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Insolvency, representation of banks and other financial institutes in debt collection, and commercial law

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Established: 1991
Line of Business: Insolvency, representation of banks and other financial institutes in debt collection, and commercial law
Address: 7 Giborei Yisrael St., Adar House, 2nd floor,
Poleg Industrial Zone, Netanya
Phone: 972-9-8357555
Fax: 972-9-8858326
Email: [email protected]
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    Jonathan Saunders Law Company

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    Jonathan Saunedres
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About Jonathan Saunders Law Company

Jonathan Saunders Law Company specializes in civil-commercial law, civil-commercial litigation, banking and insolvency law, and represents banks and other financial institutes in debt collection. The firm supports its clients and provides first-class legal representation for banks and commercial entities, including communication, construction and real-estate companies.
The longstanding firm, that has been operating for almost three decades, serves its clients for many years to their complete satisfaction.
The firm was founded in 1991 by Adv. Jonathan Saunders, and currently includes 18 lawyers and an administrative staff of about 50 additional employees.
A main practice area of the firm is insolvency, receiverships, supporting banks in stay-of-proceedings and additional insolvency proceedings. In its litigation practice, the firm specializes mainly in banking, represents banks in lawsuits that are filed against them, and specializes in mortgage and vehicle collateral enforcement and collection of debts for other entities, such as cellular companies, credit card companies, leasing companies and banks.
The firm achieved various precedents and rulings, including a Supreme Court ruling concerning the definition of a single guarantor for the purpose of the Guarantees Law with a reference to the Securities Law, and a precedent concerning the calculation of interest on foreign currency. 

Dozens of Years of Proven Experience

The firm, that supports its clients in various aspects of civil-commercial, litigation, insolvency law (receiverships, liquidations and stay of proceeds), various collection areas and real-estate, has dozens of years as of proven experience. Owing to the extensive experience of the firm’s legal and managerial team and the professional excellence for which the firm is renowned, the firm gained extensive reputation in a variety of fields.
The firm represents commercial and mortgage banks, and specializes in a broad spectrum of banking topics in Israel, both from the legal aspects and from the collective and individual collection aspects.
The firm handles cases of very high debts as well as medium and low sums debts, and specializes in liquidations, stay of proceeds and receiverships laws, enforcement of mortgages and real-estate liens, company receiverships, stay of proceeds and enforcement of car liens, and the collection of checks and commercial papers, among others.

Practice Areas

Supporting Corporations and Commercial Companies
The firm represents leading banks throughout Israel, including in the Arab segment, and has expertise on banking issues both from the legal aspects and from the collective and individual collection aspects in the Execution Chamber. The firm represents seven commercial banks and four mortgage banks (of which three were merged with commercial banks).
The firm represents most of the aforementioned banks also in lawsuits that are filed against them, both in cases that were referred to the firm for collection and in independent claims.
The firm’s attorneys have dozens of years of experience in numerous banking topics, and represent banking institutes in claims that are filed against them.

Commercial Litigation and Claims
The firm has extensive experience, that has been accumulating for over 27 years, in all aspects of civil litigations.
The firm’s attorneys, who represent “recurring players” in the courts, banks, communication companies, construction and leasing companies, both as defendants and as plaintiffs, developed, over the years, expertise in general civil litigations in all of the required legal tribunals.
In addition, the firm’s attorneys have many years of cumulative experience in the representation of construction companies in various disputes between these companies and third parties, including sub-contractors, developers and residents, including in criminal proceedings that relate to migrant workers.

Facilitation of Debt Collection Proceedings
The firm specializes in debt collection for banks and commercial companies in the communication and leasing industries, and others. As aforementioned, the firm provides, in additional to banks, also commercial companies, including communication companies and leading credit card companies, from an extensive expertise and familiarity with the issue of communication collection.
The firm is connected directly to the Executions Chambers’ IT network and also uses a “smart card” (“Net HaMishpat”) to submit pleadings and follow court rulings in the various cases, thus also saving costs for the clients. The firm employs an extensive, skilled and experience administrative team, which specializes in collection and execution and is set to receive numerous collection cases through a computerized system that was built for speed, including individual and immediate reporting and monitoring.

Receiverships, Liquidations, Stay-of-Proceedings and Real-Estate
The firm’s attorneys have dozens of years of experience in handling receiverships, resulting from both general and specific liens (including encumbrances on commercial and industrial assets, lots, apartments and more) and in supporting bank clients, secured debtors and institutional clients, in liquidations and stay of proceeds of companies and corporations. Over the years, the firm’s attorneys gained extensive and diverse experience in the facilitation and management of such proceedings with all of the legal and commercial issues that arise in collective insolvency proceedings (liquidation, receiverships and stay of proceeds).
The firm also has a real-estate department that specializes in sales and purchasing of various real-estate assets, including the handling of various tax aspects of such transactions.

Adv. Jonathan Saunders, Founding Partner

The firm’s founder, Adv. Jonathan Saunders, has about 30 years of lawyering experience. He has been practicing commercial law, litigation and banking law from the beginning of his career and up until today. His many years of experience and his focus on his practice areas led to the in-depth knowledge he accumulated and his broad expertise, which serve as the basis for the firm’s achievements.
Adv. Saunders has extensive experience in civil-commercial litigation and management of claims before various tribunals, including representation of legal persons in arbitrations and mediations. In addition, he has extensive experience in receiverships, company liquidations and counselling companies in rehabilitation processes.

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