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Real estate; Urban renewal; Class actions; Real estate litigation

Eldar Adato Law Firm
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Established: 1996
Line of Business: Real estate; Urban renewal; Class actions; Real estate litigation
Address: 58 HaRakevet St., Electra City Tower, Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-3-6968296
Fax: 972-3-6968297
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.adatolaw.co.il
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  • Eldar  Adato, Eldar Adato Law Firm

    Eldar Adato

    Owner and Founder

    Eldar Adato Law Firm

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    Eldar Adato
  • Meital  Rachim Bachar, Eldar Adato Law Firm

    Meital Rachim Bachar


    Eldar Adato Law Firm

  • Hila Shechter, Eldar Adato Law Firm

    Hila Shechter


    Eldar Adato Law Firm

  • Zohar Ben Yossef, Eldar Adato Law Firm

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    Eldar Adato Law Firm

  • Sapir Cohen, Eldar Adato Law Firm

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    Eldar Adato Law Firm

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    Ran Cohen


    Eldar Adato Law Firm

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    Eldar Adato Law Firm


    Zohar Ben Yosef
    Sapir Cohen
    Ran Cohen
    Ronny de Toledo
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About Eldar Adato Law Firm

Eldar Adato Law Offices and Notary is a law firm specializing in Real Estate, Urban Renewal, planning and construction, and real estate taxation.
The firm has nearly 30 years of expertise and experience, is considered an authority in its field, and is often ranked among the top law firms in Israel and globally, including Dun & Bradstreet, Legal 500, DeMarker, Globes, and Urban Renewal Index rankings.
The firm is headed by the founding partner, attorney Eldar Adato, who is considered an expert in the fields of Real Estate Law and Urban renewal, and serves as a consultant and lecturer in various forums.
Attorney Adato previously hosted the television shows “Secrets of Real Estate” and “Real Estate Time”, and he often participates as an expert advisor in the planning and real estate committees of the Israeli parliament (Knesset).

Legal Support

Legal advice in the office is based on a deep understanding of the client’s business activity and how it operates. With extensive legal expertise and a comprehensive view of the entire real estate world, the lawyers in the firm are experts in their field. Professionalism and skills combined with a broad perspective enable the firm to successfully handle extremely complex real estate cases while guiding clients through the intricacies of bureaucracy.

Areas of Expertise

Real Estate
The firm has extensive experience accompanying companies, developers and contractors, private landowners, apartment owners, and institutional and public bodies on new development projects for the construction and sale of new housing units, commercial units, and offices.
Also, the firm represents and assists with sales transactions, combination transactions, zoning changes, expropriation claims, commercial real estate and purchase groups.
Regardless of the complexity of a transaction, the firm’s attorneys apply their decades of experience and expertise in legal and financial analysis to each transaction.

Urban Renewal
The firm accompanies and represents public and private companies, developers, contractors and apartment owners in Pinui Binui and NOP 38 projects, with a total scope of over 11,000 new housing units in the following cities:
Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Givatayim, Bat Yam, Rishon LeZion, Yehud, Hadera - Givat Olga, Nes Ziona, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Haifa, Nahariya, Jerusalem, Kiryat Ono, Petah Tikva, Ramat HaSharon, Hod HaSharon, Ra’anana, Herzliya, Netanya, Holon, Yavne, Netanya, Ramla, Lod and more.
The professional experience of the firm’s attorneys, and their specific expertise in urban renewal projects, are reflected throughout the entire process, starting from the stage of preliminary inspections, the negotiations between the developers and the tenants, the formation of the initial feasibility, signing of agreements, reports to the tax authorities and the preparation of plans and ending with discussions before Planning and Construction Committees, issuing permits, financing, eviction of apartment owners until the project’s completion, delivering the new apartments to the apartment owners and registering their rights.

Real Estate Taxation
This department is headed by the attorney Meital Rachim Bachar, a partner in the firm, who specializes in real estate taxation and provides ongoing advice and support to both individuals and companies.
The department handles all aspects of real estate taxation, including appreciation tax, purchase tax, applications for tax exemptions, and tax planning.The department provides legal representation and real estate transaction accompaniment, including representation before tax authorities, appeals committees, and courts.

Real Estate Litigation, Planning and Construction
The firm has extensive expertise and experience in real estate litigation, planning, and construction. It represents companies and developers in court proceedings and planning and construction committees.
The firm’s clientele has benefitted greatly from attorney Adato’s representation over the years in legal disputes related to the projects, as well as new achievements and Supreme Court rulings.

Class Actions
In addition to its current practice in Real Estate Law, the firm handles class actions representing consumers and clients who have been harmed by polluting corporations.
Over the years, the office won several class action lawsuits it filed against industrial plants that caused the pollution of the sea and various waterways, and these rulings have helped raise awareness of the right to live in surroundings free of environmental hazards.

Selected Projects Accompanied by the Office

Yoseftal Complex, Ramla - Eviction of 684 housing units, construction of 3,610 new housing units.
Ibn Gabirol Complex, Ashdod - Eviction of 290 housing units, construction of 1,200 new housing units.
Bar Yohai Complex, Jerusalem - Eviction of 210 housing units, construction of 735 new housing units.
Moshe Sne Complex / HaVradim, Bat Yam - Eviction of 196 housing units, construction of 690 new housing units.
Rama Korazim Complex, Tel Aviv - Eviction of 180 housing units, construction of 462 new housing units.
HaTayasim Complex, Nes Ziona - Eviction of 168 housing units, construction of 620 new housing units.
HaBosem Complex, Tel Aviv - Eviction of 148 housing units, construction of 474 new housing units.
IDF compound, Ramla - Eviction of 136 housing units - construction of 680 new housing units.
Kalman Gabrielov Complex, Rehovot - Eviction of 96 housing units, construction of 570 new housing units.
Bar Lev Complex, Tel Aviv - Eviction of 65 housing units, construction of 220 new housing units.
HaGdud HaIvri Complex, Hadera - Eviction of 36 housing units, construction of 278 new housing units.

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