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Transactions, Litigation, M&A and Securities, Finance and Banking, Real-estate, Projects, Technology, High-Tech and Hotels.

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Established: 1991
Line of Business: Transactions, Litigation, M&A and Securities, Finance and Banking, Real-estate, Projects, Technology, High-Tech and Hotels.
Address: 74-76 Rothschild Blvd., Tel Aviv 6518517
Phone: 972-3-6910330
Fax: 972-3-6919533
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://hsglaw.co.il/en/
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  • Hagay Shalev, Hagay Shalev, Biton, Law Offices

    Adv. Hagay Shalev

    Mananging Partner

    Hagay Shalev, Biton, Law Offices

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    Hagay Shalev
  • Mike Biton, Hagay Shalev, Biton, Law Offices

    Adv. Mike Biton

    Mananging Partner

    Hagay Shalev, Biton, Law Offices

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    Mike Biton
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About Hagay Shalev, Biton, Law Offices

Hagay Shalev, Biton, Law Offices is a leading boutique law firm specializing in commercial law. HSB provides top-tier legal services both in litigation and in complex transactions of significant monetary value, with an emphasis on the following fields: corporations, equity securities, infrastructure and construction projects, M&As, real-estate, finance and banking, high-tech and technology, hotels and tourism. HSB also provides ongoing comprehensive services for companies (private and public) and NPOs.
The firm was established in 1991. Advocate Hagay Shalev, one of Israel’s most senior, seasoned and experienced attorneys, was one of its 2 founders. Over the years, Advocate Mike Biton joined the firm as a partner and then as a managing partner. HSB provides its clients with creative legal solutions, personal approach and maximal discretion. HSB has an extensive activity in the international arena, including an international expertise in mega-projects and construction of traditional and advanced industry facilities for leading companies in Israel and globally. Among others, HSB handles projects amounting to billions of Dol-lars, in Israel and abroad, in various fields such as power plants (gas, pumped storage hydroelectrici-ty, solar energy, etc.), infrastructure, water, semi-conductors, industrial plants, and more. During its many years of operations, HSB served and serves a wide range of prominent clients, in Israel and abroad, including traded and private companies, industrial companies, project management compa-nies, banking corporations, VC funds, and start-ups in the entrepreneurship and set-up phases.

Devotion, Creativity and Experience

HSB puts the benefit of its clients at the center at all times and espouses personal and dedicated ser-vice. The firm’s partners are personally involved in each case, and its clients benefit from the partners’ experience, expertise and business-oriented approach. The partners’ personal attention is character-ized by creativity, originality, focusing on the important thing and providing solutions. The day-to-day work in HSB is conducted at the highest level, for over three decades. HSB’s partners are committed to assuring that the clients receive the most professional, efficient and accessible services at the highest quality, especially tailored to each client’s unique needs. The determination, professionalism and cre-ativity, while uncompromisingly maintaining transparency, integrity, reliability and morality, are the source of HSB’s unique and excellent reputation.

Professional Synergy – Unique Added Value

Thanks to the professional synergy that results from the diverse proficiency areas of HSB’ partners, HSB successfully provides comprehensive legal services for its clients, with in-depth knowledge and expertise in the firm’s practice areas. This synergy creates the unique added value from which the firm’s clients benefit. Owing to the longstanding profession-alism, experience and skill of the team of partners, HSB provides its clients with optimal results in the most efficient manner.

Areas of Expertise

HSB specializes in a variety of commercial-business law fields (in Israel and abroad), both in the framework of transac-tions, counsel and facilitation, and in litigation, including: M&As, engineering-industrial projects and mega-projects (in-cluding their finance), financing transactions, VC, equity securities and corporate law, banking, hoteliery, real-estate transactions and projects, high-tech and technology transactions and projects, and all aspects of legal support and counsel for companies (private and public companies, including corporate secretary roles).


HSB regularly conducts wide-scale litigations in all segments of the commercial, business and administrative law, and in all of the judiciary tribunals, including arbitrations. Among others, HSB has longstanding litigation experience and expertise in the following fields: Companies and equity securities; class actions; shareholders disputes; contracts and transactions; disputes concerning technology projects and transactions, infrastructure projects and “smart indus-try”; representation of companies and their officers in derivative lawsuits; real-estate; finance and collaterals; administra-tive law and tenders; insolvency; labor law; etc.


HSB specializes in comprehensive legal support for a wide range of projects in Israel and abroad, each amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars, in a wide range of fields. HSB’s services are provided throughout the pro-cess, including drafting of the overall project set of agreements and as required in rights enforcement litigation.

M&A, Securities and Companies Laws

HSB has extensive and longstanding knowledge and experience in the mergers and acquisitions field. HSB handled and handles a wide spectrum of M&A transactions, both of companies and of as-sets and operations, in all of the commerce and industry segments, in Israel and abroad.

Technology and High-Tech

HSB handles a broad variety of technology and high-tech transactions, including: pur-chasing and selling technologies, knowledge and IP; licensing agreements; SaaS agreements; OEM/VAR transactions; agreements for characterization, development, implementation and integration of software, systems and technological components in a variety of fields and industries (including banking); etc.

Banking and Finance

HSB specializes in handling diverse and complex finance and banking transactions, including the creation of collaterals and issuance of equity securities for the financier.


HSB handles real-estate transactions and companies and provides ongoing support throughout all of the transactions’ stages, including purchases, sales and rentals of office and residential buildings and of commercial cen-ters.

Hoteliery and Tourism

HSB specializes in hotel management agreements, including agreements with leading interna-tional hotel chains for hotel franchises and operation in Israel. HSB represents tourism companies, handles class ac-tions in this field, and makes its mark through important legal precedents.

Industry and Commerce

HSB offers comprehensive legal services for transactions in a wide range of industry and commerce segments, including: transactions in the plastics, print, and metals industries; franchise, branches and chains transactions and activities; transactions for providing and receiving various services (including engineering and planning, investment banking, storage and transport, services, security, cleaning and catering for various industrial facili-ties and institutions); and more.

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