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Established: 2007
Line of Business: Law Firm
Address: 89 Medinat HaYehudim St., P.O.B 4026, Herzeliya Business Park, Bldg. E 9th floor, Herzeliya Pituach 4614001
Phone: 972-9-9500555
Fax: 972-9-9518666
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.kdlaw.co.il
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  • Einat Katzenell, Katzenell Dimant, Law Offices

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    Katzenell Dimant, Law Offices

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    Einat Katzenell
  • Ran Dimant, Katzenell Dimant, Law Offices

    Adv. Ran Dimant


    Katzenell Dimant, Law Offices

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    Ran Dimant
  • Neil Stowe, Katzenell Dimant, Law Offices

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    Katzenell Dimant, Law Offices

  • Eyal Sternberg, Katzenell Dimant, Law Offices

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    Katzenell Dimant, Law Offices

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About Katzenell Dimant, Law Offices

Katzenell Dimant is a multidisciplinary commercial and corporate law boutique, consistently ranked among Israel’s leading law firms for the scale and quality of our work.
Drawing on Katzenell Dimant’s excellent, dynamic and close-knit team of attorneys, we act on major international transactions, accommodate early stage startups as well as mature companies, lead IPOs, advise distressed corporations and represent clients on complex commercial disputes, all while maintaining our commitment to the highest level of professional competency and focused on getting the deal done.
With unique expertise and experience in hi-tech, capital markets and securities law, international transactions, infrastructure, corporate real estate, funds, corporate governance and finance, mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy, restructuring and commercial litigation, we offer clients a full range of legal services with an approach that is personal, attentive and responsive, both in Israel and in the United States through our prominent US practice. We have been ranked by numerous legal guides as a leading law firm, and have been described as our clients’ business partners, offering custom-made solutions to their various challenges that are equally efficient, professional and practical. The professional service is provided with a wide view of all of the client’s needs and a pragmatic and focused customization of the solutions to these needs and the characteristics of each client.

Practice Areas

Katzenell Dimant represents public companies (listed in Israel and abroad), private corporations, VCs and investment vehicles, technological incubators, investment banks and financial institutions, private investors and individual entrepreneurs.

Hi-Tech & Life Sciences

Katzenell Dimant is regarded as one of Israel’s leading law firms in the areas of hi-tech, life sciences and startups. The firm represents startups, inventors, entrepreneurs, mature companies, angels, VC funds and technological incubators, engaged in various fields including software, communications, medical devices, Internet startups, apps, energy and more. Our professional services to the various players in the hi-tech and life sciences ecosystem include all the issues related to the lifecycle of technologically oriented companies (private or public) – from incorporation and founders agreements, through financing and capital investments, mergers and acquisitions, labor law issues, IP and various commercial contracts, and up to corporate governance, and exits. Our firm also developed specialty in crowdfunding and represented clients in pioneering efforts to set the regulatory guidelines in this field. Our firm also developed a unique specialty in blockchain and cryptocurrency and represented clients in a wide range application of this technology.

Mergers and Acquisitions and Strategic Transactions

Our firm represents clients on a broad range of international and domestic mergers and acquisitions transactions, both for the buyer and for the target side, bringing to bear our rich multidisciplinary experience in corporate law, antitrust, securities law, labor law, etc. Over the years, the firm has amassed extensive experience advising on M&As, MBO’s, joint ventures and other strategic international transactions in numerous countries. Katzenell Dimant have lead negotiations and closed transactions in Israel, the U.S., Africa, Caribbean, Far East, and Europe (including Eastern Europe), valued anywhere from several million to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Securities Law and Capital Market

Katzenell Dimant has extensive activities in the representation of various capital markets players, including issuers of capital, debt and structured securities, investment houses and brokers. The firm represents public companies on all aspects of their ongoing legal issues, including all reporting and filing obligations. Katzenell Dimant is recognized as one of the leading law firms in Israel in the fields of capital markets and securities law. Our vibrant capital markets practice represents clients issuing equity, debt and structured securities in Israel and abroad, investment houses and other key players in the capital markets. It also has particular expertise in structured securities and ETFs and has acted in preparation of prospectuses and issuances for many years. The operations include representation of clients in hearings and proceedings before and maintaining constant contact with the Israel Securities Authority and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Ltd.

Corporate Law and Corporate Finance

Katzenell Dimant offers comprehensive and ongoing legal advice to corporations to address all regulatory aspects pertaining to corporate regulation and governance. We also act on behalf of clients with respect to financing activity and transactions, including private placements and public offerings, debt financing, structured financing, and crowdfunding. Our corporate law and corporate finance clients stem from various industry sectors such as technology, communications, media, entertainment, insurance, investment houses, brokers and financial institutions. Our firm also specializes in setting up and managing cross boarder corporate structures for investing in real estate in the US, Europe and India.

Commercial Law

Katzenell Dimant provides ongoing advice on a broad range of commercial issues related to our clients’ routine activities and on commercializing their technology and products. In this respect, we are involved in drafting agreements and conducting negotiations towards international or domestic commercial agreements, over a wide range of industries and sectors. We also have vast experience in representing clients on public tenders in respect of infrastructure projects in third world countries, including in such projects funded by the world bank. In addition, Katzenell Dimant is considered among the leading law firms in Israel in the areas of online and mobile gaming, e-commerce, online payment, and forex. Our attorneys act as principal counsel for an international group of companies, which is one of the largest conglomerates in these areas and includes several public companies traded on the London Stock Exchange and on the AIM. We have also developed unique expertise in alternative funding options available to early stage companies, for example through the Israel Innovation Authority (formerly the Office of the Chief Scientist). Our firm also specializes in representing venture capital, private equity, hedge and real estate funds both in forming such funds, their ongoing operation and making investments.

Commercial and Corporate Litigation

The firm’s litigation and dispute resolution team represent our clients before all instances of court and dispute resolution tribunals, from the Magistrates Court all the way up to the Supreme Court of Israel, including the Labor Courts. In our litigation practice, we focus on commercial and corporate disputes, which for the most part revolve around complex and precedential issues involving technology, securities, corporate governance, insolvency, and labor law.

Insolvency and Corporate Recovery

Katzenell Dimant has unique experience and knowledge in handling financially distressed companies, acting for clients in instances of corporate recovery and debt restructuring, as well as in instances of liquidation and receivership. The services in this practice include formulizing recovery plans and creditor arrangements, as well as administration of companies under a stay of proceeding orders.

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