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Complex litigation cases, insolvency, representing groups of victims, corporate law, capital markets, defamation, wills and inheritances.

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Established: 1987
Line of Business: Complex litigation cases, insolvency, representing groups of victims, corporate law, capital markets, defamation, wills and inheritances.
Address: 23 Menahem Begin, Levinstein Tower, Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-3-5669002
Fax: 972-3-5669001
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.eitan-erez-law.com
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  • Eitan  Erez, Eitan S. Erez & Co. - Law Office

    Adv. Eitan Erez

    Founding Partner

    Eitan S. Erez & Co. - Law Office

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    Eitan Erez
  • Mor  Ben Shushan, Eitan S. Erez & Co. - Law Office

    Adv. Mor Ben Shushan

    Eitan S. Erez & Co. - Law Office

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    Mor Ben Shushan
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About Eitan S. Erez & Co. - Law Office

Eitan S. Erez & Co. is a premium boutique law firm that emphasizes excellence and personal and devoted handling of the clients’ matters, in light of the legacy of Israel’s first Minister of Justice, the Late Pinhas Rosen, who was the uncle of the late mother of Adv. Eitan Erez, the firm’s owner. The firm was founded in 1987, and over the years it has accumulated a tremendous experience of about 6,000 appearances in the various courts, of which more than 300 appearances in the Supreme Court (and 15 Supreme Court precedents). The firm is headed by its founding partner, Adv. Eitan Erez, who specializes in complex litigation cases, insolvency cases, representation of large groups of victims, corporate law, real estate, defamation claims and inheritances, and by Adv. Mor Ben Shushan, who heads the firm’s corporate and capital markets department. The firm offers the most comprehensive professional umbrella and doesn’t limit itself only to technical legal assistance, and offers creatively , strategic aspects that involve economic and financial thinking, in order to protect and support its clients’ interests.

Adv. Eitan Erez, The Firm’s Founder

Over the course of his extensive career, Adv. Eitan Erez distributed more than NIS 1B to various creditors and managed dozens of factories and businesses as a court-appointed officer or on behalf of various government institutes, with a particular specialization in managing and rehabilitating construction companies. Among other activities, he built 300 apartments in his role as the liquidator of the construction company Avraham Gindi, served as the receiver of the large construction company Baranovich, completed the construction of 256 recreation apartments in the Kings Towers project in Tiberias and serves as the liquidator of Or City Group which was founded by Inbal Or.
Adv. Erez also served as the active liquidator of of Sha’ar Ephraim township in which thousands of people reside. Adv. Erez has been responsible for dozens of legal precedents in the fields of insolvency, defamation and sports law. Adv. Erez has an expertise in representing large groups of victims and in the purchasing groups field.
Adv. Erez served as V. President of the Israel Bar Association in 2007-2015 and is deeply engaged in public service .He is also the author of the book “A Lawyer and a Gentleman” which was published by Globes Publishing house, and served for several years as co-chair of the Anti-Fraud Forum of INSOL-Europe, an organization of 1,500 insolvency lawyers and accountants from across Europe. Adv. Eitan is a sought-after lecturer in the academy and in podcasts in the fields of fraud, insolvency and purchasing groups.

Adv. Mor Ben Shushan, Partner

Adv. Ben Shushan holds an LL.B. from the Peres Academic Center. She manages the firm’s Corporate and Capital Markets Department and conducts extensive civil and commercial litigation and represents companies and individuals in complex litigation disputes. Mor has vast experience in complex insolvency proceedings, operating companies, receiverships, and formulating debt restructurings, both as a court-appointed officer and as the representative of creditors and/or officers in rehabilitation and insolvency proceedings, in Israel and abroad, including in cross border insolvency cases.
Adv. Mor Ben Shushan represents 745 creditors of the Ponzi crook Mike Ben Ari with a fraud sum of NIS 600 million .Mor also handled the case of 518 families who purchased apartments in Kiryat Gat and the construction was stopped as a result of the collapse of the contractor Muhammid Taufik. She is also certified to prepare lasting powers of attorney.

Notable Cases of the Firm

Representation of 742 creditors in the insolvency case of the Ponzi Crook Mike Ben Ari – A cross-border insolvency case amounting to NIS 600 million of the infamous crook who conned 1,000 investors with a sophisticated Ponzi scheme of so-called “investment” in a fictitious investment fund called “Blue River”. This affair was highly publicized in Israel and was covered in two episodes of the investigative reporting TV show “HaMakor”. This is a complex case which is managed in 10 countries including filing insolvency proceedings applications, filing for the liquidation of foreign corporations, filing for the recognition of Israeli insolvency orders in the U.S., South Africa and Montenegro, including involvement in creating legal precedents in the field of deciding on debt claims in Ponzi Schemes, service abroad out of Israeli jurisdiction, and trustee fees. The firm filed to recognize the group of creditors as active creditors, managed a correspondence vis-à-vis the Israeli Securities Authority to prevent money seizures, filed the debt claims of the 742 creditors and more.
Representing the purchasing group in the insolvency case following the collapse of the construction contracting company Muhhamid Taufik which was building dozens of projects simultaneously – the debts in this case amount to NIS 1 billion. The firm successfully represented 518 families in a law suit which was designated to separate them from the constructor’s trustees and replace the building contractor with another contractor, including a separation application and temporary reliefs, and an application to seize bank guarantees amounting to NIS 17 million. After a long and intensive proceeding, the families managed to separate from the trustees and the former contractor and contract with an alternative contractor.
Inbal Or and her corporations – One of the largest insolvency proceedings in the field of construction and purchasing groups in the history of Israel – the collapse of Inbal Or’s group of companies, which was active in organizing residential purchasing groups and in construction and development. This insolvency case includes debts of NIS hundreds of millions to 700 creditors. The legal services included completing construction projects, liquidation of properties, filing D&O liabilty lawsuits and more. In this case, the firm achieved a precedential ruling that a group of companies which is controlled by a single owner will be considered as a cluster of affiliated companies, where funds were transferred extensively between the companies, and the veil may be lifted so that one company would be liable for the debts of another. In addition, the level of responsibility of negligent lawyers and accountants was raised significantly and they and their insurance companies paid dozens of millions of Shekels.
Representing creditors in the insolvency proceedings of Eldad Peri Ltd. and the bankruptcy case of the Late Eldad Peri – representing 50 families in the collapse of the mega-project “Horizon Bat Yam” which was sold to a third party for 270 million N.I.S. In this case, the firm managed personal liability lawsuits against officers and lawyers in the Eldad Peri Group.
The bankruptcy case of the debtor Eli Reifman – one of the most complex private-individual bankruptcy cases in the history of Israel. The firm managed legal proceedings and asset tracing in 10 countries including management of proceedings in London and in Israel, managing lawsuits against officers and against Emblaze Ltd. which was controlled by the debtor. The debts amount to about NIS 200 million and over the past year the trustee managed to lead the debtor to offer a NIS 15 million debt arrangement to the creditors.
Representing Cofix’ minority shareholders – representing the owners of minority shares in Cofix Group in a pre- derivative suit notice letter against Ramil Levy Ltd.
Rehabilitation of a Calf Growing Business – with NIS 72 million of debts and a rehabilitation scheme and debt restructuring that sent the business on a new path.
Representing the Zuthska Hasidic Court from Bnei Brak in a lawsuit for returning stolen properties in Bnei Brak– with a comprehensive legal victory that returned the properties to their rightful owners.

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