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Established: 2020
Line of Business: Bodily Injuries and Medical Malpractice
Address: 11 Kiryat Mada St., PO Box 45152, Beit Amot
Wing B, Har Hotzvim, Jerusalem
Phone: 972-2-6426666
Fax: [email protected]
Website: http://posner-law.co.il
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  • Asaf Posner, Adv., Dr. Asaf Posner Law Office

    Dr. Asaf Posner, Adv.

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    Dr. Asaf Posner Law Office

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    Asaf Posner, Adv.
  • Gilad Lasser, Dr. Asaf Posner Law Office

    Adv. Gilad Lasser

    Dr. Asaf Posner Law Office

  • Netanel Posner, Dr. Asaf Posner Law Office

    Adv. Netanel Posner

    Dr. Asaf Posner Law Office

  • Soujoud Suleiman, Dr. Asaf Posner Law Office

    Adv. Soujoud Suleiman

    Dr. Asaf Posner Law Office

  • Moriah Levinbuk, Dr. Asaf Posner Law Office

    Adv. Moriah Levinbuk

    Dr. Asaf Posner Law Office

  • Roni Simhi -Liamitz, Dr. Asaf Posner Law Office

    Adv. Roni Simhi -Liamitz

    Dr. Asaf Posner Law Office

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About Dr. Asaf Posner Law Office

Adv. Dr. Asaf Posner established his boutique law firm in 2020, specializing in civil litigation, personal injuries, medical malpractice, and property law.
Dr. Posner is a leading attorney who specializes in personal injuries litigation and medical malpractice for over four decades and is teaching at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem for 37 years. Dr. Posner, who is already recognized as an authority in his field, has served on numerous public committees, including a government appointed medical liability committee, a public committee on wrongful birth cases, and served for seven years on the Advisory Committee to the Minister of Justice on Civil Procedure. Dr. Posner’s multiple articles are frequently cited in case law, and he was on the short list to the Supreme Court four times. The firm offers a service that is tailored to each client, a creative approach that involves both academia and practice, and innovative arguments. The firm is responsible for many precedents in the areas of torts, medical malpractice, and road accidents, as well as litigation and property law. The firm has been associated with many precedent-setting judgments, including the famous ruling in the Mizrahi Bank case that established the court’s authority to declare laws null and void, as well as rulings regarding the relationship between legal advisors and a mayor and precedent-setting judgments in the intellectual property area. In this context, the firm integrates academic knowledge with innovative arguments from Israel and abroad, as well as from various fields of law. The firm believes in multidisciplinary synergy and uses different areas of law to implement its strategies. The firm’s proven successes attest to the distinct advantage of creativity and new ideas, which constitute a unique mode of operation of the firm.
The firm has led several claims regarding profession trespassers (on behalf of the Bar Association), claims regarding life expectancy, claims regarding discounting rates, claims regarding social security deductions in tort claims, claims regarding interest rates in tort cases, etc. As part of its legislative and legal activities, the firm constructs claims gradually, realizing that the precedents are not set in a single case.
The firm represents both plaintiffs and defendants, including hundreds of victims of the Versaille disaster (a wedding hall that collapsed). On the other hand, the firm represented the Environmental Services Company in a lawsuit filed by nearly a hundred plaintiffs, claiming the pollution harmed them in Ramat Hovav. The firm has represented hospitals, and from the other side many hundreds of casualties in bodily injuries and medical malpractice. While in the Versaille case the office sued the Jerusalem municipality, the office also represented the municipality itself, the municipality of Mevaseret Zion, the Ashdod water corporation (Yuvalim), Polcom (a pipe importer) in two claims of tens of millions of NIS.

Adv. Dr. Asaf Posner - Founder and Owner

Adv. Dr. Posner holds a Ph.D. from the Faculty of Law at the Hebrew University and has been the editor of the prestigious Law Review Mishpatim. He did his internship in the Supreme Court with the late Justice Menachem Elon. Dr. Posner was a member of public committees, including a governmental committee on medical malpractice, an advisory committee to the Minister of Justice on civil procedure, a committee on determining court fees in personal injury cases, a committee on determining a code of ethics for the Sports Betting Council, a committee for rating law institutions, and a public committee on the issue of wrongful birth. He also served as a member of a committee headed by Justice Amit regarding civil procedure regulations. Dr. Posner lectured at the top universities in Israel in the fields of property law, and medical malpractice law, and teaches medical malpractice seminars and damages courses. Dr. Posner lectures at the Center for Judicial Education and Training, at several institutes for continuing legal studies of lawyers, at the Institute for the Training of Legal Assistants of judges, and at Tel Aviv University, among others. Dr. Posner appeared in the Knesset, in the committee that discussed the Law for the Equality of Persons with Disabilities, in the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee, and the Labor and Welfare Committee.

Articles and Publications

Dr. Posner has published a book titled “Prenatal Torts” and many articles. Among the articles published by Dr. Posner are “Market Overt in the Sale of Cars”, “Planning and construction in light of our private law”, “Allocation of Common Parts in a Condominium to Individual Unit Owner – Another Opinion”, “Gal Law as an parable - the protection of property rights”, “Medical standard and legal standard”, “Fibromyalgia - between medicine and law”, “Medical examination in front of a camera”, “The Withholding of Payments by Insurance Companies: Will it come to an end? Following the Insurance Contract Law (Amendment No. 4), 2010”, and “The Bill for Birth-Defect Compensation, 2010: A No-Fault System Given a Reality Check”, among others. In addition, together with Prof. Idit Solberg and Adv. Netanel Posner, Dr. Posner published the article “Discounting Rate: Ten Principles for Restitutio in Integrum,”. Adv. Netanel Posner published the articles “After me to the District Court: On the Death of the Penalty Fee in Personal Injury Cases” and “The Vaccine Dilemma: Forcing Vaccines on Children Against the Will of Their Parents.”


Dr. Posner has participated in public committees and represented the Bar Association in various matters and in pro bono lawsuits on behalf of associations as well as the Bar Association, including multiple cases in the Supreme Court, matters of professional trespassing, wrongful birth, rights for injured parties in insolvent bodily injuries, providing various explanations to disadvantaged populations and their informed consent and the issue of discounting claims. Dr. Posner is a member of public committees and has assisted in various legislative proceedings. In 2014, Dr. Posner received the Tel Aviv and Central District of the Bar Association Award due to his contribution to the legal system, alongside significant public activity.

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