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Real-estate, commercial law and litigation

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Established: 1995
Line of Business: Real-estate, commercial law and litigation
Address: 68 Ibn Gvirol St., Tel-Aviv
Phone: 972-3-6952425
Fax: 972-3-6916510
Email: [email protected]
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    Eran Gootfried
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About Gootfried & Co., Law Firm

Gootfried & Co., Law Firm is a longstanding and well-known  law firm, and currently one of Israel’s leading real-estate law firms.

The firm represents leading Israeli clients including construction and development companies, institutional and corporate clients, leading REITs and land owners. The core firm was established in 1995 by the Late Adv. Shimon Gootfried, one of Israeli’s senior real-estate and commercial law lawyers, and is currently managed by Adv. Eran Gootfried, who furthers the business development, professional growth and prosperity while implementing the founder’s values.

The firm employs about 10 lawyers and interns.

The firm successfully combines 3 main elements: dozens of years of experience and a deep understanding of the Israeli real-estate sector, a personal and direct service approach from the managing partner and the provision of a one-stop-shop comprehensive solution for the clients in all types of real-estate transactions and projects.

This expertise, the attention to service values, the making of the impossible possible, and a longstanding faithful representation of leading clients from the Israeli market along-side excellent execution capabilities, provide the firm its excellent reputation.

Business Orientation

The firm’s lawyers provide the clients with a professional, business-oriented legal services, which helps clients to focus on an efficient and successful business administration.

The firm assists its clients in achieving their business goals, as partners which are integrated into commercial negotiations, the offering of business alternatives and, when necessary, litigation in the courts.

In the commercial law field the firm represents leading entities from the public and private sectors in Israel and abroad, including private and public companies, start-ups, initiators, businessmen, banks and financial institutions from diverse sectors.

The firm has a particular specialization in the business segments, including the handling of financing, investing, mergers and acquisition transactions.

Practice Areas

Real-Estate – The firm’s core operations are focused on real-estate deals management, representation and counsel to landowners and leading developer and constructors, from single transactions for purchasing, selling or renting real-estate properties and up to complex transactions and processes, such as combination, sale or rent transactions for real-estate properties that are combined with the purchasing of business operations that take place in the real-estate. The firm has a particular specialization in the taxation aspects, which include the betterment tax, betterment charge and property tax.

The firm handles private real-estate transactions (sale and purchase of properties that are registered in the ILA or Land Registration Authority), commercial transactions (sale and leasing to businesses), construction companies (representation of contractors and initiators in construction projects throughout all of the contractual stages including in any legal action before the Land Registry, ILA, authorities, building committees, agreements  with architects, sub-contractors, consultant and supervisors, sale agreements for purchases and registration of multi-occupancy houses). The firm represents numerous foreign investors and is involved in many transactions with large numbers of housing units in Israel.

Urban Renewal – The firm’s urban renewal department handles Tama 38/1 (strengthening), Tama 38/2 (demolition and construction) and Pinui-Binui and Ibui-Binui transactions. The firm has extensive experience in the representation of many initiators and apartment owners, from the preliminary checks and the formulation of an initial feasibility of the project, through the project completion stages, and up until the delivery of the new apartments to their owners.

Commercial Law – The firm specializes in all of the business law branches and regularly handles the challenge of financing, investment, mergers and acquisition transactions. The firm provides ongoing counsel to large corporations and Israeli financial institutes on corporate and commercial matters.

Commercial Litigation – The firm’s litigation department represents commercial companies and individuals in various judiciaries and in mediation and arbitration proceedings. The firm’s lawyers have a rich experience in court appearances in various judiciaries and arbitrations in a variety of legal proceedings and disputes including contractual disputes, control struggles in corporations and joint ventures, proceedings that concern officers’ responsivity, corporate veil lifting, debt collection lawsuits, employee lawsuits, company valuation disputes, various administrative procedures, receiverships, liquidations and bankruptcies, banking claims, antitrust, tenders and more.

Labor Law – The firm counsels and supports in the labor relations field, in assistance in the preparation of employment agreements, employee rights, option plans and also litigation in the Labor Court or arbitrations.

Intellectual Property – The firm specializes in the intellectual property field and represents many companies and brands in Israel and abroad, in trademark and design violation and product copying claims, passing off, copyright violation and theft of trade secrets.

High-Tech - The firm provides counsel to tech-intensive companies including start-ups, VCs, strategic partnerships and tech M&As.

Adv. Eran Gootfried

Partner and head of firm, certified as a lawyer since 1999. Has an LL.B. and an M.B.A., from the Management Faculty of Tel Aviv University. Interned in the Yossi Segev & Co. Law firm. Served as a captain in the IDF’s intelligence unit 8200. Heads the transactions and projects department of the firm, has extensive experience in handling and leading large projects and transactions for first-tier Israeli entrepreneurs and companies, in the real-estate and financing field,  in Israel and abroad. Has a vast experience in court appearances in complex cases before all of the judiciaries, as a representor of leading Israeli and foreign companies, in diverse and complex disputes.

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