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Established: 1996
Line of Business: Civil and Commercial Law
Address: 100 HaHashmona’im St., Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-3-5611199
Fax: 972-3-5611299
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.ifnlaw.co.il
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  • Amir Ivtsan, Ivtsan, Netzer, Wolecki & Co., Law Offices

    Amir Ivtsan

    Managing Partner.

    Ivtsan, Netzer, Wolecki & Co., Law Offices

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    Amir Ivtsan
  • Chagay Netzer, Ivtsan, Netzer, Wolecki & Co., Law Offices

    Adv. Chagay Netzer

    Founding Partner

    Ivtsan, Netzer, Wolecki & Co., Law Offices

  • Eli Wolecki, Ivtsan, Netzer, Wolecki & Co., Law Offices

    Adv. Eli Wolecki

    Founding Partner

    Ivtsan, Netzer, Wolecki & Co., Law Offices

  • Rotem H. Schaeftler, Ivtsan, Netzer, Wolecki & Co., Law Offices

    Adv. Rotem H. Schaeftler


    Ivtsan, Netzer, Wolecki & Co., Law Offices

  • Tal Jansen, Ivtsan, Netzer, Wolecki & Co., Law Offices

    Adv. Tal Jansen


    Ivtsan, Netzer, Wolecki & Co., Law Offices

  • Roey Drizon, Ivtsan, Netzer, Wolecki & Co., Law Offices

    Adv. Roey Drizon


    Ivtsan, Netzer, Wolecki & Co., Law Offices

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About Ivtsan, Netzer, Wolecki & Co., Law Offices

Ivtsan, Netzer, Wolecki & Co., Law Offices, is a boutique firm founded in 1996, and provides a broad range of legal services at the highest professional standards with creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. The firm specializes in civil litigation, commercial law, IP, real estate and companies’ law and its team of associates and partners integrates extensive expertise and experience in every aspect of commercial litigation and law, with an in-depth economic understanding and an intimate familiarity with the business sector. This integration of capabilities provides the firm’s clients with a comprehensive and multidisciplinary legal solution for their business operations in Israel and overseas. Over the years, the firm accumulated multidisciplinary professional experience thorough legal facilitation of a series of commercial transactions, while managing thousands of civil-commercial law cases, before Israeli courts of all levels. The firm’s fertile activity has led it to the creation of famous precedents that have been affecting Israeli law to this very day. In 2019, the firm became a member of the International Commercial Law Alliance (ICLA).

The Clients Above All Else

The firm’s team of lawyers prioritizes the clients’ interests and wishes and dedicates maximal attention and resources for handling every client individually. The firm’s clients benefit from a persona, close and comprehensive legal support from the firm’s team, backed by a skilled logistics team that offers them an attentive ear and maximal availability. The starting point in the management of any case is a clear elaboration of the clients’ particular interests and the “end-game” they wish to reach. This leads to an actionable strategy which assumes that nothing is trivial or self-repeating, that it is important to lead proactively rather than be led, and that one must pursue the chosen path despite of all the difficulties that arise along the way, and always focus on the heart of the matter without wasting the clients’ time and resources on negligible matters. The firm’s professional and interpersonal capabilities are indicated by its broad and diverse clientele, which includes companies, renown and leading entrepreneurs and businessperson from the Israeli economy, private and government organizations including the State of Israel, and prominent international companies.

The Partners

Adv. Amir Ivtsan, Founding and Managing Partner- For the past 30 years, Adv. Ivtsan has been representing entrepreneurs, businessperson and well-known companies in Israel and abroad, supporting them in every aspect of the business and commercial operations in Israel and overseas. He has in-depth economic understanding and focused business knowledge which enable him to maximize the legal achievements for his clients. He formerly served, for about 25 years, as a combat pilot (Lt. Col., Res.). He has a LL.B. and a M.A., Ancient History from Tel Aviv University, where he also started his studies for another M.A.                                                                   

Adv. Chagay Netzer - Founding Partner - Heads of the firm’s IP Department, a field in which he has been active for many years. He regularly represents and accompanies well-known communication and entertainment companies and registers trademarks and designs in Israel and abroad. Has an LL.B. from Tel Aviv University, where he was a research assistant for The Late Prof. Ottolenghi and TA in the Negotiable Instruments Law and has a certified mediator diploma of the Israel Bar Association. 

Adv. Eli Wolecki, Founding Partner - Heads the firm Real Estate Department, and has vast experience in this field including contracts, development and asset-swap transactions, taxation, urban renewal, planning and zoning proceedings and more. In addition, he has expertise in inheritance law, wills preparation and heirs’ disputes. He formerly served as Chairperson of Israel Bar Association’s Planning and Zoning Commission. Has an LL.B. from TAU.

Adv. Rotem H. Schaeftler, Partner - Has extensive expertise in all aspects of real estate (residential, yielding properties, asset-swap and more) and a particular expertise in facilitating urban renewal projects – Pinui-Binui and Tama 38. Represents clients before all the authorities including judiciaries, the land tax authorities, the ILA, local authorities and real estate registration chambers. Has an LL.M., Commercial Law from TAU and Berkeley-U and an LL.B. and B.A., Business Administration (finance) from IDC.           

Adv. Tal Jansen, Partner in the firm’s corporate department. She practices diverse aspects of commercial law and specializes in corporate law, securities and labor law. Adv. Jansen coordinates the labor law practice of the firm and also provides ongoing legal counsel to private and public companies in matters of corporate and securities, alongside her practice of civil and commercial litigation. Graduated from the Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law.

Adv. Roey Drizon, Partner practices civil-commercial litigation cases in a variety of topics and fields and represents companies and institutes before various judiciaries, including managing arbitrations and mediations, representing in complex labor disputes and enforcement of IP. Adv. Drizon accumulated vast experience in the framework of representing the State of Israel in dozens of legal proceedings. Graduated from the Bar Ilan University Faculty of Law.

The Firm’s Practice Areas

Civil/Commercial Litigation: The firm has very vast experience in commercial litigation, while representing local and foreign clients in legal proceedings and arbitrations, including class actions and administrative law. The firm’s team handles legal proceedings in commercial fields, companies, real estate, tenders, monetary claims, IP and more.

Civil-Commercial Law: The firm provides ongoing legal services to private clients and corporations in Israel and abroad. These services include drafting local and international commercial agreements, corporate law, facilitation of business ventures and crises handling, correspondence vis-à-vis the state authorities and other regulators, preparation of legal opinions, representation of start-ups, tech companies, VCs and more. In addition, the firm specializes in supporting dining and tourism companies and more.
IP: the firm specializes in IP litigation and registration of trademarks and designs, representation before the trademark registrar, representation in Knesset committees on legislation matters and in civil lawsuits concerning IP violations and criminal proceedings against violators. The department protects some of the world’s most recognized and known trademarks. The firm represents a wide variety of media companies, including in agreements vis-à-vis industry players, in facing supervision entities and regulators, and in concession tenders.

Real Estate and Land: The firm has vast experience in real estate and it handles all types of transactions in Israel including accompanying contractors and developers, asset-swap, Tama 38, Pinui-Binui, purchasing groups and self-build, partnership and contracting agreements, infrastructure and execution. The department provides strategic and tactical consulting for the preparation of lawsuits and defending against them in a broad spectrum of real estate topics and regularly represents in planning and zoning committees, title claims, depreciation claims (under section 197), appropriations compensations, betterment charges, development charges and fees, city tax, tenant protection, and also has expertise in project and bank finance. The firm also specializes in investments abroad in projects spanning hundreds of thousands of sq.m. of residential, commerce and office areas.

Inheritance, Guardianships and LPAs: The firm handles inheritance law matters, wills, intergenerational transfers, representation in will enforcement objections and heirs’ disputes, estate division agreements, estate management and guardianships. It has a particular specialization in lasting power of attorney.

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