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Civil, Commercial, Administrative and Constitutional Litigation, Public Tenders

Dr. Guy Carmi & Co., Attorneys at Law
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Established: 2021
Line of Business: Civil, Commercial, Administrative and Constitutional Litigation, Public Tenders
Address: 4 Berkovich St., Museum Tower, 5th Floor, Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-3-9111034
Fax: 972-3-9111035
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.carmi.law
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  • Guy Carmi, Dr. Guy Carmi & Co., Attorneys at Law

    Adv. Dr. Guy Carmi


    Dr. Guy Carmi & Co., Attorneys at Law

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About Dr. Guy Carmi & Co., Attorneys at Law

Dr. Guy Carmi & Co., Attorneys-at-Law is a boutique law firm that practices civil, commercial, administrative and constitutional litigation, with a particular emphasis on the field of public tenders. The firm also specializes in cross-boundaries litigation, including arbitration, international arbitration, and enforcement of foreign judgments in Israel. The firm’s unique strength stems from Dr. Carmi’s combined business, academic and commercial knowledge. This provides the firm’s clients with extraordinary advantages in its practice areas. The firm, headed by Adv. Dr. Carmi, includes five lawyers and two interns.The firm is entrusted with matters of contractual civil proceedings, corporate law and lawsuits in the Economic Court, public tenders law, High Court of Justice (Bagatz) petitions, labor law and family disputes of an economic-business nature.
The firm and its head, Adv. Dr. Carmi, have extensive experience and proven successes in appearances before the Supreme Court, in appeals and petitions. The firm’s clients benefit from extraordinary legal service, with added value in the field of public tenders, in addition to ongoing counsel and facilitation of transactions, as well as handling family wealth and businesses including intergenerational transfers.
Dr. Guy Carmi & Co., Attorneys at Law as a leading and ranked firm handles, inter alia, commercial and corporate lawsuits, including class and derivative actions, minority oppression, D&O liability and companies liquidations; civil lawsuits, with an emphasis on contractual claims, and sometimes also lawsuits that cover tort or grounds of unjust enrichment; real estate and properties-related law suits, disputes between property partners and claims for dissolution of partnership; proceedings before the competition (antitrust) court and counsel on matters of competition; applications for the enforcement of external rulings and international arbitration rulings; and handling large and longstanding international clients with an international profile. In addition, the firm provides top-level action on libel lawsuits, a field in which Adv. Dr. Carmi is considered to be an authority and a renowned expert, inter alia, owing to the groundbreaking doctoral dissertation which he wrote on freedom of expression.
The firm provides unique legal services on public tenders and procurement, from both the litigation and the commercial aspects, and in light of its successes the trademark “Dr. Tenders” is registered under its name. Adv. Dr. Carmi has vast experience and reputation in handling mega-tenders, representation vis-à-vis tender committees, and in-depth familiarity with all of the players in the public procurement field. The importance of in-depth familiarity with this field is amplified due to its numerous snags, where a lack of extensive understanding might lead to automatic disqualification. For example, even the smallest error in the bank guarantee would suffice to disqualify the entire bid. The firm assists its clients in these areas, and provides a thorough and comprehensive solution across all of the tender’s stages, including strategic consulting that focuses on creating relative advantages over the competitors also in future tenders, creating unique experience, filing an exclusive standard and identifying possible future requirements. Thus, the firm turns its clients into the owners of the standards that would comply with future public tenders, providing them with a material competitive advantage over other bidders. During the pricing stage, Adv. Dr. Carmi applies his vast knowledge in game theory and also concerning the requirements for tender exemption.
The firm works creatively and applies out-of-the-box thinking, a work process that provides tools that achieve the desired result even in circumstances where the road is not paved. Despite the fact that the majority of Adv. Dr. Carmi’s work is representations before the courts, he sees the legal proceeding as a means rather than an end, designed to bring the clients to the ideal and most desired situation.
The firm’s clientele includes longstanding and prominent entities in Israel and abroad, in light of Adv. Dr. Carmi’s education which he acquired, inter alia, in the University of Virginia.

Adv. Dr. Carmi

Adv. Dr. Carmi founded the firm in November 2021, after 13 years in the firm of Adv. Lipa Meir & Co. Adv. Dr. Carmi started as an associate and after six years was made a partner in the Litigation Department.
By education, Adv. Dr. Carmi has an Executive M.B.A. from the Faculty of Management of Tel Aviv University; An S.J.D. from the School of Law of the University of Virginia; An L.L.M. from the School of Law of the University of Virginia; and an L.L.B. from the Faculty of Law of the University of Haifa.
The business understanding of the firm’s head, Adv. Dr. Carmi, in light of his M.B.A. degree, creates an added value for his clients in this field, and assists them in the business-commercial aspect, from the stage of exact pricing (which is always relevant, and in particular when bidding in a public tender), through the commercial negotiation stages and up to prevention of commercial terms that would be detrimental to the firm’s clients.
Adv. Dr. Carmi specializes in diverse civil-commercial and corporate litigation, in scopes of tens of millions of Shekels, and has an excellent reputation in administrative law and High Court of Justice petitions, public tender law and libel. Adv. Dr. Carmi is certified to prepare lasting power of attorney (on behalf of the Ministry of Justice), as a mediator and he also serves as a notary.
Furthermore, Adv. Dr. Carmi serves as a judge in the National Disciplinary Court of the Israel Bar Association. In addition, he serves as an arbitrator in civil disputes on behalf of the Arbitration Institute of the Israel Bar Association, the Business Arbitration Institute and the Arbitration Federation.
Adv. Dr. Carmi records numerous achievements also in the academic field: he has taught in the Hebrew University, Reichman University, Haifa University, the College of Management, and the University of Virginia.
Adv. Dr. Carmi won several awards and scholarships. The most prestigious of those is the Gorni Award of the “Public Law Association” for his S.J.D. dissertation. The chairman of the award committee, Prof. Yitzhak Zamir, a former Supreme Court justice, crowned Adv. Dr. Carmi as “The future of Israel’s public law”.

Community and Public Service

Since 2021, Adv. Dr. Carmi has been a member of the Executive Committee and the Executive Team of the “Movement for Quality Government in Israel”.
Since 2018, Adv. Dr. Carmi has been serving as a judge in the National Disciplinary Court of the Israel Bar Association.
Since 2013, Adv. Dr. Carmi has been a member of the executive committee of “Izun” (“Harmony”) NGO.
In 2000-2002, Adv. Dr. Carmi served as a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UN’s 58th Human Rights Convention, Geneva, Switzerland, and as a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UN’s Sustainable Development Convention, Johannesburg, SA.
In 2002-2003, Adv. Dr. Carmi served pro bono as a member of the Audit Committee of the Israel-Germany Jurists Association, and provided pro bono legal counsel to the NGOs EZRA, “Izun” (“Harmony”) NGO and the Movement for Quality Government in Israel.

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