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Divorce, Family law, Wills and Inheritance

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Established: 2002
Line of Business: Divorce, Family law, Wills and Inheritance
Address: 18 Raul Wallenberg St., CU Complex Tower C, Ramat HaHayal, Tel Aviv.
Phone: 972-54-4705733
Fax: 972-3-6161913
Email: [email protected]
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  • Maya Rotenberg, Maya Rotenberg Law Office

    Maya Rotenberg

    Lawyer and Owner

    Maya Rotenberg Law Office

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About Maya Rotenberg Law Office

Rotenberg Law Office is a leading Divorce,  family and inheritance law firm which handles divorce agreements, division of properties, custody, joint custody, visitations, alimony and child support, marital agreements, preparation of wills, and family mediations, among other issues.

The Most Important Family Law Precedent in Recent Years, SFA 919/15.

In July 2017, The firm’s founder and owner, Adv. Maya Rotenberg set the most important family law legal precedent in recent years. This precedent was included in the Supreme Court’s verdict on Supreme Family Appeal 919/15 and it affects nowadays almost every divorce case in the family or rabbinical courts. The precedent set a new child support rule as undermentioned.

Over the years, the Tel Aviv-based firm became an authority for family law in general and child support and custody in particular.

In addition, the firm specializes in family capital management, including the protection of family assets, managing financial family disputes, drafting family constitutions/covenants, mediations and dispute settlement in businesses, managing family companies and advisory on trusts and taxation processes.

A Multilingual Team and A Battery of First-Class Advisors

The firm’s team includes five experienced lawyers with extensive knowledge and experience in representing clients before the various courts. Furthermore, A list of first-class professionals and experts are at the firm’s disposal, including private investigators, psychologists, tax advisors, real estate appraisers and aptitude testers. The firm’s team is multilingual and handles a wide variety of cases, including cases that involve international private law issues and foreign clients, for example in cases that involve inheritance and estates abroad and in child abduction cases. In this framework, the firm cooperates with local law firms in the relevant countries.

Leading the SFA 919/15 Revolution in Family Law

Over the years, Adv. Rotenberg became renowned as a first-class professional who fights for her clients and justice, and a sharp litigator who can handle complex divorce cases that may seem unsolvable, and achieve the best results for her clients.

One of the prominent examples of this is her success in reaching a legal precedent in 2017 (Supreme Family Appeal 919/15) where the Supreme Court, which discussed the appeal in an extended 7-judge panel, determined that a father in a joint custody case would not automatically pay child support to his ex-wife as was the custom in Hebrew Law for many years, rather that the child support sums would be determined relatively to both parents’ salaries, the visiting arrangements and the child’s needs. This 2017 ruling serves as a significant pillar in the family law realm and is quoted in most of divorce rulings. Adv. Rotenberg managed to achieve joint custody terms for fathers in numerous other cases, including extreme situations. Adv. Rotenberg is highly successful also in representing women – for example, one of her clients received higher-than-accepted alimony in the rabbinical court, including her Ktuba sum.

Client Service as A Strategic Value of the Firm

The firm aspires to provide its clients with services at the highest standards, while prioritizing their needs, constructing an appropriate strategy and with availability and a fast and professional response at any time. Beyond its high service-orientation and extensive knowledge, the firm is characterized by its thorough work in every case it handles, and in its impressive litigation and cross-examination abilities in complex divorce cases, and family law matters.

Over the years, these pillars turned the firm into one of the leaders of its practice area.

Adv. Maya Rotenberg

Adv. Maya Rotenberg Specializes in divorce, has an LL.B., and before founding the firm, she accumulated years of experience as an associate in some of Israel’s largest family law firms. After gaining extensive experience and in-depth understanding of the field, while managing substantial cases, she decided to establish her own practice, a natural outcome of the considerable and consistent growth in her clientele. Alongside her legal practice, she served as a TA in family law courses and volunteered in a battered women’s shelter. Inter alia, she represented the father and led the aforementioned revolution family law revolution concerning child support, and she is also a popular guest in media interviews.

Leading Divorce Mediator

Adv. Rotenberg acts with great sensitivity in all of the cases where it serves as a mediator, especially in light of her identification with the distress of clients who reach to her in the difficult time of dismantling their families, which often include children. As part of her longstanding experience, she understands the clients’ language and motivating emotions, and manages to create voluntary mediation agreements without unnecessary struggles and fighting. Furthermore, in cases where Adv. Rotenberg recognizes a spark that still exists between the spouses, she directs them to marital counseling in order to reach marital peace and rehabilitate their relationship. In addition, she has a unique specialty in all aspects of “The New Family” and she represents same-sex families in adoptions, and in marital, common law marriage, joint-living and spouses’ agreements.

Preparation for Loss of Legal Capacity in Advance

Adv. Rotenberg is certified to LPAs, through which clients can set the persons who can make decisions on their behalf and provide instructions for cases of mental incapacitation. LPAs are important for the management of families and enable persons to control their future. This practice area includes counsel and preparation of LPA and living wills.

 “More Action, Less Talk”

The firm believes in acting as a way of life and therefore its lawyers emphasize highly-focused legal actions that achieve results for the clients. In addition, every case is tailored to the client’s needs, who is involved in the strategy that the firm constructs.

Equality, Integrity and Openness

The firm’s operations are based on three core values: equality, integrity and openness, both to clients and to courts. The equality value entails joint and equal parenting, including equal rights in divorce. Integrity is expressed in managing cases in a reliable, friendly and fully transparent matter towards the other party, out of the belief that life continues after the divorce agreements and the divorcees would have to maintain a dialogue on their children future. Openness is expressed in early mine-sweeping in every case, including in-depth studying of all aspects of the clients’ lives, in preparation for every claim the other party may make, as her replies score points on the way to victory.

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