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Established: 2003
Line of Business: Family and Inheritance Law
Address: 7 Masada St., 4 BSR Tower, Bnei Brak
Phone: 972-3-6031005
Fax: 972-77-5106502
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    Maggi Halperin
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About Maggi Halperin, Law Offices

Maggi Halperin, Law Offices is a leading family and inheritance law firm, headed by Adv. Maggi Halperin who has acquired extensive experience in handling complex divorce disputes, large estate disputes, pre-marital agreements, paternity, divorce, property settlements, child custody and visitation, child support and alimony award, mediation as well as family and wills and inheritance conflict resolution. The firm remains abreast of all of the latest developments in its practice area and strives to maintain its standards as a leading and highly proffesional firm.

Adv. Halperin is a certified mediator and combines her rich life experience, comprehensive legal knowledge and high interpersonal skills in order to navigate between law requirements and current rulings on the one hand and the special considerations for the families and individuals involved, in order to achieve an optimal result and reach a prompt and efficient resolution.

Adv. Halperin believes in a sensible solution and always aims to reach a beneficial compromise, but when necessary she doesn’t hesitate to take the battle to court to secure her clients’ goals and rights.

Adv. Halperin is highly skilled in crisis management, negotiations, strategy outlining and handling of the inevitable practice-related pressures and emotions.

Adv. Halperin is active in the Israeli Bar Association’s Family and Inheritance Law Committee, and lectures in various forums on topics that concern divorce, wills and inheritance matters.

The firm handles a wide variety of clients, domestic and foreign, who require assistance in matters concerning divorce, marriage dissolution and inheritance in Israel.

Customized Professional Service

Each case is handled professionally and meticulously, and an optimal solution is tailored according to its circumstances, the character of the client and the counterparty, and other additional relevant considerations (the benefit of involved minors, etc.).

The service to the clients is adjusted to their particular needs, and is always personal and continuous. It includes, in addition to the necessary proceedings, ongoing counsel regarding the various topics and situations that arise during the case.

A combination of determination and efficient and comprehensive case-management with the ability to separate the wheat from the chaff creates the difference between an exhausting and energy- and money-draining experience and an efficient, quick and to-the-point proceeding.

The firm offers its clients Adv. Halperin’s force of personality in combination with her legal capabilities, in order to achieve these goals. 

Practice Areas

Division of Property

Adv. Halperin is committed to the professional and personal fulfillment of her clients’ rights including division of property including residence, holdings in companies and corporations, future earning capability, funds, pensions and savings, etc.

Preparation and Drafting of Wills

Adv. Halperin is an expert on wills, inheritance and estate law, and has in-depth and comprehensive knowledge and an extensive and diverse experience in drafting and preparing all types of wills. The emphases in the preparation of wills are on preparation and drafting the will in a manner that would survive future objections and a clear and unambiguous clarification of the testator’s intention. In this framework Adv. Halperin also assists in drafting complex wills that including survivorship deferrals clauses and mechanisms concerning the estate’s asset distribution manner and timing.

Will Enforcement / Inheritance Order

Adv. Halperin specializes in wills and inheritance law, applications for and objections to will enforcement and inheritance orders, from legal counsel up to professional litigation and appearances before all court levels, on the basis of her extensive experience and in-depth and through proficiency in the nuances of wills and inheritance law in Israel.

Alimony and Child Support

Adv. Halperin is highly experienced in alimony and child support laws and rules. The firm provides a broad spectrum of legal services, from negotiations and mediations to representation in the rabbinical courts and the family courts.

Custody and Visiting Arrangements

It is preferred to facilitate the custody and visiting arrangements in the framework of a mediation procedure where parents reach a mutual agreement with joint decisions concerning the custody and visiting arrangements. Adv. Halperin directs the process towards an agreed procedure that would restore the trust between the parents and provide them with an invaluable opportunity to make smart and effective parenting decisions, with as little as possible intervention of third parties, in order to minimize the impact of the parents’ separation on the children.

Where no agreed-upon arrangement can be reached, Adv. Halperin is experienced in managing legal proceedings in the relevant tribunals in order to fulfill her clients’ rights, but this is also done without using the children as weapons in the struggle between their parents.


Adv. Halperin is a certified mediator who makes use of her extensive life experience in the work towards a quick, just, balanced and efficient resolution of the conflict.

The firm focuses on the benefit of its clients with uncompromising professionalism, and is committed to evaluate all of the claim’s main parameters and issues (division of property, custody and visiting arrangements, residence, child support, etc.), identify and mark the client’s critical interests, formulate a divorce strategy and effective tools for protecting these interests, to be used at the right at the right time, and to select the appropriate judicial tribunal for the proceeding. The firm provides close support and counsel throughout the entire way with care to maintain discreetness and reliability, personal contact, and unyielding protection of the client’s rights, with the aim of reaching an optimal solution.

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