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Established: 2000
Line of Business: Law Firm
Address: V Tower, 23 Bar Kochva St., 18th Floor, Bnei Brak
Phone: 972-3-5469118
Fax: 972-3-5469119
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.eymi.co.il
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  • Eymi Bechor Bouni, Eymi Bechor-Bouni Law Firm

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    Eymi Bechor-Bouni Law Firm

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    Eymi Bechor Bouni
  • Liron Aizental, Eymi Bechor-Bouni Law Firm

    Liron Aizental


    Eymi Bechor-Bouni Law Firm

  • Hila  Sarel, Eymi Bechor-Bouni Law Firm

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    Eymi Bechor-Bouni Law Firm

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About Eymi Bechor-Bouni Law Firm

Eymi Bechor-Bouni Law Firm is a leading law firm that specializes in divorce proceedings, wills and inheritances, and the implementation of new mediation methodologies. The firm was founded in 2000 by Eymi Bechor-Bouni, one of Israel’s top family law attorneys. Her uncompromising professional vision, which views the entire family, positions Eymi Bechor-Bouni as one of the country’s family law authorities. She has a list of proven achievements in Israel’s courts including precedents and breakthrough cases. Her rich experience and familiarity in this field have allowed her to introduce many innovations in family law to benefit clients, including an online mediation course and creating “outside the box” strategies. Eymi Bechor-Bouni was one of the first mediators in this area and acts as an arbitrator for the Israel Bar Association.

In addition, Adv. Eymi Bechor-Bouni is a certified personal trainer, certified by the Trainer’s Association. After over 20 years of accompanying her clients in personal crises, she developed a unique method for dealing with crises in all areas of life, a proven method regarding divorce crises that also suits all life matters. The proactive method for dealing with crises is portrayed in detail in Eymi’s lecture, “Storms Don’t Last Forever”, and is widely popular both in her lectures and on social media. This year Eymi launched a first of its kind seminar – “Divorce – Yes or No?”, which is intended to help couples who are in a crossroad to make the right decision for themselves, with professional information pertaining to the divorce procedure.

Determination, Reliability, Personal Service

Eymi Bechor-Bouni Law Firm has an ideology of not compromising: comprehensive handling through building a personally adapted strategy combined with a holistic view of the personal and legal situation. The firm’s clients enjoy full availability and comprehensive legal service including building strategies, support in procedures and client empowerment to yield the best results for clients. The firm stresses building personal relationships with clients and provides close support and immediate solutions by listening attentively and patiently.

The firm’s lawyers build close, loyal and committed relationships with clients and have an open-door policy for clients at all times and throughout their legal dispute. The Eymi Bechor-Bouni Law Firm specializes in all aspects of family law.

Practice Areas

Wills and Estates - Drawing up wills, contesting wills, orders to implement wills and inheritance orders, inheritance, managing estates, agreements between heirs.

Dividing Property - Liquidating partnerships in assets including companies, balancing resources, protecting property rights, building strategies for businesses in divorce procedures.

Alimony/Child Support for Wives and Children - Including reducing, increasing and canceling family support, support from estates, supporting rebellious children, grandparents support, and family support debt collecting.

Custody - Individual and joint custody suits, changing custody agreements, visiting rights, enforcing visiting rights, procedures for proving parental capabilities, illegitimacy, and adoption.

Child Abduction abroad and changing address within Israel.

Rabbinical Courts - Major experience and familiarity in conducting cases and appearing in rabbinical courts including handling refusal to agree to divorce, (agunot) abandoned wives, ketuba (Jewish marriage agreement) suits, family support, specific housing, and dividing property by Jewish law.

Managing Mediation and negotiations for Divorce Agreements Outside of the Courts.

Common-Law - Protecting rights of not officially married “Common Law” couples, life partnership agreements, common law family support.

Civil Marriage - Marriage permits, suits, and protection of rights.

Protection Orders Preventing Family Violence and preventing threatening harassment.

Custodianship Procedures for children, adults under protection.

Immigration Claims - Both incoming and outgoing.

Mediation and Negotiations to Solve Disagreements in Many Disputes

Adv. Eymi Bechor-Bouni provides to her clients a mediation program, conducted by her, as a method for dispute settling by achieving an arrangement acceptable by the disputing parties. The mediation program is offered also in areas other than family law and is suitable for any kind of dispute. Her rich experience and her work in court for over 19 years enables Adv. Eymi Bechor-Bouni to reach divorce agreements and dispute settling among dozens of couples from the top business and social spheres in Israel, most efficiently and discreetly. Thanks to the office’s mediation program, the disagreeing parties will settle the dispute through dialogue and mutual consent, thus avoiding litigations at court. The client will enjoy an effective and fast mediation procedure at the firm’s offices, adapted to the settling of disputes in many issues such as division of estates and inheritance, divorce, management of family company/business, custodian appointment for a family member, etc.

Adv. Eymi Bechor-Bouni

Adv. Eymi Bechor-Bouni is at the top of Israel’s family law sector. Her expertise rests on 19 years of intensive activities at the forefront of family law in Israel handling thousands of divorce cases, wills, inheritances, estates, custodianships, and child abductions. This rich experience combining rare litigation capabilities and a series of impressive achievements for clients helps Adv. Eymi Bechor-Bouni has a positive impact on the most difficult and complex cases that arrive on her doorstep. Alongside court appearances, she is also a qualified mediator involved in complex family law mediation. She also handles cases for the Israel Bar frequently serving as a family law arbitrator.

Legal and Media Authority

Adv. Bechor-Bouni’s seniority in the field is not purely at the legal sector but is also expressed at the media-public domain. She has more than 20 years experience in regularly appearing in the media including hosting a radio show, frequent appearances on TV programs, writing newspaper columns and more. Her regular family law programs in the media are a further expression of her great expertise in the field and put her in the forefront of public engagement on the topic. She has been a guest on such leading shows as Orly and Guy (Channel 10), The Professionals (Channel 10), Making Order (Channel 2), Nissim Mishal Show (Channel 1), YNet website, FM99 Radio Station, and Parents and Children magazine. In these appearances, Eymi Bechor-Bouni strives to make family law accessible to all Israelis. Her regular media appearances stem from her commitment to promoting family law in Israel. She has made legal assistance accessible to hundreds of thousands of viewers and listeners in the sensitive and complex issues of family law which are not known and understood by the public at large.

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  • Child support a revolution!

    Child support a revolution!

    Joint custody is now the default option and child support is calculated accordingly.

    Child support a revolution!

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