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Divorce Case Management, Litigation, Mediation, Financing and Divorce Agreements, Parenting Agreements, Common Law Spouses, Property, Spousal Support, Custody, Child Abduction, Wills and Inheritance

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Established: 2006
Line of Business: Divorce Case Management, Litigation, Mediation, Financing and Divorce Agreements, Parenting Agreements, Common Law Spouses, Property, Spousal Support, Custody, Child Abduction, Wills and Inheritance
Address: 20 Lincoln St. Tel Aviv 67134
Phone: 972-3-6246224
Fax: 972-3-6246228
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  • Matat Plesner, Matat Plesner Law Firm

    Matat Plesner

    Firm Owner & Founder, Adv. and Mediator

    Matat Plesner Law Firm

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    Matat Plesner
  • Rinat  Solimany, Matat Plesner Law Firm

    Rinat Solimany


    Matat Plesner Law Firm

  • Coral Shviro Norman, Matat Plesner Law Firm

    Coral Shviro Norman


    Matat Plesner Law Firm

  • Karin Freeman, Matat Plesner Law Firm

    Karin Freeman


    Matat Plesner Law Firm

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About Matat Plesner Law Firm

Matat Plesner – Law Firm is one of Israel’s leading boutique firms in family law, mediation, and divorce. The firm’s team provides clients with a package of solutions that include cases conducted in different courts, and mediation proceedings as part of negotiations for an agreement. The firm’s clients enjoy reliable, discreet and effective service adapted to the personal needs of each client. The firm’s uniqueness is in its high service awareness, broad professional knowledge, and experience in conducting elaborate cases. The firm was founded in 2006 by Matat Plesner, member of the Israel Bar Association since 1999. Adv. Plesner is a experienced lawyer with proven experience who has obtained many legal achievements and successes in the firm’s practice. Plesner has major experience in building strategies and tactics in cases that she manages. She is also an authorized mediator and conducts family and divorce mediation cases and has major experience in managing negotiations. Plesner has a high rate of success in settling disputes through complex mediation proceedings. In 2018, the firm won a number of precedent-setting precedents in the Family Court. The firm specializes in managing cases and representation in family affairs courts and rabbinical courts and other tribunals. Representation includes planning strategies without compromise, to obtain clients’ targets to maximum effect. The firm provides clients with personal and warm attention and conducts itself with maximum sensitivity. In managing cases, the firm’s staff are assisted by experts while mapping future scenarios and systematic thinking to fit the client’s needs. The firm’s uniqueness is its uncompromising professionalism, determination, and constantly aspiring to excellence, and its values and creativity.

Client Base

The firm’s clients include foreign and local businessmen and high-tech personnel, intelligence personnel, doctors, engineers, economists, capital-market professionals, CPAs, psychologists, lawyers, pedagogues, journalists, celebrities and more who have full confidence in the firm’s staff and enjoy professional and worthy representation.

Contribution to the Community

At any time, the firm’s staff conducts at least one pro bono case, seeing this as a substantial and important contribution to the community, recognizing this endeavor as a significant part of routine activities.

Adv. Matat Plesner

Matat Plesner is a graduate in Law and Administration, Tel Aviv University. She has been a member of the Israel Bar since 1999 and an authorized mediator since 2005. In the past Matat Plesner worked as a volunteer for 5 years for the National Council for the Child. She has taught at Harvard University where she was awarded a certificate for excellence in instruction. Matat Plesner was a member of the Ethics Committee of the Israel Bar Tel Aviv District. In 2014 Adv. Plesner established “Harmonia – a home for mediation” a divorce mediation center. Adv. Plesner is a member of the National Forum for the family law of the Israel Bar. Adv. Plesner is a senior and sought-after lecturer in family law and mediation.

Practice Areas

Representation in the Family Affairs Court - The firm has major experience in representing complex cases in family affairs court including the overall range of family law, resulting in impressive achievements and obtaining clients’ goals, Including groundbreaking judgments.

Representation in the Rabbinical Court - The firm has major experience in managing cases in the rabbinical court and Rabbinical High Court.

Mediation - The firm’s staff is proud of its achievements in mediation. The firm has proven experience in its ability to reach optimal agreements for clients through the assistance of creative and innovative thinking.

Property Cases - The firm has outstanding expertise in administrating highly financed and complex property cases at courts. The firm also handles cases of property smuggles in Israel and overseas while getting assistance from private investigators, actuary and financial consultants.

Prenuptial and Divorce Agreements - Thanks to its human and professional approach, the firm’s staff has been chosen to lead complex negotiation proceedings between married or common-law couples, to the full satisfaction of the parties.

Parenting Agreements - The firm has major experience in drawing up a range of parental agreements including same-sex parenting agreements.

Same-sex Couple Agreements - The firm specializes in preparing prenuptial agreements, parenting agreements, and separation agreements for same-sex couples.

Common Law Spouses - The firm has major experience in managing child support cases, custody cases and property of common law spouses in the courts and as part of conducting negotiations and reaching settlements outside the courts. In 2009, the firm won a ruling with significant achievements in this field.

Spousal Support Cases - Over the years, the firm has handled an enormous number of child and women support cases with great success in both the civil and rabbinical courts. The firm won the first ruling of its kind in Israel in the field of child support (Family Court in Petah Tikva, Judge Oved Elias).

Custody Cases - Custody cases are especially sensitive cases in the field of family law. The firm handles many custody cases including paternal and joint custody suits while reaching major achievements, Including custody transfer.

Child Abduction - The firm has experience in managing international kidnapping cases, in which the firm’s staff is recruited for quick, accurate, sensitive and professional treatment, which leads to success. In 2010, the firm conducted a publicized kidnapping case, in which proceedings were held in 3 different courts - Including significant success in 2 appeals procedures in the District Court and in the Supreme Court.

Wills and Inheritance - The firm also deals with preparing wills and managing inheritance cases.


• Articles published on the “PsakDin” site: Approving Partnership Agreements Between Same-Sex Couples” and “The Authorizations Race” (2001).

• Many appearances in the media, television and newspaper publications.

Precedential ruling

• Winning the first judgment of its kind in Israel in the area of child support - a groundbreaking ruling that ruled that Rule 919/15 constitutes a change in circumstances and will apply to closed files.

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  • What is the connection between divorce and circumcision?

    What is the connection between divorce and circumcision?

    A divorce case currently being conducted in various courts raises questions about the authority of the Rabbinical Court to deal with subjects that are not bound by their very nature to the divorce suit. Does the Rabbinical Court have the authority to compel a Jewish citizen in Israel to circumcise his son against his will? How far will the Rabbinical Court expand its authority?

    What is the connection between divorce and circumcision?

  • Surrogacy Law for Same-Sex Couples

    Surrogacy Law for Same-Sex Couples

    A welcome initiative by Minister of Health Yael German has led to the approval of the Amendment to the Law for the Agreement to Carry Embryos, known as the "Surrogacy Law".

    Surrogacy Law for Same-Sex Couples

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