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Established: 1949
Line of Business: Manufacturing Interior Doors
Address: Kibbutz Hamadia, Emek HaMa’ayanot
7 Zarhin St., Ra’anana Northern Industrial Zone
Phone: 972-9-7401654, 972-4-6666611
Fax: 972-9-7401814, 972-4-6666619
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.hamadia-doors.co.il
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    Ehud Sasi CEO
    Zvi Birman COO
    Yehuda Brant Projects manager
    Michal Laydan CFO
    Ronen Nof VP Sales
    Anat Perez Davidi VP Marketing Hamadia Group
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About Hamadia Doors

Hamadia Doors, Israel’s leading and oldest interior doors maker, was founded more than 70 years ago and utilizes cutting-edge technologies and produces high-quality, contemporary and innovative doors. These facts have long ago turned the company into the largest and most advanced Israeli company in its field.

The company works with Israel’s largest construction and development companies with a nationwide distribution, and its excellence is also expressed in its professional, high-quality and reliable service. Over the years Hamadia Doors successfully provided hundreds of thousands of doors for high-density construction projects, luxury villas and private homes, public buildings, offices, hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, and more.

Manufacturing Interior Doors with Cutting-Edge Technology

Over the past decade, the company replaced its production lines with a robotic production line, the most advanced and sophisticated of its kind in Israel. Its innovative production line enables the company to manufacture doors according to the specific sizes of the various doorways in the customer’s apartment – whether these are doors for bedrooms, wet rooms, work rooms, etc. Furthermore, the range of colors and designs that the company offers increased. This advanced equipment enables the company to create a door in any style and design that the customer wants, and to turn the vision of any architect and designer into a reality, quickly and efficiently.

In the process of developing and manufacturing the doors, the company emphasizes a balanced and modern lifestyle, that sets interior doors as an integral part of the home’s interior design and architecture, which protects the privacy and provides long-term durability with minimal maintenance. The factory has a capacity of hundreds of thousands of designed doors per year, and the company operates a chain of branches across Israel in order to provide a fast and accessible service to its customers, including remote service through advanced digital means.

As a groundbreaking company in its field, the company developed doors that became a role model in Israel and abroad, including the one-of-a-kind Ultra Quiet Pro door, a collection of sliding pocket doors that save room also in small spaces, designed waterproof interior doors for “wet rooms”, high doors for high ceilings and more. All of the doors are available in a very wide variety of shades, finishes and designs.

The Quietest Doors in Israel

Hamadia Doors is leading Israel’s soundproof doors segment. Long before the mix-use neighborhoods in Israel and the coronavirus period with its long homestays, the company recognized the need to create intimacy and a quiet home, and creates the quietest doors for its customers, in order to guarantee a new experience of serenity and quality of life. The trend of planning mix-use (commerce-residential) neighborhoods proves the necessity of the soundproof doors that Hamadia Doors manufactures, which revolutionized this aspect.

Groundbreaking Development

The company is currently launching the Ultra Quiet technology, an exclusive acoustic insulation patent that enables the Ultra Quiet Pro to appear as a perfectly ordinary door and merge into the design line of the entire home, while providing two-way acoustic isolation. The door comprises a unique multi-layered acoustic insulation, an adjustable acoustic threshold, and double rubber seals (both in the head and in the leaf) and the result is designed interior doors, with acoustic insulation of the highest level. Customers who purchased acoustic doors with the Ultra Quiet technology report a new experience in their quality of life – they can sleep, work, and read in their homes and offices, without disturbances, intimately and peacefully. Owing to its innovation and numerous advantages, this technology turned into a basic standard in the doorways of the master bedrooms, alongside a variety of other uses, such as adolescent rooms, work rooms, clinics and offices. This patented door can by ordered in any design, every shade of the Tambur palette, with engravings or in wood colors.

The Customer as the Top Priority

Hamadia Doors always prioritizes its end customer, and its clientele includes private customers, architects, interior designers, contractors, construction and development companies, project managers, and overseas customers. The company has showrooms across Israel.

Social and Environmental Awareness

Hamadia Doors greatly emphasizes the environmental awareness and compliance with Israeli and international green standards, from the selection of the raw materials, through innovative production methods and up to the utilization of recycled materials. The doors comply with every green building standard and enable the customer to benefit from high-quality and environmentally-friendly products.

The company’s social worldview is ingrained deeply in the brand’s DNA. The factory is located in the Industrial Zone of Kibbutz Hamadia in northern Israel and serves as one of the stable and important sources of employment in the area. The factory employs workers from various sectors who live in the towns of the Beit She’an Valley and the Galilee.

The Vision

Since 2019, the Tene Fund owns controlling interests in the company, in cooperation with Ehud Sasi – it’s CEO and owner. The company intends the implement several significant moves over the next few years in order to accelerate its current growth trend even further.

In 2021 the company acquired Reshafim Doors, a leading factory in the segment of designed front doors and building frames. The merger of the companies creates the leading front doors and indoor doors chain in Israel. This entailed the foundation of a new group - Hamadia Group, which will work in order to create a synergy between the two brands upon the salesfloor, enabling the customers t opurchase both front doors and indoor doors under one roof, in all of the group’s branches.

The company intends to leverage its assets and capabilities in combination with the experience and professionalism of the Tene Fund and the strong financial back. Hamadia Doors aims to continue and lead, develop and grow rapidly in its activities with Israel’s largest and leading development and construction companies, for which it executes interior doors in projects across Israel. Simultaneously, the company strives to continue and expand with new partnerships and busi-ness development moves that are beginning to take shape.

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