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Civil Litigation, White Collar, Real Estate, Commercial Law and NGOs, Torts, Labor Law, Defamation Law and Media Crisis, Marketing and Advertising Laws

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Established: 2018
Line of Business: Civil Litigation, White Collar, Real Estate, Commercial Law and NGOs, Torts, Labor Law, Defamation Law and Media Crisis, Marketing and Advertising Laws
Address: 2 Weizmann St., Tel Aviv
20 Mamila St., Jerusalem 9414908
Tel: 972-2-5333390 Fax: 972-2-5333399
Phone: 972-3-5333313
Fax: 972-2-5333399
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.har.law
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  • Amit  Hadad, Hadad Roth Shenhar & Co. Law Firm

    Amit Hadad

    Founding Partner

    Hadad Roth Shenhar & Co. Law Firm

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    Amit Hadad
  • Ariel  Roth, Hadad Roth Shenhar & Co. Law Firm

    Ariel Roth

    Founding Partner

    Hadad Roth Shenhar & Co. Law Firm

  • Ori Shenhar, Hadad Roth Shenhar & Co. Law Firm

    Ori Shenhar


    Hadad Roth Shenhar & Co. Law Firm

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About Hadad Roth Shenhar & Co. Law Firm

Hadad Roth Shenhar & Co. is one of Israel’s leading law firms, specializing in civil and criminal litigation, white-collar offenses, real estate, commercial law, nonprofit organizations, communications, defamation, and more. We provide legal services, including court representation, in Israel and abroad. Our lawyers’ considerable experience spans the representation of high-profile clients, including the prime minister, senior public figures, national and local government officials and prominent businessmen. Placing the client at the center, our team provides them with outstanding and comprehensive legal services, based on a deep understanding of their needs and wishes.

Areas of Expertise

Commercial Litigation – One of Israel’s top litigation departments, with expertise in complex litigation cases in all judicial instances and in all areas of law, counseling prominent organizations and figures from Israeli and international political and economic arenas.

Administrative Law – Counseling senior organizational and private clients in disputes with state authorities, including ministries and local authorities. The team’s broad experience in managing administrative proceedings spans representation vis-à-vis government authorities, applications for permits and licenses required by law, representing in appeals at the Administrative Court, appeals committees, and the Supreme Court sitting as the High Court.

White Collar – The department’s team includes the elite of Israel’s lawyers in the field, with experience in representing complex proceedings at the center of public discourse in Israel.

Real Estate – With profound experience in leading complex real-estate transactions and large-scale projects, the department specializes in representing and counseling contractors and managing purchasing groups; evacuation-reconstruction and TAMA 38 projects; and sales, combination and procurement transactions in diverse construction transactions in Israel.

Commercial Law – Specializing in assisting private and public companies in a wide range of international cross-border transactions and issues, including energy, communications and telecommunications, high-tech and technology, retail, franchising, and merger processes, the department represents Israeli and international corporations in all their activities, including M&A transactions, shareholders’ disputes, derivative claims, share acquisitions, tenders, and investments.

Nonprofits – The department provides the full suite of legal services to nonprofit organizations, from core activity, to labor law, contracts, and taxation issues. The department counsels nonprofits about their obligations and rights, including end-to-end support in establishing and registering the nonprofit, determining its attributes, business activities, and routine operations.

Defamation and Media Crisis – The department represents and counsels leading media outlets, investigative programs, leading corporations in the Israeli and international markets, private clients and others, in a variety of topics, including privacy protection lawsuits, online defamation lawsuits, libel cases, and representation in legal battles to prevent offensive publications.

Marketing and Advertising Law – The department’s team provides ongoing legal support to advertising and marketing campaign managers, from preparatory campaign stages, approval by regulators, to addressing complaints and lawsuits.

Labor Law – The department provides comprehensive counseling services to private and public-sector organizations on a variety of issues related to labor relations, collective law, employee compensation, employment, and retirement agreements, as well as litigation proceedings in all courts, including labor courts, mediation and arbitration proceedings.

Torts – The department represents victims in complex medical malpractice lawsuits – including midwifery negligence resulting in the birth of infants with severe damage and serious traffic accidents causing permanent disability – and represents clients vis-à-vis the National Insurance Institute, in work injury claims, and more. The departments’ clients include numerous medical institutions, attorneys, military officers, and citizens from various sectors. The department also handles class actions related to its area of expertise, and has extensive, long-standing relationships with senior expert physicians in Israel and worldwide, who assist our clients in maximizing their rights.

The Partners

Adv. Amit Hadad – One of Israel’s leading attorneys, a Founding Partner of the firm who currently heads it, Amit has been involved in some of the most complex litigation cases at the center of public interest. With expertise in diverse legal fields, he counsels high-profile clients, public figures, executives, businesspeople, and leading corporations on a wide range of issues.
Adv. Ariel Roth – A founding Partner and Managing Partner of the firm, Ariel specializes in civil-commercial law with emphasis on nonprofits law, corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, and represents and counsels individuals and organizations on various business issues. Ariel served as a director and CEO of several leading Israeli companies, and his extensive business knowhow and experience enable him to provide the firm’s clients with comprehensive business and financial advice, beyond ongoing legal advice.

Adv. Ori Shenhar – Among Israel’s most prominent lawyers, specializing in legal support for complex media crises and legal and regulatory support in marketing and advertising, with over 25 years of experience in various legal spheres. His clients include renowned Israeli and international companies, leading media outlets, journalists, and public figures. A regular lecturer at The Hebrew University’s Faculty of Law, he is the author of Laws of Defamation, published 1997, and is a contributor on Israeli law to the International Libel and Privacy Handbook (Bloomberg, 2013) and International Libel and Privacy Law (LexisNexis, 2017).

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