particular. He has also handled legal-economic proceedings in family law, petition administration, tenders, and transaction management. Before establishing the firm, he served as a partner at Dr. Y. Weinroth & Co. Law Office and subsequently worked as an independent attorney. Over the years, he has handled complex legal claims in the scope of tens and hundreds of millions of NIS (per claim). Also serving as a director of a public construction company for two years, as well as a director of technology companies for several years, gives him a broader perspective. His educational background includes a law degree from Tel Aviv University (cum laude) and a bachelor’s degree in economics (cum laude). Licensed to practice law since 1998.

Erez Abramovich, Attorney, Partner Adv. Abramovich has been a member of the Israel Bar Association since 2014 and in 2019, Adv. Erez Abramovich joined as a partner at Barr Dinovetskey and Co. Law Office alongside attorneys Ariel Dinovetzkey and Uri Barr. In addition to providing ongoing legal advice to diverse clients. Attorney Abramovich drafts a wide range of agreements, including financing agreements for corporate financing, projects, and properties. Also, he specializes in all aspects of real estate, including drafting purchase agreements, combination agreements and urban renewal projects, as well as representing residential real estate firms, profitable real estate firms, commercial companies that rent or purchase real estate assets to meet their current needs, and more. He completed his internship at the New York State Supreme Court in the office of Judge David Schmidt and then in the commercial department and the real estate department of Herzog, Fox, Neaman & Co. Law Office. In 2015 he was appointed as (joint) vice-chairman of the Urban Renewal Committee of the Bar Association (Tel Aviv district). In addition to his law degree from Bar-Ilan University (cum laude), he holds a MBA with a specialization in finance. In addition, he is a certified mediator.

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