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Civil-Commercial Law, Class actions, Real Estate, Insolvency

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Established: 1985
Line of Business: Civil-Commercial Law, Class actions, Real Estate, Insolvency
Address: 7 Menachem Begin Rd.,
“Beit Gibor Sport”, Ramat Gan
Phone: 972-3-6917770
Fax: 972-3-6917705
Email: [email protected]
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  • Jakob Israeli, Israeli – Segev & Co., Law Firm and Notary

    Adv. Jakob Israeli


    Israeli – Segev & Co., Law Firm and Notary

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    Jakob Israeli
  • Amir Segev, Israeli – Segev & Co., Law Firm and Notary

    Adv. Amir Segev


    Israeli – Segev & Co., Law Firm and Notary

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    Amir Segev
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About Israeli – Segev & Co., Law Firm and Notary

Israeli - Segev Law Firm and Notary is a leading and reputable law firm that prides itself on professionalism, excellence and customer satisfaction. The firm is engaged in providing legal advice and guidance to its clients in all areas of civil and commercial law, including contract law, real estate, planning and construction law, banking law, labor law, bankruptcies, mergers and dissolutions, administrative law, corporate law, associations, labor law, inheritance law and much more. Israeli - Segev Law Firm and Notary was established in 2020 as a result of a merger between Jakob Israeli & Co. Law Firm and Amir Segev & Co. Law Firm and is based on decades of experience (since1985).

The Partners

Adv. Jakob Israeli
Member of the Bar Association since 1985 and a notary, has graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Law from Tel Aviv University. Expert in commercial law, contracts, real estate, planning and construction law, corporate law, securities, bankruptcies, dissolutions, mergers, recovery arrangements. Class actions, administrative law, torts, defamation, litigation, arbitrations, promissory notes and enforcement. An Israeli attorney, a member of various committees at the Bar Association,
participates in panels at professional conferences and has been authorized to act as a special manager and trustee in bankruptcy and insolvency cases on behalf of the official receiver of the State of Israel (in charge of insolvency at the Ministry of Justice). He is also appointed on behalf of courts in bankruptcy proceedings, enforcement of rights records and condominium registrations.

Adv. Amir Segev
Member of the Bar Association since 2005 and a notary, holds a bachelor’s degree in Law from Sha’arei Mishpat College. Expert in real estate, including accompanying projects for the purchase and construction of real estate, accompanying purchasing groups, real estate taxation, setting up companies, accompanying company founders’ agreements and partnerships, drafting usage agreements for websites, commercial and international contracts and agreements.

Capabilities of a Large Office, Attitude of a Boutique Office

As of today, the team of the merged firm consists of 2 partners and 9 salaried lawyers and the firm provides its clients with a broad spectrum of legal services that reflect the strengths of the firm. Many of the firm’s clients have been loyal to the firm for many years because of the many added value it provides. Having a stable alliance and relying on a reputation acquired over the years makes it possible for it to maintain a personal relationship with the clients, and to reap the benefits of its stability. The firm’s clients include private, public and governmental companies and organizations, including industrial companies from various sectors, local authorities, the official collector of the State of Israel, technology companies, construction companies and real estate enterprises, defense industries companies, insurance companies and many others. The firm also represents associations, nonprofit organizations, and organizations engaged in services for the benefit of the public, such as assistance in the fields of fertility, commemoration associations, synagogues and many others.
The firm’s team of lawyers believes in professionalism and fairness and invests efforts in identifying the real need of the client and examining the possible courses of action according to his needs. The firm is well known and appreciated among French-speaking clients.
The firm’s clients include investors and businessmen, foreign residents and Israelis. Those receiving support in engagements with international aspects in the fields of investments and trade.

International Transactions

The firm accompanies its local and foreign clients in engagements in all areas of investment and international trade.

Providing Ongoing Legal Service and Advice for Small and Large Businesses

Israeli - Segev Law Firm and Notary provides ongoing legal advice and support to businesses from the time of its establishment and throughout the business’s activity. The firm has extensive experience in representation in courts (litigation) in all its fields of activity. In the litigation activity, the firm specializes in client representation in all courts in business and commercial disputes, in class actions in financial claims, as well as in arbitration and mediation procedures. The firm possesses proven experience in class action, consumer litigation and other legal matters.

Expertise in All Aspects of Real Estate Law

The firm also offers services in all areas of real estate, including representing clients in the purchase and sale of apartments and lots (private and agricultural), buildings, offices and businesses, factories and industrial buildings, commercial and productive real estate assets, and also provides its clients in Israel and abroad with property management services. In addition, the firm deals with required tangential areas such as planning and construction laws and business licensing. The firm has expertise in representing tenants in urban renewal projects, particularly “NOP 38” - strengthening and thickening or “Pinui Binui”.

Expertise in Class Action Lawsuits

The firm has been operating for many years regularly and with great success in the field of representative claims. The firm is credited with many successes in this field, which occupies an important part of its activity.

Public Law and Supplementary Services for Clients

The lawyers in the firm participate in the professional committees of the Bar Association and professional conferences in this field. In addition to specializing in the fields of private law, the firm also has substantial experience in the fields of public and administrative law, representing public-oriented entities as well as representing groups of plaintiffs. The firm has extensive working relationships with other law firms in Israel and abroad as well as with other professionals, in relevant and required fields such as accountants, Israeli and international taxation experts, appraisers, architects, economists, engineers, patent editors, contractors, entrepreneurs, banks in Israel and abroad, brokers, companies and insurance agents and other professionals, all in the pursuit of providing the customer with a comprehensive service. The firm deals with the establishment of companies in Israel and abroad, the formation of complex trusts, banking services in the State of Israel and abroad, personal capital management and virtual currencies.

An Active and Well-Respected Firm in the Field of Insolvency

The firm is also very active and highly regarded in the field of insolvency, liquidation of companies, bankruptcies, creditor arrangements, receiverships and more. The firm is also included in the pool of trustees authorized by the Ministry of Justice - the official receiver of the State of Israel (“the commissioner” according to the Insolvency Law), to serve as trustees in insolvency proceedings, in liquidation procedures and in creditor arrangements of individuals and companies.

Family Law

In the field of family and inheritance law, the firm specializes in drafting financial agreements, inheritance laws, drafting wills, estate division agreements, guardianships and other complementary areas. The office possesses specialization and certification in drawing up a lasting power of attorney.

Collection Services

The firm also provides its clients with binding collection services, including excecution files and collection.

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