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Law firm specializing in family law and inheritance

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Established: 2010
Line of Business: Law firm specializing in family law and inheritance
Address: 7 Menachem Begin Rd., 30 Floor,
(Beit Gibor Sport), Ramat Gan 5268102
Phone: 972-3-6442224
Fax: 972-3-6447774
Email: [email protected]
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  • Eran  Ezra, Eran Ezra Law Office & Notary

    Eran Ezra

    Founder of the Firm

    Eran Ezra Law Office & Notary

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    Eran Ezra
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About Eran Ezra Law Office & Notary

Eran Ezra Law Office & Notary specializes in family law and has gained a reputation and recognition in the field.

The firm provides clients with comprehensive legal services, while strictly maintaining the highest, most professional and dedicated standards as well as availability for clients, and making every effort to find creative, effective solutions adapted to the client’s needs.

The firm specializes in managing complex cases in labor law including in the field of wills and inheritances.

The firm is headed by Adv. Eran Ezra who is personally and directly involved in every case handled by the firm.

Adv. Eran Ezra, the founder of the firm, has an MBA (summa cum laude) from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and an LL.B. (summa cum laude) from the College of Management academic track and has major experience in managing and representing cases in the field family law, complex divorce proceedings and inheritance disputes. 

The Professional Vision

The firm strives to obtain the best results for clients while paying attention to personal attention and supporting the client as well as stressing uncompromising professionalism. The firm builds creative, effective, innovative, thorough and lasting solutions while striving for consistent growth.

Practice Areas

The firm specializes in the field of family law and complex divorce disputes and represents clients in the family affairs courts and rabbinical courts.

Divorce Strategy – Even before the start of legal proceedings, a careful strategy is plotted for each client according to the circumstances of their predicament.

Lawsuits and Representation – The firm specializes in preparing lawsuits and representing them in the Family Affairs Court, the Rabbinical Court and the appeal courts of civil and religious courts.

Support for Divorce by Consent – The firm specializes in support for the client as part of the divorce by consent process. The support includes negotiations strategy, building a divorce agreement, and approving the agreement in the appropriate court.

Mediation – The firm specializes in conducting mediation proceedings between sides regarding family matters. The mediation proceeding is conducted from start to finish including drawing up an agreement and approving the agreement as well as implementing the divorce.

Division of Property - The firm specializes in all property issues between couples including equitable division of resources, liquidating partnerships in companies, businesses, career assets, personal reputations, and business reputations, cases of concealing/smuggling property, parent companies and subsidiaries in Israel and overseas, all types of startups and ventures, assessing the value of companies, including remedies for the required property in each and every case including foreclosures, prevention orders and more.

Custody - Issues of custody of minors, joint custody, changes in custody arrangements, dividing up living and visiting arrangements, enforcing arrangements and comprehensive protection of the rights of parents and children.

Support - Suits for the support of minors, support of wives, support between common-law spouses, suits for reducing or increasing support.

Common-Law Spouses - Rights between couples that are considered common-law spouses including property rights, inheritance rights, and support.

Various Agreements - Drafting prenuptial agreements, divorce agreements, life partnership agreements.

Rabbinical Courts - All the proceedings regarding the district rabbinical courts and the Rabbinical High Court including dividing up property, marriage contract lawsuits, divorce lawsuits, etc. 

Wills and Inheritances - The firm specializes in conducting complex inheritance cases including disputes between heirs, managing estates, contesting wills, drawing up wills, dividing estates, etc.

Lawsuits for the Return of Abducted Children – Lawsuits on matters of abducted children, appropriate remedies, The Hague Convention, etc.

Real Estate - Managing sale proceedings, receiverships, representation and support in real estate deals.

In addition, the firm specializes in all other issues related to family law including the subject of violence in the family, dissolution of marriages, immigration of children, adoption, surrogacy, etc.

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