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Labor Law, Specializing in Representing Employers

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Line of Business: Labor Law, Specializing in Representing Employers
Address: 2 Ibn Gabirol St., Eliyahu House,
Tel Aviv 6407702
Phone: 972-3-6096960
Fax: 972-77-2096960
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.edz-law.co.il
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  • Efrat Deutsch, Efrat Deutsch & Co., Law Firm

    Adv. Efrat Deutsch

    Founder and Owner

    Efrat Deutsch & Co., Law Firm

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    Efrat Deutsch
  • Shimrit Noy, Efrat Deutsch & Co., Law Firm

    Adv. Shimrit Noy


    Efrat Deutsch & Co., Law Firm

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    Shimrit Noy
  • Inbal  Palmor Dori, Efrat Deutsch & Co., Law Firm

    Adv. Inbal Palmor Dori

    Managing Partner

    Efrat Deutsch & Co., Law Firm

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    Inbal Palmor Dori
  • Hilit  Cohen- Resnizky, Efrat Deutsch & Co., Law Firm

    Adv. Hilit Cohen- Resnizky


    Efrat Deutsch & Co., Law Firm

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    Hilit Cohen- Resnizky
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About Efrat Deutsch & Co., Law Firm

Efrat Deutsch & Co., Law Firm is a leading law firm that specializes in labor law, with a particular specialization in representing public companies, international companies, employers in the hi-tech, food, industry, retail, services, and fashion sectors and public benefit organizations. The firm, which was founded in 2008 by Adv. Efrat Deutsch, provides first-class legal services while implementing out-of-the-box thinking and remaining constantly abreast of economic and social trends in Israel and abroad that affect the labor law field .
The firm represents mainly employers and focuses, as mentioned above, exclusively in labor law. Accordingly, it is a boutique firm which is renowned for its expertise and professional excellence in its practice area. The firm also represents global companies with operations in Israel and is very active in handling labor law class actions.
The firm includes top lawyers with vast experience, and its teamwork creates a professional synergy that provides added value to its clients. The firm provides its clients with the full range of labor law legal services, including ongoing counsel, accompanying employers in collective and personal labor relations, accompanying collective negotiations, managing legal proceedings in the courts, drafting collective and personal employment agreements, providing legal counsel, preparing legal opinions and more. The firm specializes in accompanying and managing complex organizational change processes and collective processes throughout the entire proceeding, from initial organization stages, through negotiations and up to the drafting of collective agreements.
The firm’s clients, which have been accompanied by the firm for many years, benefit from its unique strength, that stems from the familiarity with accompanying employers in every aspect of negotiations vis-à-vis unions, implementation of the agreements and amendments thereof over the years. The firm has vast operations vis-à-vis government agencies, including, among others, the Ministry of Economy and Commerce, as well as the Supervisor of Work and Rest Hours. The firm is entrusted with filing unique applications, including to the Supervisor of the Women Employment Law, and, due to its expertise, also accompanies employers in handling sexual harassment complaints, in training employees and managers on matters on hiring, termination, hearings, sexual harassments, etc.

Practice Areas

Ongoing Legal Counsel and Assistance to Employers
In this framework, the firm specializes in labor relations, including counsel on hiring processes, employment agreements, labor-related issues and employment termination proceedings. The firm also practices collective labor relations in matters that include management of collective negotiations, counsel on issues that arise in the employment relations and counsel about labor disputes and strikes. Efrat Deutsch & Co. accompanies employers in processes of reorganization, downsizing and in labor aspects of various transactions, and accompanies employers in complex corporate change processes including acquisitions, mergers, reorganizations and downsizing, including vis-à-vis external entities such as various government agencies.
The firm provides legal services in all aspects of guiding and assisting employers in individual and collective employment termination proceedings, in hearing proceedings, retirement agreements for executives and protection of the employer’s rights and property following work relations termination. The firm also practices in the area of equality laws and provides legal counsel on the laws which are aimed at promoting equality and preventing workplace discrimination.
The firm specializes in protecting trade secrets and non-compete clauses, counsels its clients on matters of the freedom to choose an occupation, protecting the employer’s intellectual property and trade secrets, drafting agreements, termination of work relations and management of legal proceedings on matters of the freedom to choose an occupation, in addition to protection of the corporation’s property.

Negotiations, Contracts and Agreements

Efrat Deutsch & Co. Provides professional legal services on negotiations and agreements and accompanies its clients in their negotiations on work relations and in drafting agreements, including employment agreements, non-disclosure agreements, noncompete agreements and protection of intellectual property, retirement agreements, work termination agreements, collective agreements and more. The firm also handles contracts with service contractors, HR contractors and outsourcing, and advises its clients on contracts with external contractors such as contracting with service contractors, manpower companies, placement companies, and independent external contractors.

Representation In Legal Proceedings and Before Government Ministries

Efrat Deutsch & Co. Represents its clients in the regional labor courts, the national labor court in Jerusalem, and in Israel’s High Court of Justice. the firm also represents clients in arbitrations, work councils and mediations. The firm also specializes in advising and representing employers in labor courts when they defend against class actions.
Among other things, the firm obtains permits from the Ministry of Economy and Commerce and the Ministry of Interior and is entrusted with obtaining special approvals from the Supervisor of Labor Relations in the Ministry of Economy and Commerce, permits for working overtime hours, permits from the Supervision of Women Employment at the Ministry of Economy and Commerce and employment permits for foreign experts from the Ministry of Interior. The firm also handles administrative and criminal proceedings, represents employers before the enforcement authorities in regard to financial sanctions proceedings and represents employers and office holders in criminal proceedings in the labor courts.

Management of Collective Negotiations

Efrat Deutsch & Co. provides first-class legal services for all aspects of initial organization and assistance in collective negotiations, accompanies and represents its clients in collective negotiations during the initial stage and towards the signing of a first collective agreement. The firm continues to provide services to its clients in negotiations on later collective agreements, and counsels and guides its clients on the proper conduct during the initial stage of the workers’ unionization.

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