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Family Law, Civil-Commercial Law, Tort, Criminal Law, Administrative Law

Hussain Ali Zgaier, Law Office and Notary
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Established: 2003
Line of Business: Family Law, Civil-Commercial Law, Tort, Criminal Law, Administrative Law
Address: Near the Fountain Square, Yarka
P.O. 1001, Yarka 2496700
Phone: 972-4-9965080
Fax: 972-4-9564940
Email: [email protected]
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  • Hussain Ali Zgaier, Hussain Ali Zgaier, Law Office and Notary

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    Hussain Ali Zgaier, Law Office and Notary

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    Hussain Ali Zgaier
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About Hussain Ali Zgaier, Law Office and Notary

Hussain Ali Zgaier, Law Office and Notary is considered one of the prominent law firms in the north of Israel. A boutique law firm with five lawyers characterized by a warm, personal relationship with our clients, a deep understanding of each case, and the personal involvement of Attorney Zgaier in every case. By presenting his clients’ legal situation clearly and directly and allowing them to participate in formulating the methods of action and options for their cases, he ensures an honest and transparent relationship. The insistence on warm, reliable, and transparent relationships stems both from the belief that the relationship between the lawyer and the client is of crucial importance to the success of the case and from an understanding of the difficult and complex situation the client finds himself in. As an interdisciplinary law firm, we handle cases across a variety of specialties, with the understanding that the various fields of law are interconnected and that a comprehensive understanding of these fields is necessary to provide the client with adequate protection. The office provides comprehensive legal services in Hebrew, English, Arabic and French to Israelis and international clients.

Adv. Hussain Zgaier

Attorney Zgaier holds a bachelor’s degree in Law from Netanya College and a master’s degree in Law with a specialization in medicine from Haifa University; He is a qualified notary and has been practicing law since 2003. He is currently in the preliminary stages of his doctoral research on biases in medical expert testimony. Previously, he served as Vice-Chairman of the Courts Committee of the Haifa District Bar Association. He has multidisciplinary academic and practical knowledge that covers all aspects of Israeli and international law, as well as a wealth of experience that lets him apply this knowledge in real-time to the benefit of his clients. He has an excellent reputation among his clients and the business sector in northern Israel. Further, he is recognized and respected by colleagues and judges as an expert in his areas of expertise and advises them on legal issues and case management strategies. Attorney Zgaier’s passion for the profession is combined with his deep identification with the struggles of his clients, as he strives to obtain justice for them and protect their rights, and selects each case based on its legal depth and human complexity. As an adept and experienced litigator, he knows how to channel his legal knowledge and focus on the details, as well as his impressive and razor-sharp presentation skills and his ability to analyze the courtroom and all parties’ positions in real-time in order to achieve the best result for his clients - which is particularly important because clients consult him regarding critical issues that affect their lives in dramatic ways. He appears before all courts and tribunals, including the Supreme Court, the Administrative Court, the Family Court and the Labor Court, among others. Attorney Zgaier is active in many facets of the local community, including representing a Galilee children’s education association and providing pro bono legal advice.

Areas of Expertise

Family Law and Inheritance Law - The office handles a wide range of cases in the field of family law, including divorce claims, paternity claims, alimony claims, and unique aspects of the family laws of different sectors. With extensive Jewish law and legal expertise, the firm can achieve the best results for its clients. Attorney Zgaier believes reconciliation should be achieved outside of court through compromise, mediation and negotiation, with an understanding of the importance of the family and its relationships to the client’s well-being. In the event that a compromise is not possible, he fights fearlessly to protect the rights and interests of his clients. The office also deals with matters of inheritance and wills, including representation in cases of objections to the execution of wills and granting validity to wills, as well as in cases of dissolution of shared property of family members and in disputes between family members.

Tort, Insurance and Medical Malpractice - Attorney Zgaier has a wealth of experience in tort law in general and medical negligence in particular, including a master’s degree in law with a focus on law and medicine, as well as preliminary doctorate research on biases in expert witnesses. The firm represents clients injured by various accidents as well as medical negligence who have suffered severe disabilities, and it fights for their rights against all entities and insurers, including National Insurance, the Ministry of Defense, insurance companies and health care systems. The office works closely with a physician who specializes in handling medical malpractice cases to gain a comprehensive understanding of clients’ medical conditions and histories.

Administrative, Public and Constitutional Law - Including representation in petitions before the Supreme High Court and the administrative courts and appearances before all committees and administrative entities.

Commercial-Civil Law - The firm handles complex and substantial cases in the commercial-civil field, including company law, financial claims, accounting claims, disputes between partners, and more.

Criminal Law - In cases involving serious crimes, the firm represents those under investigation and those who have been accused. Using his impressive witness interrogation abilities, attorney Zgaier gets his clients acquitted.

Labor Law and National Insurance - Providing legal services and close assistance to employees of all sectors and labor organizations, including representation in the various courts.

Real Estate and Construction Offenses - Representation in all legal courts, including drafting agreements, land registration and drafting notarial documents.

Prominent Cases

• Representation of clients from abroad who inherited a real estate property in Israel after their parents left the country and had to obtain administrative recognition of their right to the property. The firm claimed that its clients and their parents are not absentees and that the right to the property is reserved for them. It has been accepted by the court that the firm’s position is valid, and negotiations regarding the scope of the right are now underway with the statutory bodies.

• Representing a woman in a divorce case, filing several claims to the family court when the woman received full possession of the house at the end of the proceedings. • Representation of a woman in a divorce case, conducting proceedings in the appropriate courts simultaneously, including a criminal proceeding against the husband for rape, which ended in his conviction with a sentence of 3.5 years in prison and substantial compensation for the client.

• The firm represented a client who was a silent partner in a commercial business and was accused of theft by the managing partner. After conducting an investigation and insisting on the client’s rights, the firm’s client took full control of the business at the end of the procedures.

• The firm’s clients have been charged with serious criminal offenses. The firm’s clients were fully acquitted following an extensive and thorough witness investigation by Attorney Zgaier, which included an investigation of Omri Sharon as a law enforcement official.

• The firm represented a child treated orthopedically at a hospital who was misdiagnosed and received the wrong treatment, resulting in a severe disability in his hand. The office represented him, showing contradictions in the doctors’ testimonies, proving the diagnosis and treatment were incorrect. He won substantial money to help him cope with his disability.

• The firm represented a client who was given two medications without an adequate explanation regarding possible side effects and how to operate in the event of a side effect. Following the treatment, the client suffered from several irreversible symptoms that significantly affected her quality of life. The firm proved the existence of medical negligence in the case and gained a significant amount of money for the client.

• A case in the field of ophthalmology. Having not performed eye tests as required, the child developed amblyopia and vision loss. The office negotiated with the HMO and received adequate compensation for the child.

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