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Entrepreneurship and Construction, Urban Renewal

Huzot Jeruslaem
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Established: 2017
Line of Business: Entrepreneurship and Construction, Urban Renewal
Address: 22 Issa Bracha St., Jerusalem
Phone: *6028
Email: [email protected]
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  • Jacob Lifshitz, Huzot Jeruslaem

    Jacob Lifshitz

    Founder and Controlling Shareholder

    Huzot Jeruslaem

    Yanki Zweibel CEO
    Eli Donat Operations and Licensing Manager
    Yossi Schwartz Tenant Relations Manager
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About Huzot Jeruslaem

Huzot Jeruslaem is a thriving real estate development company that has been operating since its establishment in 2017, focusing on promoting urban renewal projects in the capital city. The company operates throughout Jerusalem, specializing in Pinui Binui projects in the city’s central historic neighborhoods. Currently, the company is involved in dozens of projects, encompassing thousands of housing units at various stages. Huzot Jeruslaem is an affiliate of the well-established development and contracting group Neta Lifshitz, which has been active for over 40 years, undertaking numerous diverse projects both in Jerusalem and beyond. Among its notable projects, Neta Lifshitz has initiated numerous landmark developments in Jerusalem, including neighborhoods such as Minchat Yitzhak, Beit Ve’Gan Residence, Bustan Bak’a, Beit HaKerem, Shuknion Complex, Har Nof Center, Nofei Gadera, Binyat Complex, Issa Braha, Meqor Hayim, and many others. At the steering wheel of Huzot Jeruslaem is the CEO of Neta Lifshitz, Yaakov Lifshitz, the founder and controlling owner, along with three partners: Yanki Zweibel, the CEO; Eli Donat, the Operations and Licensing Manager; and Yossi Schwartz, the Tenant Relations Manager.

A Solid Financial Foundation, a Brand of Quality in Construction

Huzot Jeruslaem benefits from the robust financial backing of the Neta Lifshitz Group and the extensive familiarity with leading banks in the market. In addition to constructing tens of thousands of housing units, Neta Lifshitz is also the construction company responsible for executing projects for Huzot Jeruslaem.
The group’s name is considered synonymous with reliability, transparency, and quality execution. It is even credited with building the first “Pinui-Binui” (demolition and reconstruction) project in the capital. In 1992, it transformed the old Romema neighborhood zoo into a modern and luxurious residential complex. Over the years, Neta Lifshitz has gained many loyal customers due to its excellent reputation. In every project undertaken by the company, a high percentage of returning customers can be found, either purchasing a home for themselves or the next generation within the family.

Entrepreneurship and Execution in One Place

As mentioned, beyond its high financial strength, Huzot Jeruslaem benefits from the fact that all its projects are carried out by the construction company Neta Lifshitz. This means that Huzot Jeruslaem’s clients enjoy both entrepreneurship and execution under one roof, providing them with a single point of contact throughout the planning and execution processes. This also allows the company to maintain full control over project execution, ensuring that each clause is actually implemented. Huzot Jeruslaem is committed to bringing the highest professional values, service excellence, and quality construction standards to the world of urban renewal in Jerusalem, and it does so relentlessly.

Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Huzot Jeruslaem is considered a pioneering company in the ultra-Orthodox real estate world, which has traditionally been skeptical of urban renewal projects. The company has managed to create urban renewal in a “different” way tailored to the target audience it addresses. Despite the immense construction volumes promoted by the company in various projects, its management maintains a direct connection with the field. Most of the company’s clients know the company’s executives, either on a personal level or through warm recommendations from neighbors and acquaintances. This is also the reason why the company has chosen to focus solely on Jerusalem – a place where it has a genuine and direct familiarity with the area.

Prominent Projects

The legendary project “Huzot Jeruslaem in the Heart of the City,” which unites at least six different complexes in the neighborhoods of Shmuel Hanavi in Jerusalem, is considered the flagship project of the company. As part of the project, the company will carry out the demolition and construction (Pinui Binui) of the old block complexes in the old and neglected neighborhood of Shmuel Hanavi, replacing them with modern buildings featuring rich technical specifications and impressive green spaces. The complexes are currently in various stages, some in the approval stages and others in the planning stages. The neighborhood is located near three light rail lines, and it is anticipated that with its renewal, housing prices in the area will rise dramatically.

Ramot Eshkol Neighborhood, Jerusalem – In this neighborhood, only NOP 38 projects have been implemented in the past decade, and Huzot Jeruslaem is set to be the first to carry out a Pinui Binui project of two old buildings on Faran Street in the neighborhood. This will become the first Pinui Binui project in a Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) neighborhood in Jerusalem. The project will include two residential buildings with 60 housing units and a commercial avenue. Beyond projects in ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods, Huzot Jeruslaem is initiating and promoting Pinui Binui projects in the general sector, including in the Kiryat Yovel neighborhood.

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