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Insolvency, recovery of companies and arrangements in the capital market, financial litigation and shareholder disputes, merger and acquisition agreements, and financing agreements

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Established: 2022
Line of Business: Insolvency, recovery of companies and arrangements in the capital market, financial litigation and shareholder disputes, merger and acquisition agreements, and financing agreements
Address: 4 Berkowitz St., Museum Tower, 6th floor,
Tel Aviv 6423806
Phone: 972-3-7464651, 972-52-3808851
Email: [email protected]
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  • Amir Bartov, Bartov & Co., Law firm

    Adv. Amir Bartov

    Founder and Owner

    Bartov & Co., Law firm

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    Amir Bartov
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About Bartov & Co., Law firm

Bartov & Co., law office is a leading boutique law firm that specializes in insolvency, corporate restructuring, financial litigation, shareholder disputes, merger and acquisition agreements, and financing agreements. The firm was established in 2022 by Adv. Amir Bartov, after being an integral and significant part of the Shimonov & Co. firm.

Adv. Bartov has extensive professional experience in handling crisis situations, creditors’ arrangements, and various insolvency proceedings, such as freezing procedures, liquidation, and representation of companies, owners, investors, and creditors.

With three experienced attorneys on its staff, the firm is able to deliver a personal, dedicated, and immediate service, with the personal involvement of Adv. Bartov in every case in which the firm is engaged, in addition to the work of the firm’s skilled and professional staff.

The firm is renowned for its uncompromising professional excellence, thorough work, and in-depth professional knowledge, which it applies to every case.

The firm’s Clients include well-known companies and private businessmen. Adv. Bartov has been involved in many dozens of business and personal crisis events, including the major crisis events in the economy, such as the representation of Africa Israel Investments in the two arrangements of the group, both in 2009 as the bondholders’ representative and in 2016 as the company’s representative.

Beyond that, Adv. Bartov represented the Zeevi Group, the EDB Group, Cardan N.V., Delek Nadlan, Hadassah Hospital, Israel Post, most of the investors in Keren Kela, Kel Otto Leasing Group, Luzon Group, and Dori Construction, and has served as a functionary in a number of complex cases such as trustee for Mega Retail Ltd., for whom Adv. Bartov has led highly complex recovery, settlement, and liquidation proceedings. The firm represents All Year, which issued bonds worth NIS 2.5 billion in Israel in insolvency proceedings, including a proceeding in the United States and in the British Virgin Islands.

Furthermore, the firm also undertakes activities related to individual bankruptcy, some for businesses that are having difficulties, and some as a voluntary service for incapacitated clients. As part of its commitment to community contribution, Bartov and Co. law office provides pro bono representation to bankrupt debtors who do not have adequate legal representation and are referred to the firm by an association.

Adv. Amir Bartov

Adv. Amir Bartov holds an LL.B. and an LL.M. from Bar Ilan University, from which he graduated with honors.
Adv. Bartov conducted his internship in the Tel Aviv District Court with the Honorable Judge Esther Kobo. Between 1996 and 2016, Adv. Bartov served as an attorney and senior partner of Lipa Meir & Co., and in 2017-2021, Adv Bartov served as a senior partner of Shimonov & Co. In 2022, Adv. Bartov established Bartov & Co., where he serves as a founding partner. Adv. Bartov lectures at various forums, including academic colleges, the Bar Association, and the Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

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