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Eddie Avinoam מחברת Eddie Avinoam, Law Office

Adv. Eddie Avinoam

Founder & Owner

Eddie Avinoam, Law Office
Criminal Law, White Collar Offences and Blue-Collar
Year of Birth: 1965
Email: [email protected]
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Fields: Specializes and highly professional
Position: Founder & Owner
Additional Positions: Criminal Defense Lawyer
Seniority in position: 27 years.
Education: B.A., Social Sciences (magna cum laude), Bar Ilan University; LL.B., Bar Ilan University.
Community Activity: Former President of the Yavne Rotary Club.
Languages: Hebrew, English and some French.

Fields: Specializes and highly professional in criminal law, including all of its aspects: Starting from counsel and support in investigation and interrogation proceedings, through arrests, criminal hearing proceedings, management of criminal trials including litigation and examination of witnesses and appeals, and filing applications for closing criminal cases, expungement and removal of criminal records, including pardon applications to the President. The firm has extraordinary experience that spans thousands of criminal cases of various offences, including drugs, property, violence, domestic violence, murder, negligence manslaughter (with an emphasis on construction site accidents) and sex offences. In addition, the firm specializes in representing members of the Israeli Defense Establishment and security personnel, including cops and soldiers who are suspects and accused of crimes. The firm also has vast experience in white-collar cases – offences of fraud, bribery, breach of trust and money laundry. 


What are the firm’s strongest attributes?

The firm’s strengths and advantages revolve around 4 axles:

  1. Eddie Avinoam’s education is broader and deeper than law studies, and includes also a B.A. in social sciences with 3 majors: Psychology, Criminology and Sociology (magna cum laude). This advantage is expressed in the treatment that every client receives in their criminal case, that utilizes tools and broad professional knowledge that go way beyond those of a lawyer who has purely legal education.
  2. From the time he was a law student and ever since, Adv. Avinoam has been focusing on mastering only the field of criminal law. He interned under Judge Dr. Edna Kaplan Hagar when she served as a judge in the Tel Aviv District Court in matters of severe crimes, both as a single judge and as a panel member. This internship opened a window to an entire universe of understanding of the how judges think when they analyze testimonies and evidence and reach conclusions. As an intern in the Tel Aviv District Court, Adv. Eddie Avinoam acquired knowledge and the capability to analyze legal materials from “the court’s perspective”.
  3. After his bar admittance, Adv. Eddie Avinoam worked as an associate in the firm of Adv. Sassi Gaz, for about two years. If there ever was a “practical school for criminal defense lawyers”, working as an associate in that firm was it. In the framework of his work as an associate, Adv. Avinoam received the opportunity to lead and manage dozens of extremely complex cases of offences of all types: murder, violence, drugs, and sex and property offences. For example, after only 3 months, while he was still a novice lawyer, Adv. Eddie Avinoam got the chance to lead and manage a sensational cross-examination of a state witness, in one of the murder cases that rocked the criminal world of the mid-1990s.
  4. Alongside his track record of many years of proven successes in managing and leading countless complex cases, including “mega-cases” that cover tens of thousands of pages of investigation materials, in studying, analyzing and cross-referencing materials, while producing cross-examinations, summations and applications, Adv. Avinoam is renowned is a litigator with impressive court appearance capabilities, all with personal attention, empathy and emotional containment for each and every client and while getting the message through to the client that “we are with him/her” and they are in good hands, who would do all that it takes to mitigate the damage, if any, to the client.

What would you recommend an up-and-coming executive?

Always remember that the trust of the client, the professionalism and proficiency, are acquired and built over time. Remember that the more cases you will experience, even if they are difficult and don’t let you fall asleep at night, the cumulative benefit is all yours. Patience and tolerance.

What should one remember during hardships?

Always recall the beautiful and satisfying moments. The gratitude from the client whose life we saved and the speechless smile of another. The grateful letter from another client that we receive years after we settled his case etc. There are many more such moments in your career than moments of hardships. Don’t let the difficult moments overshadow your numerous good moments.