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Established: 2009
Line of Business: Criminal law firm
Address: 7 Menachem Begin Rd., Giborei Sport House, 12th Floor, Ramat Gan
Phone: 972-52-4040052
Fax: 972-3-5710500
Email: [email protected]
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    Kobi Ben Shaya- Law Office

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About Kobi Ben Shaya- Law Office

Kobi Ben Shaya Law Office was established in 2009, quickly became one of the top law firms, and is considered one of the country’s leading criminal law firms. Over the years, the firm represented defendants in many high-profile cases, which were widely covered by media channels. The firm specializes in all aspects of criminal law: murder, drugs, deceit, financial offences, negligence, domestic violence, sexual crimes, representation of public figures, representation in arrest procedures, money laundering, serious crimes, representation in cyber offences, representation in military court, as well as pertaining to international law and extradition. The firm was established with the belief that every person deserves a legal defense, even if they sinned, and that according to this principle, the right to represent any suspect is fundamental.

Adv. Kobi Ben Shaya – Excellence all the Way

Kobi was born in Ashdod and was considered a Talmud prodigy, even as a boy at the high yeshiva in Jerusalem’s Muslim quarter, but later chose a different path. After completing his military service, he graduated law school with honors, as he did the internship at the state attorney’s office. During his studies, he was involved in social activities and served as the representative at the students’ union. After his internship, he joined Sasi Gez’s firm, where he worked for 6 years. He was also involved in political activities and served as one of the founders of “Yachad” movement, which was chosen as part of Ashdod’s City Council. Shortly after joining a new workplace, his professional aspect, his excellence, and ambition were always his trademark. Whether at the state attorney’s office or Sasi Gez’s firm, after a short while he already managed large-scale cases by himself, a substantial number of which ended in acquittals. Adv. Ben Shaya currently appears as a commentator regarding the criminal field on television and radio shows. He writes and publishes articles in magazines and websites, serves as a guest lecturer in academic institutes, served as the chairperson for the Prison Committee of the Israel Bar Association, Center District, and currently serves as the V.Chair of the IBA’s National Criminal Forum. In 2014, he was chosen by channel 10 news and nana10 website as one of Israel’s most influential serious crimes attorneys.


The firm provides its clients with legal guidance, starting with regular pre-investigation consultation, guidance in arrest procedures and managing the case in court. The firm represents in all legal courts in administrative tribunals, parole committees, disciplinary court and military court, in all its different tribunals. In addition, the firm deals with plea bargains and requests, to annul criminal registration and case closing in hearing procedures. Among the firm’s clients are many public figures from all social strides, white-collar offenders, lawyers, doctors, youth, soldiers, senior business people, rabbis and first-time offenders. Adv. Ben Shaya’s vast knowledge and experience in a wide array of cases and incidents, enables the firm to decide the best procedures to defend each client.

Cases in which the firm represented in criminal matters

• Representing a Ministry of Education official (2021).
• Representation in the sting affair of the elderly through a telemarketing company (2021).
• Representation of offenders in the network that operated several drug laboratories affair (2021).
• Representation of the assailants on the grounds of not wearing a mask in Tel Aviv (2021).
• Representing the attackers of “Kan 11” reporter (2021).
• Representation in the Ashdod Gang War Affair (2021).
• Representation in the murder attempt in Or Yehuda case (2021).
• Representation in the affair of the rabbi impersonating a matchmaker (2021).
• Representing the defendant of setting fire to Carmel Meuda’s home (2020).
• Representation of the Kabbalist charged with threatening Haim Etgar (2020).
• Representation of yeshiva students who were arrested and were released without a survey - precedential ruling (2020).
• Representation of the soldier in the shooting incident at the Mahane Yehuda market, which ended with an unusual punishment of Shalatz (2020).
• Representation in the largest forgery laboratory case in Israel (2019).
• A plea bargain for a defendant on rape charges in Tel Aviv’s Central Station (2019).
• Representation of Jacob Felician in a drug scandal in Jerusalem (2019-2020).
• Representation in the case of laying explosive charges against IPS personnel (2019).
• Representation in the bribery case of the Tel Aviv branch manager (2019).
• Representing a young man who set fire to his family’s home in Ariel (2019).
• Representation of a man caught with 70 kg of cannabis - released to house arrest (2018).
• Representation of an indictment of a 15-year-old rape victim that ended with service work (2018).
• Representing a person who killed his brother with a lighter sentence of nine years in prison (2018).
• Representation of Mr. Israel in Taxation and Money Laundering (2018)
• Representation of the International Boxer The Cage Fighter in the Case of an Unsuccessful Assault Event (2018).
• Representation of the leader of the soccer fans organization “La Familia” (2018).
• Representing an Orthodox youth who imported thousands of drug seeds that ended with leniency (2018).
• Representation in the murder case in a criminal appeal pending in the Supreme Court (2018).
• Representation of the Rabbi Saul Elkariv who was suspected of throwing a hand grenade and released without indictment (2017).
• Representation of the driver from Jerusalem who was beaten by a Special Patrol Unit policeman (2017).
• Representation in the affair of 600 “pen” guns that were seized (Precedent-setting indictment) (2017).
• Representation of the truck driver in the event in Ashqelon, in negligent manslaughter (2017).
• Representation in the extradition case of a French citizen who escaped to Israel following a manslaughter indictment (2017).
• Representation of executives in the 512 case (2017).
• Representation in the Ramat HaSharon spousal murder case (2016).


The precedent “sentencing via video conference at a military court” which states the first time that even when a military matter is at hand, it is possible to sentence defendants, even if they are abroad, like in criminal proceedings. The soldier in question was in South America during a trip at the time of his trial. The military prosecution claimed that it’s not possible to sentence him without his presence in court, yet the three judges’ court accepted the military advocate’s claims, Adv. Kobi Ben Shaya, that it can be done using Skype visual conferencing, and sentenced the soldier without his presence in court.

Vision, Perception, Belief, and Insistence

Kobi Ben Shaya law firm regards every case as if it was its first and last case. The firm believes that everything should be done for the client in order to achieve the best possible outcome for them while being honest with them at all times, even when the truth is hard to hear. Every client is perceived as a family member, for whom everything is done, fighting for them day and night. The choice of serving as a criminal lawyer stems from Adv. Kobi Ben Shaya’s perception that harsh punishment will not solve or reduce crime. It is rather the education, which will make the difference.

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