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Long Term Care Insurance Claims & Personal Accidents

Gilad Ramati, Law Firm
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Established: 2008
Line of Business: Long Term Care Insurance Claims & Personal Accidents
Address: 7 Jabotinsky, Moshe Aviv Tower,
Ramat Gan 5252007
Phone: 972-3-6249313
Fax: 972-3-6249314
Email: [email protected]
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  • Gilad Ramati, Gilad Ramati, Law Firm

    Gilad Ramati

    Founder & Owner

    Gilad Ramati, Law Firm

  • Melanie Sharon, Gilad Ramati, Law Firm

    Melanie Sharon


    Gilad Ramati, Law Firm

  • Noam Cohen, Gilad Ramati, Law Firm

    Noam Cohen


    Gilad Ramati, Law Firm

  • Yael Ramati, Gilad Ramati, Law Firm

    Yael Ramati

    Office and finance manager

    Gilad Ramati, Law Firm

  • Moriah Shimol, Gilad Ramati, Law Firm

    Moriah Shimol

    Customer Relations Officer

    Gilad Ramati, Law Firm

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About Gilad Ramati, Law Firm

Gilad Ramati, Law Firm is a leading boutique firm that specializes in long-term care insurance claims. The particular specialization of Adv. Gilad Ramati and the firm’s team in this practice area exclusively leads to extraordinary achievements, personal, devoted and professional service and optimal results for the firm’s clients. That is why Gilad Ramati, Law Firm is Israel’s leading LTC firm, and its unique expertise in its area of specialization creates its unique strength.

Gilad Ramati, Law Firm provides professional and accurate legal services for to its clients for all aspects of LTC insurance claims, lawsuits in the framework of LTC insurance policies of all types, the Israeli HMOs (“Kupat Holim”), private policies and collective policies, among others. The firm, which employs a team of five professional and skilled employees, who are entrusted with accompanying the clients and providing first-class legal and professional services, that would lead to optimal results for them, in a field where most LTC claims are rejected by insurance companies without any justification.

Gilad Ramati, Law Firm has extensive professional experience and a proven track record of obtaining the compensations that its clients are entitled to, while receiving full funding from the beactive fund and without paying any legal fees until the case is won. The longstanding professional experience, which amounts to 15 years of professional excellence, the deep knowledge that has been accumulated over a decade and a half of experience and the particular specialization in LTC claims, led to the excellent reputation of the firm, its leading status and position and the added value that its clients receive.

Adv. Gilat Ramati – Founder and Owner

Adv. Gilad Ramati specializes exclusively in LTC claims, and provides first-class services to the firm’s clients withing his practice area. Adv. Gilad Ramati represents insured whose claims, and in particular LTC claims, were rejected by the various insurance companies. He has been doing so for many years with great success and with an extensive track record of significant achievements for his clients.
Adv. Gilad Ramati sees this role as a life mission, and he volunteers to lecture in various instates in order to guide third-agers on the right conduct vis-à-vis insurance companies.
Adv. Gilad Ramati was chosen in 2021 by the beactive fund for financing his clients’ legal fees. Therefore, the firm clients benefit from legal assistance without any commitment or financial expenses.

Adv. Gilad Ramati regularly lectures to lawyers in the Israel Bar Association on all aspects of LTC claims and he has a B.A. in insurance.

Community Service

For the past 15 years, Adv. Gilad Ramati has been working from the belief that any person, and lawyers in particular, must contribute from their capabilities and knowledge to their sorrounding community. In light of this belief, Adv. Gilad Ramati volunteers to lecture and guide the third-agers community on the rights that they are entitled to from the insurance companies, in order to share important knowledge with them, and provide this important population with the tools to face the insurance companies.

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