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Insolvency, representation of banks and other financial institutes in debt collection, and commercial law

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Established: 1991
Line of Business: Insolvency, representation of banks and other financial institutes in debt collection, and commercial law
Address: 7 Giborei Yisrael St., Adar House, 2nd floor,
Poleg Industrial Zone, Netanya
Phone: 972-9-8357555
Fax: 972-9-8858326
Email: [email protected]
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About Jonathan Saunders Law Company

Jonathan Saunders Law Company specializes in Civil-commercial, litigation, insolvency, real estate, legal collection, execution and more. The firm supports its clients and provides first-class legal representation for banks and commercial entities, including communication, construction, and real-estate companies. The longstanding firm has been operating for three decades, serving its clients to their complete satisfaction.
The firm was founded in 1991 by Adv. Jonathan Saunders, and currently includes 18 lawyers and an administrative staff of about 50 employees. It
has achieved various precedents and rulings, including a Supreme Court rulings and precedents.

Years of Proven Experience

The firm represents its clients in various aspects of civil-commercial, litigation, insolvency law (receiverships, liquidations and stay of proceeds), various collection areas and real-estate. Owing to the extensive experience of the firm’s legal and managerial team and their professional excellence the firm has gained extensive reputation in numerous fields. The firm represents commercial and mortgage banks specializing in of the banking sector in Israel, both from the legal aspects and from the collective and individual collection aspects.
The firm handles cases of very large debts as well as medium and low sums, and specializes in liquidations, stay of proceeds and receiverships laws, enforcement of mortgages and real-estate liens, company receiverships, stay of proceeds and enforcement of car liens, and the collection of checks and commercial papers.

Practice Areas

Specialization in banking, representing many banks and mortgages in all sectors including in the Arab sector. Fields of expertise include regarding money laundering (refusal to perform an action, termination of account activity, return of credits, receipts and checks, etc.); defamation issues; service condition; Securities; claims of the bank’s involvement in customer’s activity in his account; Issues in matters of interest charges and commissions carried contrary to the law and the agreement (expert claims); reporting according to the Credit Data Law / Credit Data Service Law; issues in the field of insolvency; Issues concerning Section 2 of the Banking Law, Customer Service and Proper Banking Management 422; Issues related to the bank’s rights by virtue of the liens and the state’s rights by virtue of the forfeiture laws in different legislation, issues according to the Uncovered Checks Law.

Specialization in Litigation, Including Representation in Lawsuits Against the Banks
With more than 30 years of experience in all aspects related to civil-commercial litigation, particularly in the field of banking, the firm is representing entities that are exposed to frequent court proceedings, arbitration and mediation procedures, such as banks, communication companies and construction companies (both on behalf of clients and the entities). the office has developed over the years various types of appeals in all required legal jurisdictions: magistrate, district, family courts and labor courts. Additionally, the office handles litigation related to cases initiated by companies, partnerships, and individuals, particularly in matters concerning commercial disputes, real estate, partnership dissolution, contract, and inheritance. Since the office represents most banks it has accumulated substantial experience in banking law, contract law, anti-money laundering law, defamation law, and tort law.

Facilitation of Debt Collection Proceedings
The firm specializes in debt collection for banks and commercial companies, communication and leasing industries, institutional entities, and privet companies. From small to medium-sized debts to millions and tens of millions of ILS, The firm handles the entire process, from case study and warning letters to filing lawsuits, executing court rulings, managing appeals, negotiating settlements, realizing liens, and initiating insolvency proceedings. The office also has specialized teams (collection units) who are adapted for rapid operations, including real-time reporting and tracking. The integrated work of both teams has proven results. The office also has expertise in collecting checks and commercial documents.

Specialization in insolvency, receiverships, realization of liens (mortgages, pledges, and bonds)
The firm handles lien enforcement and asset receivership cases, both by virtue of current liens permanent liens, before the courts and the execution offices, where the firm’s attorneys are appointed as asset consolidators, including in operator assemblies. The office also deals, particularly on behalf of banks, with insolvency cases involving various entities (both corporate and individual), both under the previous law and the current law according to the Insolvency and Economic Rehabilitation Law. The firm provides guidance and representation to the banks in cases involving applications for proceedings opening, liquidation or rehabilitation, settlement procedures according to Part 10, including requests to delay proceedings to form a debt settlement - temporary order according to Amendment 4, and bankruptcy cases. the office has gained a lot of experience in managing such procedures, the office even handled cases concerning competition between the rights of the bank due to the liens in its favor / the right of set-off - against the rights of the state according to the confiscation laws / Seizure [by virtue of the various laws: the Anti-Money Laundering Law, the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance, the Criminal Procedure (Arrest and Search) Ordinance, the Anti-Criminal Organizations Law, the Environmental Protection Law and more]. The firm has also gained a lot of experience in the field of asset realization (including real estate, vehicles, machinery, inventory, etc.), including in the aspect of managing the collection procedures, and specializes in various arrangements, their preparation and examination.

Specialization in the field of vehicle sales
Our office specializes in enforcing liens on of vehicles [this includes enforcement for banks and financing companies such as Pama Car Financing, Credit Path Ltd., Amfa Capital Ltd., Payment Financial Technologies Ltd., and others. To this end, the office has a built-in system, that contact directly with the execution offices, the Ministry of Transportation, and the offices of the registrar of mortgages.
The firm handles sale procedures of vehicles per month, from seizure phase to the sale and enforcement.

Specialization in the field of real estate
The firm’s real estate department specializes in the sale and purchase of real estate, including dealing with the tax aspects arising from those transactions. This activity complements the department’s work in real estate in the context of mortgage enforcement/work execution on such properties. In this framework, the firm engaged in the realization of residential apartments commercial properties), industrial properties, plots of land.

Adv. Jonathan Saunders, Founding Partner

The firm’s founder, Adv. Jonathan Saunders, has 30 years of experience as a lawyer. and has been practicing commercial law, litigation, and banking law from the beginning of his career. His many years of experience and his focus on his practice areas led to the in-depth knowledge and broad expertise, which is the base for the firm’s achievements.

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