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Water and Sewage Corporations, Administrative Law and Public Tenders, Litigation, Tort, Environmental Protection, Labor Law and Commercial Law

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Line of Business: Water and Sewage Corporations, Administrative Law and Public Tenders, Litigation, Tort, Environmental Protection, Labor Law and Commercial Law
Address: 5 Mefi St. (Soho Center) The Poleg Industrial Zone, Netanya P.O. Box 8671
Phone: 972-9-8351605
Fax: 972-73-7619016
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About Dover – Law Firm

Dover – Law Firm is a leading boutique firm which was founded in 2006 by Adv. Mirit Dover. The firm includes 7 lawyers with longstanding and extensive professional knowledge in commercial, municipal and civil law.

Water and Sewage Corporations

The firm has a particular specialization in Water and sewage corporations and it is considered to be one of the leaders of this practice area in Israel, in the contexts of the establishment of corporations, the joining of local authorities to existing corporations and the ongoing counsel for such corporations.
The firm provides ongoing legal counsel to numerous Water and sewage corporations. In addition, it serves as Legal Counselor of the Water and Sewage Corporations’ CEOs Forum Association, which unites the CEOs of Israeli water and sewage corporations. The firm provides current updates to members of the forum on legislation amendments, rulings, guidelines etc. in the water and sewage field. Furthermore, the firm promotes joint initiatives of the Water and sewage corporations for the forum, inter alia, vis-à-vis the Water and Sewage Commissioner and National Water and Sewage Authority.
The firm occasionally prepares reviews for the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel, that include updates on the water and sewage market. These reviews are distributed through the Federation’s CEO circular. In 2018, a book that was edited by the firm’s team was published, on the topic of service benchmarks of Water and sewage corporations.

Administrative Law and Public Tenders Law

The firm has vast activity in administrative law and particular expertise in public tenders law: Its Administrative Law Department provides services for a wide variety of issues, including: city tax, development charges, fees and bylaws, support in responding to the State Comptroller’s reports and hearings before regulators (such as the Water Authority, the Environmental Protection Ministry and the Ministry of Health).
The department also provides legal representation and facilitation for all aspects of the development, establishment and operations of large-scale infrastructures. The Public Tenders Departments handles the preparation of all types of public tenders, including tenders for infrastructure, HR, collection and IT, tenders for the construction of sewage treatment facilities, joint tenders for different organizations etc.
The firm provides end-to-end solutions in its public tenders practice, including, inter alia, counsel on the tenders’ preparation, facilitation of the tender reviewing proceedings and discussions of the tenders committees, contracting with the chosen contractors and more. In addition, the firm provides legal representation in administrative petitions on tenders.

Civil-Commercial Litigation

The firm’s Litigation Department provides civil-commercial legal counsel and facilitation for private clients and companies. The legal services include, among others, legal-strategic consulting on commercial disputes and representation and legal counseling on administrative litigation and class actions matters. The cases that are accepted by the department are researched meticulously by the team in order to create an accurate and actionable legal strategy. The department’s team takes pride in its ability to represent its clients with great creativity while striving to achieve the best result for the client.


The firm has vast experience and legal knowledge in accompanying tort cases from start to finish – from the provision of legal opinions, letters of claim and pleadings, through negotiations before and after lawsuits, up to managing legal proceedings and representation in all of the courts. Furthermore, the firm is experienced in representing clients vis-à-vis public entities including medical committees of the National Insur-ance and insurance companies, before local authorities, the Lands Registrar and more. The Tort Department specializes in representing private companies and corporations in bodily harm, property damage, usage rights, and negligence cases, among others. The firm has particular expertise in water and sewage damage claims. The firm handles numerous legal proceedings which relate to water and sewage, while utilizing its vast accumulated and unique knowledge in this field.

Commercial Law

The firm’s Commercial Law Department handles a broad spectrum of commercial issues and provides clients with a very wide professional
umbrella while creating an optimal legal solution for each client. The firm accompanies all types of transaction of commercial companies and corporations and provides legal counsel from the initial stages of the transaction to its actual completion.

Labor Law

The firm has longstanding experience in labor law and it provides a comprehensive response on the full range of labor relationships issues, including termination, hiring and more. In addition, the firm formulates the relevant legal documents for its clients in this field, and its team of attorneys is available for the clients for any employment-related legal question.

Environmental Protection

In light of its vast activity with corporates, the firm has accumulated over the years a unique specialization in environmental regulations. The firm handled complex environmental issues often and successfully and it accompanies its clients in a variety of proceedings including hearings.
The firm has particular expertise in all aspects of handling charges against factories for excessive or forbidden sewage, including appeals and objections thereof.


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