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Production of tungsten and tungsten carbide powder for the hard metal industry

Metal tech
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Established: 1991
Line of Business: Production of tungsten and tungsten carbide powder for the hard metal industry
Address: Neot Hovav Industrial Area
Phone: 972-8-6500300
Fax: 972-8-6572334
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  • Yehu  Madmon, Metal tech

    Yehu Madmon

    Commercial Manager

    Metal tech

  • Ran Maimon, Metal tech

    Ran Maimon

    CEO and Owner

    Metal tech

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About Metal tech

Metal-tech is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tungsten and Tungsten Carbide powders for the industry. The company, which was established in 1991, manufactures high  quality  tungsten powder, tungsten carbide, and tungsten oxide. The company also has the capability of recycling  tungsten scrap and waste for the production of  high purity of tungsten oxide as well as , cobalt and tantalum,  nickel salts and can produce tungsten-copper powder. The powders produced are a tailor made products  used for the manufacture of hard metals, cutting, drilling, and work tools, diamond cutting molds and electric light bulbs in addition to many other products in fields such as security and aeronautics.

Tungsten has other properties in addition to its strength, specific gravity and high melting points that are valuable for use in the electronic industry. Metal-tech is the only company operating in this field in Israel and produces the world’s most successful blue and white, Israeli products.

Areas Of Activity

Tungsten Powder Production - Metal-tech is an export-oriented company with 80% of its tungsten powders targeted for overseas markets, primarily the United States. The remaining 20% is supplied for the domestic market. In order to facilitate production of the powders, the company imports its raw materials from countries, amongst others, such as China and Vietnam in the Far East.

Recycling tungsten - Metal-tech has unique knowledge and experience in the recycling of waste and sludge that contain metals. The company’s researchers have developed chemical and physical recycling methods that neutralize and transform hazardous and toxic waste into oxidized and pure metal powders for re-use in industry. This includes neutralizing and recycling lithium batteries and other electronic waste, in controlled processes that strictly adhere to environmental regulations. To date, the Company is only partially engaged in recycling and focuses mainly on the production of powders, however, it is increasing its recycling operations which it has defined as one of the objectives for the coming years. 

An Advanced And Innovative Factory

The Company’s factory uses modern, automatic production lines and advanced systems for the prevention of air, water and ground pollution. The factory covers an area of 4 acres in the Neot Hovav Eco Industrial Park in Beer Sheva. The company also operates an advanced laboratory and maintains strict quality control procedures.

The factory produces high precision and maximum quality tungsten powders with diameters of 0.6 to 30 microns, depending on the needs of the various industries. The company’s extraordinary capabilities derive both from the advanced production equipment used throughout all of the processes involved and the top quality personnel it employs.

The company’s workforce includes material engineers, production staff, maintenance staff, and administration personnel. All employees come from Beer Sheva and the surrounding areas and include employees from both the Jewish and the Arab populations.

Ran Maimon – CEO And Company’s Owner

Ran Maimon has been the company’s owner and CEO since 2016. He has a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and an M.A. in Business Management and Industry from Ben Gurion University in the Negev. He is also the founder and owner of projects and factories for the production of tungsten and tantalum extracted from concentrates  mined in Bolivia, a factory for the production of molybdenum oxide through leaching and roasting of Mo concentrates  in Thailand and production of copper salts from a treatment of tailing and other waste in Chile.

The company was founded, by Paz, in the early ‘90s and Ran, until he left in 2008, was the company’s manager along with another partner. Over the years, the company underwent many “ups and downs” until it was acquired by Ran from its previous owners. He then decided to develop and expand the company.

Ran’s efforts bore fruit with the company’s workforce rising by some 35% along with a substantial and significant increase in the company’s activities. Today the company shows a profit, has doubled its sales and has an expected growth rate of 20% per annum.

Academic Activities

The company supports academic research in the field of material engineering and also cooperates with the Ben Gurion University Materials Engineering faculty. Faculty students visit the production facility during their fourth year in order to carry out their practical projects. Over the past two years, two classes have undergone their specialization studies at the company’s production facility.

Innovation And Cooperation With The Technion

Recently, the company has also begun cooperating with the Technion’s Metals Institute. Together, the two bodies have begun a joint project for the production of tungsten that is suitable for the production of metal products using a 3D printer. The projects are expected to receive the support of Israel’s Chief Scientist with the project being executed by Metal Tech’s engineers in full cooperation with the Technion.

Customer Service And Leading Quality Standards

Reliability, competitiveness, and flexibility are the foundations of Metal Tech’s customer service across the globe. These are the pillars that make the company a leader in its field despite the tough, competitive environment in which it operates. The factory operates according to the highest possible standards and is certified to many Quality Standards such as ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001. 

The Company’s Vision

The company’s vision is to be the leader in its field. It aspires to grow as an employer and to strengthen its relationship with the people in the south of Israel. It sees its employees as partners in strengthening development and increasing the company’s growth with a target of doubling its turnover from sales within the coming four years.

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