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Established: 2011
Line of Business: Family and Inheritance Law
Address: B.S.R Tower T Totseret ha-Arets St 3, Petah Tikva
Phone: 972-73-7055888
Fax: 972-73-7055889
Email: [email protected]
Website: http:// www.messer-law.co.il
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  • Dalit Yaniv Messer, Dalit Yaniv Messer Law Office

    Dalit Yaniv Messer

    Founding partner and owner

    Dalit Yaniv Messer Law Office

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About Dalit Yaniv Messer Law Office

Dalit Yaniv-Messer Law Office is a boutique law firm that specializes in Family Personal Status law. The firm, which is known for the quality of its work, is ranked as one of the leading firms in Israel in the field of family and personal status law, by the most prestigious ranking agencies in Israel.
The firm maintains its focus on this particular field, knowing that such determination and attention is key to uncompromising excellence. Dalit Yaniv-Messer Law Office creates a personally-tailored legal strategy for each and every client, while upholding transparency, integrity and reliability – for which it is known.
Adv. Yaniv-Messer combines rich life experience and longstanding professional specialization, along with excellent inter-personal communicability, and compassion, empathy and understanding of her clients in the difficult times they find themselves, in order to deliver first-rate professional services while keeping an eye on the bigger picture.
Adv. Yaniv-Messer, who has earned a stellar reputation as a leading attorney in Family Law, is credited as an authority in her field, and her articles are regularly published in the Israeli media. The professional mission of Adv. Yaniv-Messer finds in her work furnishes her clients with the excellent legal services she provides. Adv. Yaniv-Messer’s view focuses on the hope she provides her clients, during their hardships, which includes professional excellence and empathy, since she views her field as “people’s law”, literally speaking.
Adv. Yaniv-Messer founded the lobby for the curtailing of the authority of the Rabbinical courts in divorce proceedings in Israel, believing that there must be a fairer, more egalitarian process for both parties in a divorce. Armed with this policy, Adv. Yaniv-Messer is working for civil divorce in Israel. Adv. Yaniv-Messer, who represents men and women alike, understanding their plight, fights fearlessly for her clients.

Transparency, Involvement, Availability

Adv. Yaniv-Messer is diligent about providing comprehensive – both personal, and legal – solutions for her clients in their time of need, while remaining prompt, understanding, and confident, which results from the transparency advocated by the firm. This transparency is embodied in the fact that the clients form an inextricable part of the process, are involved and updated at every step along the way, and with this integration in the process, are imbued with confidence, that helps them in this, their difficult times.
The synergy created by determination, professional excellence and dedication – which serve to defend the client’s interests – brings forth supreme results for the firm’s clientele. The personal touch, given by the founding partner in every case, is a lodestar for the firm, and dovetails the humanity, professionalism and understanding of the clients’ situation.

Areas of Expertise

Dalit Yaniv-Messer Law office specializes in mediation, pre-court legal proceedings representation, appearances before Family Affairs courts and the Rabbinical courts, managing complex divorce cases, divorce suits, Peace in the Home suits (Shlom Bayit), continuing power of attorney, divorce-refusal (Gett), custody and visitation rights, marriage and divorce for the elderly, family law for LGBT person, property claims, paternity, child abductions, marriage annulment, civil unions, intra-family violence, drafting of wills, will contestation and drafting of settlements – which include divorce agreements, prenuptial agreements, parenting and cohabitation agreements.

Adv. Dalit Yaniv-Messer

Adv. Dalit Yaniv-Messer, the founding partner of the firm, has long-established experience in the fields of family and inheritance law. Adv. Yaniv-Messer has previously served as a member of committees in the Israel Bar, and holds a double B.A., in Law as well as the Humanities, and Master’s degree in Business Management (MBA). Moreover, Adv. Yaniv-Messer has completed vocational qualification courses in various areas of Family Law, collaborative divorce, etc. Her breadth of knowledge, beyond the legal realm, provides her with far-sightedness and a unique point of view, that result in creative and successful solutions for her clients.
Adv. Yaniv-Messer always maintains the humanity, which is required in sensitive legal proceedings, and is able to combine an empathetic approach while upholding the dignity of all parties, with concrete and focused action, which result in optimal results for her clients, without necessitating, sometimes, the need to involve the judicial system. Adv. Yaniv-Messer believes in collaborative divorce; such proceedings allow for the settling of disputes in a more effective, amicable fashion.


Dalit Yaniv-Messer law office provides a non-combative, rapid way for couples to part ways. The firm has long-standing experience in mediation, with successes and achievements, to the mutual benefit of all parties. The mediation process permits clients to take an active part in the drafting of divorce settlements, and in fact, puts them fully in charge of the process, orchestrated by a neutral intermediary, who allows for a productive and fruitful dialogue, to the benefit of the clients and their children, without external parties, such as judges or adjudicators.
Adv. Yaniv-Messer accompanies the mediation process with empathy, sensibility and professionalism, staunchly supporting the dignity of the parties and the interests of the spouses and their children, believing as she does that all parties should feel rightly compensated in the end.


Adv. Dalit Yaniv-Messer, a graduate of the Bar Association’s arbitrator training. An arbitration procedure is a private judicial procedure that is based on the parties’ agreements anchored in the arbitration agreement. An arbitration procedure is usually faster and more efficient than conducting a procedure in court and ultimately cheaper, because it does not last for years Unlike the court where the parties do not have the opportunity to choose the identity of the judge, the parties to the arbitration procedure can choose the identity of the arbitrator who will decide their case. The arbitration procedures take place behind closed doors and end with an arbitral award.
Alongside the day-to-day activities of the firm, adv. Dalit Yaniv-Messer manages arbitration proceedings.

Community Outreach

Adv. Yaniv-Messer set up a Facebook group having over a thousand members, “Divorcees consulting Messer”, where she provides free initial aid, in order to help those requiring legal assistance in the midst of the crisis in which they find themselves. Furthermore, Adv. Yaniv-Messer volunteers in “WIZO”, where she provides initial counsel on family law matters.

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