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Family Law, Civil-Commercial Law and Real Estate

Herzlich-Laor Law Office & Notary
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Established: 1975
Line of Business: Family Law, Civil-Commercial Law and Real Estate
Address: 24 Ha’Arba’ah St., Tel Aviv 6473923
Phone: 972-3-6247172
Fax: 972-3-5610090
Email: [email protected]
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  • Tsipora Herzlich, Herzlich-Laor Law Office & Notary

    Adv. Tsipora Herzlich

    Founding Partner

    Herzlich-Laor Law Office & Notary

  • Asaf Laor, Herzlich-Laor Law Office & Notary

    Adv. Asaf Laor

    Managing Partner

    Herzlich-Laor Law Office & Notary

  • Dana Meshulam, Herzlich-Laor Law Office & Notary

    Adv. Dana Meshulam


    Herzlich-Laor Law Office & Notary

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About Herzlich-Laor Law Office & Notary

Herzlich-Laor Law Office & Notary was founded in 1975, and specializes in family and inheritance law, real estate law and civil-commercial law. The firm is unique in the combination of the broad skills of its partners and their mastery of adjacent disciplines, which enables effective, professional and concise management of legal issues and disputes. The familiarity with the full spectrum of economic, property and tax aspects of family and inheritance disputes positions the firm at the cutting edge of legal expertise and enables it to find creative and optimal solutions for its clients.
The firm has decades of accumulated experience at the forefront of Israel’s legal arena, and is responsible for a long list of publicized, significant and weighty rulings and precedents. It is considered to be a boutique firm which provides personal and warm attention to its clients, alongside with first-class legal and professional capabilities and service.
The firm’s team includes five lawyers, and where necessary it employs top experts from a variety of relevant disciplines. Over the years, the firm achieved a leading position in its areas of expertise – particularly in complex and intricate family and inheritance law matters, divorce cases, family assets divisions, inter-generational transfers, and estate management, including aspects of guardianships, lasting power of attorney, wills, complex real estate disputes, third-age challenges and more. The firm’s clientele includes private clients, urban planning and construction companies, commercial companies, startups and entrepreneurs and business clients from diverse industries.

Our “Creed”

The firm’s spirit and actions are based on three core values: Professionalism, multidisciplinary knowledge and humane compassion – with constant learning, rejuvenation and the provision of a comprehensive, sensitive and creative response for the clients, the employees and the colleagues.

A Leading Position in Family Law

More than four decades of widespread and challenging operations enabled the firm to take its place among the top Israeli family law firms. The firm handles a variety of family and inheritance law topics, including joint living agreements, common law spouses, alimony and child support claims, custody, visitation, marital harmony agreements, divorce, nuptial agreements, adoption proceedings, child abduction, division of properties, agreements, mediations, family tort, international disputes, valuations of family-owned companies, wills, contesting wills, and more. The firm’s lawyers appear before the family courts, the rabbinical courts, the labor courts, the district courts and the Supreme Court. The firm provides first-tier legal representation, and throughout the years it had the privilege of setting legal precedents.

Additional Practice Areas

Real Estate: the firm specializes in real estate law and taxation. In the framework of its services, the clients receive representation in sale and purchase transactions as well as ownership claims, breaking up of partnership, formalization of historical records (private lands, agronomic farms and ILA-owned lands) and in construction defects claims. The firm also accompanies a variety of construction projects from the land acquisition stage and up to the registration of a multioccupancy house, and represents contractors and initiators alongside with residents delegations in urban renewal projects (Tama 38 and Pinui-Binui). In addition, the firm accompanies and counsels architects and planning consultants on planning and zoning matters and accompanies complex high-value real estate projects.
Civil-Commercial Law: The firm represents private clients and companies in civil and commercial law matters, and in this framework it accompanies money damages lawsuits and business disputes cases, and represents employers in the labor courts. In addition, the firm provides ongoing legal counsel to private businesses and chains, from the company’s incorporation, through drafting contracts for a variety of topics and up to ongoing counsel on labor agreements, franchise agreements, licensing proceedings etc.

The Partners

Adv. and notary Tsipora Herzlich (Founding Partner)
The firm’s founder. Admitted into the Israel Bar Association since 1975. An expert on family and inheritance law, real estate properties and taxation, estates, inheritance law and litigation. Adv. Herzlich is a popular lecturer on inheritance and wills matters, and often delivers diverse lectures to companies, organizations and unions in universities and in the private and business sectors. She also serves as a court-appointed estate manager.
Adv. and Notary Asaf Laor (Managing Partner)
Senior Partner and Owner. Admitted into the Israel Bar Association since 2003. An expert on family and inheritance law, including in managing lawsuits and drafting agreements, managing complex and property-intensive estates - under personal appointment and court appointment, guardianship and lasting power of attorney, real estate properties and taxation, commercial law and litigation. He has extensive experience in appearing before all of the courts including the rabbinical courts, is certified to prepare LPAs and graduated from advanced legal trainings. He is a popular lecturer in his areas of expertise, and lectures before companies and senior executives in the private and business sectors.

Uncompromising Professionalism Alongside with a Warm Attitude and Emotional Containment

Clients who require legal representation in the family law field are often situated before or at the midst of a significant personal and/or family crisis. This delicate and sensitive situation requires maximal professionalism in combination with compassion and containment. Accordingly, the service in the firm is personally customized for each client according to their personal requirements - an attentive ear and a shoulder for difficult times alongside with analytical and accurate professionalism that identifies, in every case, the best way to achieve a beneficial agreement or a court victory.

In-Depth Commercial and Economic Understanding – the Firm’s “Gamechanger”

The firm has two additional main practice areas which complement the family law practice - real estate law and taxation and civil-commercial law. The vast understanding and experience of the firm’s team in these practice areas contribute decisively to the success in the marital status cases that it handles. The team’s toolbox helps it build rational and forward-facing mechanisms into the divorce and settlement arrangements. This applies also to estates which include diverse properties and assets– such as investment portfolios or properties in Israel or abroad. These are the cases where the experience and capabilities of the firm’s owners truly come into play, and the owners believe that without a deep understanding of adjacent fields it would be difficult to achieve an optimal result for the client, even in cases which are apparently “simple”. Vast knowledge is the force which enables winning tactical and strategic planning.

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