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Doron Ariel & Co. Law Offices
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Established: 2010
Line of Business: Legal services in the field of commercial-civil law
Address: 7 Jabotinsky St., Moshe Aviv Tower 45th Floor, Ramat Gan
Phone: +972-3-6116730
Fax: +972-3-6116731
Email: [email protected]
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  • Doron  Ariel, Doron Ariel & Co. Law Offices

    Doron Ariel

    Founding Partner

    Doron Ariel & Co. Law Offices

  • Yael  Ariel, Doron Ariel & Co. Law Offices

    Yael Ariel


    Doron Ariel & Co. Law Offices

  • Rotem  Maduel, Doron Ariel & Co. Law Offices

    Rotem Maduel


    Doron Ariel & Co. Law Offices

  • Elad  Ben-Yoram, Doron Ariel & Co. Law Offices

    Elad Ben-Yoram


    Doron Ariel & Co. Law Offices

  • Rakefet  Segal, Doron Ariel & Co. Law Offices

    Rakefet Segal


    Doron Ariel & Co. Law Offices

  • Anat Cohen, Doron Ariel & Co. Law Offices

    Anat Cohen


    Doron Ariel & Co. Law Offices

Additional Partners

    Eran Danan Adv. Partner
    Tal Barbi Adv. Partner
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About Doron Ariel & Co. Law Offices

Doron Ariel & Co., Law Offices is one of the leading law firms in Israel in the fields of real estate, banking and finance, bankruptcy, corporate law and commercial litigation. The firm handles some of the largest and most complex real estate transactions in Israel, as well as commercial litigation cases, valued at billions of shekels annually. The firm offers its clients comprehensive and varied services that include commercial and real estate transactions, financial counseling, corporate law, commercial contracts, complex civil commercial litigation, and bankruptcy cases. The firm’s clients include large corporations and banks, contractors and developers, investment groups and more. The firm has acquired extensive experience appearing in all the judicial courts in Israel, including administrative courts, property tax authorities and appeal committees, planning authorities and labor courts, as well as representing clients vis-à-vis government and municipal authorities, the Israel Lands Authority, and planning and tax authorities. The firm’s legal team and founding partner are deeply committed to each client, providing excellent legal counseling in a sensitive and personal manner. Doron Ariel & Co., serves its clients with responsibly, reliability and professionally, taking into account all the legal aspects of each case.

Banking and Finance

The firm is a leading firm in providing counseling and representation in the field of banking and finance. In During the past year , the firm dealt with over 150 credit deals exceeding NIS 27.5 billion. Furthermore, Adv. Doron Ariel is Chairman of the Banking and Finance National Committee of the Israel Bar Association. Recent finance transactions include Avisror Sde Dov, Yishpro Tnouort, Azorim Givat Shmuel, Elad Israel New Residences Haifa, Electra Bat Yam, Africa Katmonim, Luzon Yehud, Migdaley Hzeirim, Magdaley Ha’Arbea, Aura Kiryat Ono, Boney Hatichon Kiryat Ono, Infinity Su-mail and more. Our firm represents Bank Mizrahi Tefahot Ltd. in the field of logistics, procurement, and real estate transactions, and among other things, represented the bank in the sale of the “Half Billion” assets to Mivne group. The firm’s clients include Bank Mizrachi-Tefahot Ltd, Bank Hapoalim Ltd., Israel Discount Bank Ltd., The First International Bank of Israel Ltd, Igudim Ltd., Meitav Dash Gemel, Credito Bareket Mimun Ltd. The Phoenix Insurance Company Ltd. and other entities. The firm’s success in leading these deals lies in its ability to understand the interests of both sides, finding integrated, creative solutions while protecting the client’s interests and offering an optimal response. The firm also represents many entities in financing complex projects too, including big real estate developers.

Real Estate

The firm has extensive experience representing developers and contractors, private entrepreneurs, purchasing groups and financial institutions in a wide range of complex projects involving thousands of residential and commercial units. In addition to residential and commercial projects, these include banks, high-yield projects, offices, agriculture, hotels, industrial parks and other projects. The firm’s expertise encompasses all aspects of real estate, in Israel and abroad, including sales and purchasing agreements, combination deals, urban renewal projects, purchasing groups, rental and leasing contracts, yielding real estate, gas stations, etc. These services provide a holistic solution, encompassing feasibility studies, the purchasing contract, planning processes, taxation, bank financing, contracting with subcontractors, representing clients in purchasing contracts and third-party rental contracts, and registering property and condominiums. The real estate division’s clients include leading Israeli banks, developers, architecture firms and appraisers, such as Bank Mizrahi-Tefahot Ltd. and Netzivim Assets & Equipment Ltd., Igudim Ltd., Nitzan Group, Yuval Alon Construction Company Ltd., Hanan Mor, Krinsky-Gotlib, Acropolis, Reisdor Group, Aura, Cosmopolis, Gama, Bonei Modi’inIlan Pivko Architects, Paz Group Engineering Ltd., numerous contractors and developers, etc.

Urban Renewal

Our firm specializes in all aspects of Urban Renewal, including representation of entrepreneurs, representation of tenants and representation of bank corporations, in all aspects of the most complex Urban Renewal transactions, as well as cross-sections (such as a bank or non-bank financing). In the past year alone, the firm dealt with over 100 Urban Renewal projects for 19,000 residential and commercial units, all thanks to the extensive experience accumulated by our firm over the years and its specialization in this field. Our firm has proven experience in all stages of Urban Renewal, from the signing stage to the delivery of apartments and completion of the amendment of the registration. The firm has extensive experience in representing the banking system in urban renewal projects, in accompanying clients at the planning and construction institutions, in managing litigation and legal proceedings, including managing negotia-tions with owners of rights for eviction arrangements, legal proceedings against unwilling tenants, protected tenants, squatters, etc., as well as in completing complex projects As part of appointments by the courts in insolvency proceedings of entrepreneurs in the field of urban renewal. Among the firm’s clients in this field are the Aura Group, Krinsky Gottlieb, Pivko and more.


The firm handles some of the largest bankruptcy cases in Israel, including the famous Ortam-Sahar/Malibu and A. Dori cases for Bank Mizrahi-Tefahot, Yatir Import-Export Services Ltd., Itay Katz, Abetrans Logistics & Freight Forwarding Ltd., the dissolution of Agur Trading A.G. Ltd, Wellstone and more for the Tel Aviv District Court, etc. Adv. Doron Ariel has held various bankruptcy cases for Bank Mizrahi-Tefahot Ltd., including the famous Hefziba case. The firm’s legal team boasts a unique expertise in the field of bankruptcy proceedings, dissolutions, receiverships and stays of proceedings. The firm serves as the Substitute Chairman of the Insolvency National Committee of the Israel Bar Association. Adv. Doron Ariel is appointed as a liquidator and a receiver for various proceedings, obtaining groundbreaking results.

Commercial Litigation

The firm’s legal team has extensive experience with large litigation cases and with local and international arbitration and mediation proceedings, for all the different judicial and quasi-judicial courts. The firm has a strong and big litigation department. The firm is active internationally, working closely with leading law firms around the world. The firm specializes in a variety of fields, including contract law, corporate law, commercial law, bank law, antitrust law, tender law, real estate tax law, property law, planning and construction law and administrative law. Our firm has a large litigation department that handles hundreds of complex litigation cases a year. Adv. Doron Ariel serves as a mediator and an arbitrator in complicated cases and is appointed both privately and by the Israeli Bar Association and the court system.

Adv. Doron Ariel

Adv. Doron Ariel formerly worked for ten years at Kantor, Elhanani, Tal & Co. Law Firm, including three years as a partner of the firm. Since 2010, he serves as the founding partner of Doron Ariel & Co., Law Offices, and the leader of the firm’s 24 lawyers, who are among the best in their fields. Adv. Doron Ariel is Chairman of the Banking and Finance National Committee of the Israel Bar Association. Adv. Ariel is a popular lecturer who lectures for a variety of audiences, including the Israeli Bar, banks’ training divisions, the Institute for Legal Research, the Israeli Bar Association, Knasim group, academic institutions and at training seminars and conventions for lawyers, managers, and commercial companies.

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