Dorit Levy Tyller from Levy Tyller, Nardia, Har-Zvi, Braz & Co.
Dorit Levy Tyller מחברת Levy Tyller, Nardia, Har-Zvi, Braz & Co.

Dorit Levy Tyller

Founding Partner

Levy Tyller, Nardia, Har-Zvi, Braz & Co.
Insolvency: Receivership, Corporate Liquidation, Stay-of-Proceedings, Corporate Recovery, Debt Arrangements and Bankruptcies. Real Estate: Urban Renewal, Evacuation and Reconstruction, NOP 38, Acquisition Groups, Commercial and Private Transactions, Civil and Commercial Litigation, Estate Management. Litigation and Banking: Monetary and Contractual Claims, Business Disputes, Financial Agreements.
Year of Birth: 1955
Email: [email protected]
Fields: Insolvency; Creditors' Settlements & Bankruptcies; Corporate Rehabilitation; Commercial Law; Real Estate & Administration of estates.
Position: Founding Partner
Seniority in position: 35 years
Public positions: Member, Liquidations & Receiverships Committee, Israel Bar Association. 
Education: LL.M., specializing in Commercial Law, Bar Ilan University; LL.B., Tel Aviv University (80).
Member in: Israel Bar (82).
Community Activity: Lecturer in professional forums and conferences in the areas of banking, insolvency and real estate; Founder, Chairman for many years and an active member, The Israeli Association for Gaucher Committee; A volunteer in Eran association.