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Manufacturing Front and Interior Doors

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Established: 1949
Line of Business: Manufacturing Front and Interior Doors
Address: Plant: Kibbutz Hamadia, Emek HaMa’ayanot
Offices: 7 Zarhin St., Ra’anana Northern Industrial Zone
Phone: *6124
Fax: 972-4-6666619
Website: http://www.hamadia-doors.co.il
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    Roni Arazi CEO
    Zvi Birman COO
    Yehuda Brant Projects Manager
    Ronen Nof VP Sales
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About Hamadia Doors

Hamadia Doors Ltd. was founded over 70 years ago and uses the latest technologies to create high-quality, up-to-date and innovative doors. Over the years, the company has worked very successfully with developers and the largest construction companies in Israel to supply hundreds of thousands of doors for residential projects in saturated construction, luxury villas and private homes, public buildings, offices, hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, and more. In recent years, Tene Investment Funds (an Israeli private equity fund focused on investment in Israeli industrial companies) has been the controlling owner of the company, along with Ehud Sasi, its CEO and owner. As a result of the acquisition of Reshafim Doors, one of the leading companies in the industry of designing entrance doors and building frames, a strong network has been established in Israel, allowing all customers to purchase both interior and entrance doors in one place.
The company plans to leverage its assets and capabilities along with Tene Foundation’s experience and professionalism, as well as its powerful financial backing. As Hamadia Doors grows, new partnerships and initiatives are being forged.

Technology-Driven Door Manufacturer

During the last decade, the company has replaced its old production systems with a robotic production system, the most advanced of its kind in Israel. Hamadia Doors Ltd’s innovative production system makes it possible for the company to create doors that are customized to the specific dimensions of each opening in a customer’s apartment - whether it be a bedroom door, bathroom door, office-space door, etc.
When developing and manufacturing the doors, the company places emphasis on a balanced and modern lifestyle, incorporating the interior doors as an integral part of the architecture and interior design of the house, offering an intimate atmosphere and long-term durability that is practically maintenance-free. The factory is adapted to the production of hundreds of thousands of designed doors per year.
Hamadia Doors is a pioneering company in the door market, and its developments include: one-of-a-kind ULTRA QUIET PRO doors, sliding doors that fit into a pocket that saves space in small rooms, water-resistant designed interior doors suitable for bathrooms, ceiling-height doors and much more. Various shades, finishes and designs are available for all doors.

The Quiet Doors in Israel - An Exclusive Patent

Hamadia Doors is the leader in the field of quiet doors in Israel. Long before the mix of uses applied in the neighborhoods of Israel, the COVID period, and prolonged stays at home, the company recognized the need to create intimacy and tranquility at home, producing the quietest doors for its customers, guaranteeing a new experience of comfort and quality of life. In mixed-use neighborhoods, noise-insulating doors made by Hamadia Doors, which revolutionized the industry, are essential. The ULTRA QUIET PRO looks the same as our other doors, fits into the aesthetics of the entire house, and is characterized by its dual acoustic insulation. The door is built from a unique multi-layer acoustic filling, an adjustable acoustic threshold, and double rubber seals (both in the wing and in the frame) and the final product is a designed interior door with the highest level of acoustic insulation - up to 33 decibels. It is possible to order the door with the exclusive patent in any design with engravings and in a wide range of colors.

Designed Entrance and Interior Doors

Hamadia Doors presents an innovative concept that creates harmony and design synergy between the front door and the doors inside the house. In the past year, several new collections have been launched to support this concept, including the spectacular MOON collection, which includes an entrance door that matches in its design MOON-LIGHT interior doors. Due to its futuristic look, high-tech features and sharp lines, the MOON collection arouses curiosity and attention right at first glance.

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority

Hamadia Doors puts the customer first, and the company’s clientele includes private customers, architects, interior designers, contractors, construction companies, developers, project managers, and international clients. The company operates 11 showrooms nationwide designed to provide fast and accessible service for customers, including remote service using advanced digital technology.

Environmental and Social Awareness

Hamadia Doors places great emphasis on environmental awareness and compliance with Israeli and international environmental standards. That includes the selection of raw materials, implementation of innovative production methods and use of recycled materials. Ideal for green construction standards, these doors allow customers to enjoy quality and environmental benefits. Hamadia Doors operates two factories, one is located in the industrial area in Kibbutz Hamadia in the northern area and the other in Ashkelon industrial area. They both provide the country with reliable and stable sources of income. The factories employ hundreds of workers who live in the vicinity.

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