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civil-commercial, real estate and logistics

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Line of Business: Political law, civil-commercial, real estate and logistics
Address: 52 Nachalat Binyamin, Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-3-6951222
Fax: 972-3-6951228
Email: [email protected]
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  • Zafrir Negbi, Negbi, Cohen & Co.

    Adv. Zafrir Negbi

    Founding Partner

    Negbi, Cohen & Co.

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    Zafrir Negbi
  • Oz Cohen Koren, Negbi, Cohen & Co.

    Adv. Oz Cohen Koren

    Founding Partner

    Negbi, Cohen & Co.

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    Oz Cohen Koren
  • Eyal Anayati, Negbi, Cohen & Co.

    Adv. Eyal Anayati


    Negbi, Cohen & Co.

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About Negbi, Cohen & Co.

Negbi, Cohen & Co, is an elite firm specializing in civil and commercial law. The firm represents local and international individuals, private companies, and public companies in highly complex disputes, and is considered one of the leading firms in commercial litigation in Israel. Each of the founding partners is by far an authority in this field. Prior to establishing the firm, the founders served as senior partners in the largest and leading law firms in Israel, having managed entire litigation departments and teams.
The firm provides quality legal services resting on the cornerstones of in-depth professional knowledge coupled with the highest level of expertise. The legal services provided are hands-on, dedicated and of the utmost availability. The firm’s professional team is comprised of partners and associates with experience gained at large law firms and a stellar record of excellence. The services reflect in-depth strategic know-how, creativity, cohesive teamwork, and decades of collective experience.

Professional powerhouse

The firm was founded with the objective of becoming a top-notch professional powerhouse for its clients and chose the heart of Tel Aviv as its office location. Its homely and cosey design, and the personal and friendly character and nature of the firm’s members, makes it into a haven of serenity and closeness for the clients. The firm’s clients include some of the largest and leading companies in the Israeli market, including commercial enterprises, private and publicly traded real estate companies, local and international infrastructure companies, senior business executives and renowned public figures.

The partners

Adv. Tsafrir Negbi, founding partner – is one of the more senior and seasoned litigators in the country. He specializes in representing large conglomerates, institutional investors, financial institutions, and public figures in high-stakes and complex legal claims involving hundreds of millions of NIS. These include disputes involving public takeovers, large-scale infrastructure projects (in transportation, energy, water desalination and more), real estate investments and development, control battles and shareholders’ disputes in public and private companies, petitions to the Supreme Court sitting as the High Court of Justice, class and derivative certifications and claims, administrative petitions, and many more.
As such, Adv. Negbi served as lead counsel in a long line of significant cases, some of which laid down precedential rulings in Israeli law. Thus, for example, he led the case, where for the first time in Israel, the courts upheld the practice of a reverse triangular merger in publicly traded companies, as opposed to the traditional tender offer.
Another fine example of a precedential ruling under Adv. Negbi’s belt was a ruling by the Supreme Court protecting the anonymity of persons posting online by refusing to force telecom companies to disclose their identity to persons or entities claiming to have been offended by the publication. In yet another precedential case, Adv. Negbi represented one of the largest retailers in Israel against the Government Companies Authority in a petition against the monopolistic conduct of the authority in fixing unfair prices for the commercial spaces the authority manages.

Adv. Cohen-Koren, founding and managing partner- is considered one of the country’s leading litigators possessing vast experience in representing corporations and individuals in highly complex claims, before civil court instances as well as in arbitrations and mediations, spanning the entire breadth of civil and commercial law practice, including, shareholders’ disputes, high-stakes contractual disputes, corporate control battles in infrastructure and energy companies, class and derivative certifications and actions, petitions to the Supreme Court, administrative petitions, high-stakes tender offers, strategic advisory to large telecom companies on both, dispute resolution and regulatory matters, and much more.
Over the years, Adv. Cohen-Koren gained valuable expertise in handling complex litigation cases, where the need for strategic ‘chess’ tactics and a great degree of legal creativity were necessary to achieve the requisite results for the clients. During these years, Adv. Cohen-Koren represented a host of renowned and heavily regulated companies and bodies in high-profile cases under the media limelight, including various telecom and media companies. During his years of practice, Adv. Cohen-Koren, has had the privilege of representing leading individual businesspersons, energy companies, publicly traded companies, governmental companies and authorities, as well as law firms. The legal advice Adv. Cohen-Koren provides, goes far beyond the limits of the legal issues at heart, and is typically strategic in view of the client’s long-term objectives.
Adv. Cohen-Koren implements a very hands-on and personal approach and is well acquainted with the minute details of the cases he handles. He views litigation as the ultimate art of persuasion requiring talent, creative thought, and the ability to tailor unique solutions for individual situations.

Adv. Eyal Anayati, partner - specializes in commercial litigation. He represents corporations and individuals before all judicial instances, as well as in arbitrations and mediations. He is an expert in civil, commercial, and administrative law. Adv. Anayati advises the firm’s clients in highly-complex and high-stakes litigations and disputes predominantly involving shareholders’ disputes, large scale infrastructure projects, corporate governance, construction projects, administrative petitions, energy and water projects and more.

Practice areas

Civil and commercial litigation – the firm specializes in the management of hi-stakes and exceptionally complex civil litigation cases, involving contractual disputes, shareholders’ and control disputes, renewable energies, infrastructure, logistics, insurance, banking, capital markets, real estate, public tenders, administrative and constitutional law, intellectual property, telecom and more.

Class and derivative certifications and actions – the firm specializes in defending corporations, directors, and office holders, against motions for certification of class and derivative actions.

Administrative law – the firm represents corporations in administrative petitions against decisions by various municipal and governmental authorities, including in public tenders, as well as representing petitioners and respondents in petitions to and before the Supreme Court sitting as High Court of Justice.

Arbitration and mediation – the firm frequently represents parties to civil business disputes being adjudicated in local and international arbitration proceedings as well as in mediation proceedings. In addition, Adv. Negbi serves as arbitrator, and is often appointed by court to arbitrate in complex civil and commercial disputes, including in real estate, banking, energy, and commerce disputes.

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