Levy-Ettinger, Nakdimon & Co., Attorneys-at-Law & Notary

Labor Law, Equal Opportunities and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, Civil-Commercial Law, Real Estate Law, Wills and Inheritance, Mediations and Arbitrations

Levy-Ettinger, Nakdimon & Co., Attorneys-at-Law & Notary
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Line of Business: Labor Law, Equal Opportunities and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, Civil-Commercial Law, Real Estate Law, Wills and Inheritance, Mediations and Arbitrations
Address: 3 Golda Mehir St., Park HaMada, Ness Ziona
Phone: 972-8-9477094
Fax: 972-8-9477095
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.lelaw.co.il
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  • Aviad  Ettinger, Levy-Ettinger, Nakdimon & Co., Attorneys-at-Law & Notary

    Adv. Aviad Ettinger


    Levy-Ettinger, Nakdimon & Co., Attorneys-at-Law & Notary

  • Shir-el Nakdimon, Levy-Ettinger, Nakdimon & Co., Attorneys-at-Law & Notary

    Adv. Shir-el Nakdimon


    Levy-Ettinger, Nakdimon & Co., Attorneys-at-Law & Notary

  • Ohad Feiler, Levy-Ettinger, Nakdimon & Co., Attorneys-at-Law & Notary

    Adv. Ohad Feiler


    Levy-Ettinger, Nakdimon & Co., Attorneys-at-Law & Notary

  • Sofia Liel Simon, Levy-Ettinger, Nakdimon & Co., Attorneys-at-Law & Notary

    Sofia Liel Simon


    Levy-Ettinger, Nakdimon & Co., Attorneys-at-Law & Notary

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About Levy-Ettinger, Nakdimon & Co., Attorneys-at-Law & Notary

Levy-Ettinger, Nakdimon & Co. (LEN) specializes in labor law, and is considered to be one of Israel’s leading firms in matters relating to employment discrimination and prevention of workplace sexual harassment. LEN leads these fields both in its social activity and in activist work to change the current situation in the Israeli society. This practice includes representation of clients in litigation cases and reaching precedential achievements, accompanying employers and organizations in creating a safe work environment without sexual harassments, and lecturing and organizing seminars and conventions, which emphasize the educational-preventive aspect.

Premium-Level Legal Services

LEN was established in 2014 from the merger of two firms - Levy-Ettinger, founded in 2003, and Nakdimon, founded in 2004. Located in Park HaMada in Ness Ziona, at the heart of a business center, its founders champion the mission of providing comprehensive legal services of the highest professional level, with personal, efficient service. The firm also provides legal services in the fields of civil-commercial law, real estate, wills and inheritances, mediations and arbitrations. The firm has three partners, a team of associates and an administration and finance team. In its labor law practice, the firm provides comprehensive services to companies and individuals in matters of gender and discrimination, prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace. LEN’s commercial department specializes in real estate law and provides comprehensive assistance to entrepreneurs, contractors, purchasing groups, asset-swap (“combination”) transactions and private clients. The team works from a social agenda and promote the values of gender equality, aiming to create an egalitarian workplace. As a result, the firm’s work contributes significantly to a change towards equality in the Israeli society. Another guiding value is the family value, and the firm greatly emphasizes the balance between its team’s personal life and professional life. Over the years, the firm recorded legal precedents in the field of workplace equality, some of which became binding practices, including the Orit Goren Bagatz concerning equal pay to men and women and the Sharona Arbiv ruling, which determined that an employee isn’t obligated to declare her pregnancy during a job interview. The firm has vast experience and works extensively regarding the prevention of sexual harassment, led by Adv. Nakdimon, who has been accompanying for years supervisors of enforcement of the Sexual Harassment Prevention Law (SHPL) in workplaces and academic institutes, and provides them with ongoing counsel, both in guiding them on how to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace and the campuses, and in accompanying them when a sexual harassment or aggravation event occurs and conducting the investigation proceeding in accordance with the law. Adv. Nakdimon has also been serving, for many years, as an external supervisor/examiner (permanent or temporary) in accordance with the SHPL, who carries out preventive actions within the organization, as well as investigation proceedings for sexual harassment cases that occurred in a workplace, among others, in cases where the in-house supervisor is prevented from conducting the investigation personally. In such cases, Adv. Nakdimon conducts the investigation proceedings with customization to the workplace and its unique requirements - all according to the circumstances.

The Partners

Adv. Shir-el Nakdimon, Managing Partner - Shir-el is the firm’s managing partner. She specializes in labor law, with an emphasis on sexual harassment, and gender, and discrimination. She is considered to be one of Israel’s leading attorneys in the field of women’s rights, sexual harassment, gender and discrimination, including in discrimination due to pregnancy, age, parenting, fertility treatments, military reserves service, gender, sexual orientation, disability, etc. In addition, she manages litigation cases in the labor tribunals across Israel, in every aspect of labor law, represents in pre-termination hearings, represents employees before the Ministry of Employment’s Supervisor of Women Employment Law, in application for terminations approval and in mediations. She accompanies many employers in creating a better, more respecting work environment, one that is safe from sexual harassments, harassing and workplace bullying. She serves as an external supervisor and a member of a team for the prevention of assaults and sexual harassments in closed communities, such as Kibbutz. Adv. Nakdimon lectures regarding the prevention of sexual harassment at work and trains supervisors who oversee the law, in various organizations, throughout the country, and lectures in private companies, public companies, local authorities, academia, help centers, Kibbutz, the Israeli Bar Association, the Association for Labor Law, and more. Further-more, she provides legal counsel to companies and individuals in senior positions, including drafting employment contracts and agreements, and accompanies and counsels SMEs on all aspects of employment, from drafting employment agreements, through the ongoing legal counsel throughout the employment period, and up to employment termination proceedings, including close guidance on the legal requirements and an emphasis on the optimal management of labor relations. Shir-el holds an LL.B. (1998) from Manchester University in Israel - Kiryat Ono Campus. She was admitted to the Israeli Bar in 2000.

Adv. and Mediator Aviad Ettinger, Founding Partner - Aviad founded the firm in 2003 together with the Late Adv. Odelia Levy Ettinger. He serves as a mediator and an arbitrator in the practice areas of civil law, real estate, labor and family laws, and often counsels and litigates, including court appearances and representation of companies and employees in commercial matters, labor law and real estate. He has experience in managing real estate transactions and construction projects from the land acquisition stages up to the apartments’ sale, and he represents contractors, developers and private clients. Aviad holds an LL.B. from Tel Aviv University and he’s a member of the Israeli Bar since 1995. Adv. Ettinger also initiated and leads the “Revadim” project for supporting women with cancer, in memory of his late wife, Adv. Odelia Levy-Ettinger.

Adv. Notary and Mediator Ohad Feiler, Partner - Ohad has been working in the firm since 2010 and was made partner in 2019. He has vast experience in real estate and lands law and in the framework of his work he accompanies developers, contractors and private clients. Among others, he specializes in accompanying combination transactions and purchasing groups, from the negotiation’s stages, through agreement drafting and up to registration and representation before the relevant authorities. He also counsels and litigates in the civil-commercial law practice area. Ohad is a member of the Israel Bar Association’s national Settlement and ILA (Israel Lands Authority) Committee. Ohad holds an LL.B. and a B.A., Business Administration from the Academic Program of the College of Management. He was admitted to the Israeli Bar in 2008.

Community Outreach

LEN’s lawyers see themselves as social lawyers. Considering this approach, the firm works pro bono for the community. Among other, the firm volunteers to support NGOs, including the Israel Women’s Network, The Women’s Courtyard - A feminine, multicultural, protective and empowering space for women and girls in risk and distress situations, The Galilee Golan Sexual Assault Victims Support Center, the Rishon LeZion Municipal Women Rights Center, and more. The firm also provides legal services to the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission.

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