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Established: 2013
Line of Business: Exercising Medical Rights
Address: 2 Hamelacha st. Raanana 4366101
Phone: 972-9-8800305
Fax: 972-9-8800306
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.oleniklaw.co.il
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  • Linoy Olenik, Olenik Linoy Law Office

    Linoy Olenik

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    Olenik Linoy Law Office

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About Olenik Linoy Law Office

Olenik Linoy, Law Office is a boutique law firm which is active in the field of exercising medical rights. Over the years, the firm accumulated vast reputation in this field and now it has branches in Ra’anana, Beersheba and Haifa. The distribution of the firm’s branches enables it to assist clients from all across Israel, from Kiryat Shmona to Eilat. The firm represents its clients in exercising their medical rights vis-à-vis the National Insurance Institute, Income Tax, the Ministry of Health, insurance companies, pension funds and other entities. The firm specializes in lawsuits in the segments of general disability, workplace accidents, professional illnesses, tax exemption on medical grounds, mobility, long-term care, children with disabilities. In addition, work incapacity and more. The firm is renowned, beyond its professionalism and sensitivity, also for the multilingual service that it provides – in Hebrew, English, Russian, Arabic and Amharic. The firm’s main area of practice is representing clients who were diagnosed with severe chronic illnesses such as multifactorial diabetes, epilepsy, various types of cancer, autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, lupus, Crohn, fibromyalgia and more.

Understands the Clients and Identifies with Them

The prosperous firm was founded on the basis of Adv. Linoy Olenik’s difficult personal experience. She serves in the IDF reserves at the rank of a Major and in the Second Lebanon War she serves as the HR officer of a paratroopers battalion. One day, when the staff soldiers of the battalion were in Kfar Giladi, a barrage of Katyusha rockets blasted through the air. One of the rockets exploded at the center of the assembly area and caused a horrible catastrophe, with 12 reserves soldiers instantly dead and another 15 wounded. Linoy was miraculously unharmed and started managing the multi-casualty event with amazing composure, while other rockets were hitting the area. For her actions in that event she was decorated, but when later on she realized that she is suffering from post-trauma, she discovered that the road to recognition as a post-trauma victim isn’t smooth – she was surprised when her application was rejected, and she required the assistance of a lawyer in order to exercise her rights. In light of this personal experience, she decided to enter the legal profession and help other people in the same situation. She also decided to reduce the lonely feeling of her clients. As the years went by, she graduated from her law studies and worked as an associate in the field of exercising rights for several years, until deciding that the time was ripe to open her own independent firm, a place that would provide an attentive ear and emotional containment for the patients, and more importantly, a professional center for exercising their full rights vis-à-vis the various authorities.

Accompanying the Client Throughout the Entire Process

In light of the fact that the most appropriate and accurate stage to consult with a lawyer is before filing the various lawsuits, the firm’s counsel starts with mapping and presenting the clients’ rights to them. Afterwards, their medical records are reviewed in-depth in order to verify that their claims and complaints match their medical condition as the latter is reflected in the medical opinions. Afterwards, the client’s insurance coverage is reviewed and the firm prepares the various claims for him/her and accompanies vis-à-vis the relevant entity – National Insurance, pension funds, the Tax Authority, the Ministry of Health or insurance companies, while fighting for them both for monetary annuities and for various exemptions such as income tax exemption on medical grounds.

Providing a Shoulder and an Ear in the Client’s Darkest Hour

Adv. Olenik’s past experience and the trauma that she underwent taught her about the emotional state of her clients – she is familiar with all of the questions, the anxieties and the fears that surround those who face medical committees, and knows that some people abandon the process out of fear and a lack of knowledge. Accordingly, one of the things that she emphasizes to the firm’s professional teams is that they must be both extremely professional and sensitive and supportive for the people who they represent during hardships.

The Firm’s Clientele

The firm’s clientele comprises mainly chronic patients who suffer from various illnesses and syndromes, as well as victims of accidents and hostilities, as long as there is medical damage that permanently affects their lives. The firm accompanies private individuals and also patients associations and non-profits. The firm also provides services to workers unions who wish to offer their employees an additional net of benefits and social security in case they or their family members face a complex medical situation.

Countless Successes and Achievements

Over the years, the firm recorded a very long list of successes for its clients, who received very high sums of damages, as well as lifetime disability pensions, tax exemption etc. One of the recent cases that the firm won was that of a woman in her early 40s who turned to the firm so that it can help her receive a disabled parking permit. This was a rather simple request, but since the firm digs deep in order to exercise the maximal rights for the clients, the team conducted an in-depth questioning of the client and discovered that 3 years earlier, she was forced to leave an executive position on medical grounds. The clients had no idea that her condition entitles her to social benefits and the firm managed to obtain, to her surprise, a monetary compensation of NIS 500,000 and a permanent stipend of NIS 10,000 per month. Furthermore, the firm made sure that funds are deposited in her pension fund every month, so that she would be able to benefit from a generous pension after her retirement.

A Life Mission

Adv. Olenik sees her practice as a life mission and therefore, beyond her day-to-day work, she also volunteers to lecture to patients associations on the various rights to which the patients are entitled. Under her leadership, the firm aims to make the rights exercising process easier and more efficient and to enable true legal representation and management for each client. It cultivates the values of family and giving alongside with professionalism, availability and efficiency, and believes in encouraging excellence and personal and professional development with complete fairness to its workers, clients and their families.

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