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Line of Business: Real Estate and Local Authorities
Address: 7 Begin St., Beit Gibor Sport, Ramat Gan
Phone: 972-3-6114211
Fax: 972-3-6114220
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  • Roy  Makov, Makov, Nof, Huberman & Co.

    Roy Makov

    Founding Partner

    Makov, Nof, Huberman & Co.

  • Ehud  Nof, Makov, Nof, Huberman & Co.

    Ehud Nof

    Founding Partner

    Makov, Nof, Huberman & Co.

  • Moshe  Huberman, Makov, Nof, Huberman & Co.

    Moshe Huberman

    Founding Partner

    Makov, Nof, Huberman & Co.


    Keren Kedmi
    Meital Shahar Braun
    Dror Rozenblum
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About Makov, Nof, Huberman & Co.

Makov, Nof, Huberman & Co. is a leading law firm in the field of real estate and local authorities. The firm is headed by veteran partners Roy Makov, Ehud Nof and Moshe Huberman, each of whom has more than 33 years of experience. Addtional partners are Adv. Meital Braun and Dror Rozenblum, who worked at the firm for many years. The firm has a staff of 28, of whom 16 are lawyers and two are interns.

The firm provides counsel for some of the largest real estate projects in Israel, represents leading entrepreneurs and contractors, and handles complex sales transactions involving purchasing groups, combination deals, and all types of urban renewal projects. 

Practice Areas

The firm’s activities embrace all aspects of real estate, bank financing and financial guidance of real estate projects, as well as planning and tax issues related to all types of real estate transactions. The projects handled by the firm are estimated at several NIS billions. The firm also manages high-yield commercial properties, drafts complex rental contracts, handles rezoning and property betterment, and dissolves partnerships for contractors and entrepreneurs. In its various forms, the firm has amassed an aggregate experience of over five decades counseling real estate transactions. Over the years the firm has served a wide range of clients: entrepreneurs, companies, contractors, real estate funds, investors, financial institutions and private clients, providing counsel for residential, commercial and industrial projects as well as for the unique niche of assisted living projects.

Each case is handled by one of the firm’s three senior partners together with a team of lawyers and professional experts. The firm is scrupulous about providing personal, high-quality service, guiding the clients throughout the project’s lifetime and assisting them with every stage of the process. Most of the firm’s lawyers have many years of experience, having started off as interns at the firm and accruing experience ever since. The firm’s professional team also includes experts in complex registrations, such as registering joint homes, parcellation, mortgages and complicated deals. This team provides support and assistance for the lawyers in the completion and registration of the transactions.

The firm boasts an excellent reputation and extensive experience, and its clients enjoy personal attention, high-quality service, and expertise and knowledge that impart unique added value and enable the tailoring of the transaction to the client’s needs.

Main Areas of Expertise

Legal Counsel for Contractors and Entrepreneurs
The firm provides legal counsel to Israeli contractors and entrepreneurs, handling the construction of important projects all over Israel. The firm handles the sale of thousands of apartments.

Purchase Groups
The firm is a groundbreaker and pioneer in this field and is considered one of its leaders. In the past 20 years, it handled numerous of sq.m of residential, office and commercial spaces that were built using purchase groups. The firm was involved with the regulatory procedures related to purchasing groups and took an active part in their regulation. The BSR Group uses MNH as its main law firm and relies on the firm for the Group’s projects.

Urban Renewal
Transforming the Israeli real-estate market, the urban renewal field is of great importance to the firm. It represents apartment owners who seek legal services when assessing various options, as well as leading entrepreneurs involved in urban renewal deals. The firm is a pioneer in this field and is counseling projects which combine urban renewal with purchasing groups.

Combination & Compensation Deals
The firm handles many combination deals, including those which include both combination and sales deals. The firm knows how to provide each client with a tailor-made deal that suits him best and is the most profitable.

Bank Financing & Project Guidance
The firm works with the legal departments of all the leading Israeli banks and tailors complex guidance agreements. The firm specializes in financing combination deals in general, and purchasing groups in particular, and is an expert in these fields.

Non-Bank Financing
In recent years, the firm started representing prominent entities that provide real estate projects with non-bank financing.

Planning & Construction and Local Authorities
MNH includes lawyers who are experts in dealing with local authorities and who provide legal counsel to leading local authorities. In this context, the firm handles city building plans and represents clients when dealing with the various planning committees. Moreover, the firm examines and verifies all the required taxes and fees.

Real-Estate Taxation
MNH handles tax assessments for real estate transactions and represents clients vis-à-vis the real estate tax authorities. The firm is experienced in representing clients dealing with real estate tax authorities, submitting tax assessments and appeals, and representing them in the appeals committees.

Agreements for Forming and Dissolving Property Partnerships
MNH specializes in drafting partnership agreements and claims for dissolving partnerships related to real estate transactions and represents entrepreneurs and contractors when dissolving partnerships in plots for high-density building.

Assisted Living Projects
The firm has considerable expertise with assisted living projects, representing homeowners and entrepreneurs and handling the legal issues. The firm handled the construction of senior citizen homes and has provided legal representation related to their management.

Asset Management
The firm handles the management of buildings and commercial centers throughout Israel, specializing in foreign clients who own buildings and property in Israel. Managing buildings entails drafting rental contracts, collecting rent, building maintenance, bookkeeping, etc.

Mediation & Arbitration
The firm’s partners frequently serve as mediators and arbitrators in real estate-related disputes.

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