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Established: 2005
Line of Business: Law Firm
Address: 144A Menachem Begin Rd., Midtown Tower, 38th floor, Tel Aviv 6492102
Phone: 972-3-6114977
Fax: 972-3-6114978
Email: [email protected]
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  • Itzhak Yunger, Friedman, Yunger & Co.

    Itzhak Yunger


    Friedman, Yunger & Co.

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    Itzhak Yunger
  • Dan Friedman, Friedman, Yunger & Co.

    Dan Friedman


    Friedman, Yunger & Co.

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    Dan Friedman
  • Yoav  Zatorski, Friedman, Yunger & Co.

    Yoav Zatorski


    Friedman, Yunger & Co.

  • Jonathan  De Shalit, Friedman, Yunger & Co.

    Jonathan De Shalit


    Friedman, Yunger & Co.

  • Yshay  Meirsdorf, Friedman, Yunger & Co.

    Yshay Meirsdorf


    Friedman, Yunger & Co.

  • Oz Keinan, Friedman, Yunger & Co.

    Oz Keinan


    Friedman, Yunger & Co.

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About Friedman, Yunger & Co.

Friedman, Yunger & Co. (FY & Co.) Advocates was founded in 2005 by Advocates Itzhak Yunger and Dan Friedman and is an impressive boutique law firm, which is outstanding in its practice areas. FY & Co. is a leading law firm in civil and commercial law, litigation, tenders law, insolvency proceedings and real estate.

At the heart of the firm’s activities, which include handling significant cases, are professional values of exceptional service, creative thinking, striving for perfection, high availability, effective actions, short response times, and dedicated personal attention.

The firm’s clients include leading corporations and companies in the private and public sectors. FY & Co.’s clients enjoy close professional support from the senior partners who provide all their experience, skill and deep familiarity with the legal world, and thus assist in obtaining optimal results.

These values of professionalism and uncompromising service mean that FY & Co.’s clients can put their faith in the firm as a worthy professional body which is able to handle their most important legal affairs.
The firm’s success also received the acknowledgment of leading ranking firms such as D&B and the international Legal 500, where FY & Co. was ranked as one of Israel’s leading firms in the field of insolvency.

About the founding Partners

Adv. Itzhak Yunger has an LL.B. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and was admitted to the Israel Bar Association in 1996.
Adv. Dan Friedman has an LL.B. from Tel Aviv University, and was admitted to the Israel Bar Association in 1996.
The firm’s senior staff is personally involved in handling every case at every stage while seeing personal attention as a vital way to obtain the best results.

Human Resources

FY & Co. is rigorous in hiring professional and administrative staff of the strictest high quality. The lawyers employed by the firm excel in their fields and have graduated from chosen institutes.

The dedicated legal and administrative staff is available to the clients, with uncompromising professionalism, and full accessibility.

Practice Areas

FY & Co. has expertise in representation and handling large scale legal procedures in courts and arbitration. The firm’s staff express their professional talent in litigation in various areas of civil and commercial law including in commercial disputes, defending directors in liability suits, shareholder conflicts, class actions, and labor law.
The firm also has major experience in handling administrative law cases and Supreme Court petitions.
FY & Co’s staff is able to provide effective and swift responses to injunctions, and other preliminary remedies. Our firm is highly experienced in handling “White Collar” cases.

Insolvency Procedures
One of the firm’s main practice areas is handling insolvency cases, stay of proceedings and debt restructuring, liquidations, receivership and special arrangements at the highest level of legal capability. These cases are handled within court proceedings, but additionally in a voluntarily way, with-out the court’s involvement. As part of these activities, FY & Co’s partners are often appointed as liquidators, receivers and trustees in highly publi-cized cases. The firm also represents creditors, executives, and other parties in insolvency procedures.

FY & Co. has special expertise in tenders law in the field of administrative law. The firm is involved in many administrative petitions, representing petitioners and respondents while obtaining significant achievements for its clients.

Commercial Agreements and Real Estate
FY & Co. has a broad and deep business understanding enabling the firm to act, with a lone quality, in all matters relating to the conduct of com-mercial transactions and real estate transactions, including large projects of urban renewal.
The firm has an advantage when conducting deals due to its extensive experience in litigation, which enables a broad perspective on the formula-tion of the deal’s terms.
The firm has experience in handling and representing clients in large scale and complex commercial agreements with creative thinking, and swift responses.

The firm represents its clients in various Knesset committees and vis-à-vis government ministries in legislative procedures.

Other Areas of Specialization
Banking, planning and construction law, municipal law, labor law and more.

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