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Line of Business: Real estate – urban revival
Address: 28 Dam Hamaccabim St., Modi’in
Phone: 972-8-6998888
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About Peak Revival Ltd.

Peak Urban Revival Ltd. is a leading real estate company that specializes in real estate operations, including urban revival, evacuation and construction in large complexes, and NOP 38 buildings. Benefiting from both financial stability and vast experience, the company leads and promotes numerous projects, including thousands of apartments and hundreds of thousands of square meterage of commerce, offices and utilities. The company’s many years of experience, mega-projects and over ten thousand apartments - currently pending planning and execution, have led it to professional knowledge and proven successes in the field. The company is made up of a group of companies that invests billions of shekels in myriad sectors, including high-tech, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, mega-tech, and tech hubs spread out worldwide.

Peace of Mind Resulting from Financial Stability and a One Stop Shop for Development, Planning and Execution

The company’s equity, combined with income-generating properties and an ability to invest in promoting an evacuation and construction project, creates the company’s stable financial ground that benefits clients. The company’s unique strength is that the development, planning and execution are all done under one roof. The company’s clients benefit from the peace of mind that results from the combination of its financial stability and the responsibility involved in being a one stop shop in its fields of expertise.

Professional Excellence Leads to Best Results

The company’s staff is made up of individuals with vast experience in real estate. In addition to the skilled workforce of the company itself, it also uses first-rate consultants. The multidisciplinary mechanism developed by the company by combining such professionals enables it to examine and provide a preliminary estimate for a project of any size within a short period. When the company plans, develops and constructs a neighborhood or a building, it focuses on rethinking the project with the population, location and surrounding conditions in mind, including infrastructures, utilities, education and occupation. The high-quality and meticulous urban planning, which is in line with the company’s vision, is clearly evident in every detail. Furthermore, the company works with planning bodies and authorities to promote plans and remove major obstacles in the housing and construction market in general.

Client - Oriented

The company believes that urban revival is a project type wherein the property belongs to the clients and the company constructs the project for its clients. Therefore, tenants form an integral part of making and creating their new home. Peak’s proven experience and capabilities, together with the trust and security it provides all of its clients, lead to the synergy that is created by exploiting the advantages of a large company and the strengths of a unique boutique company.
Oded Werner, the CEO of Urban Renewal Division, is a sixth-generation builder of New Jerusalem and has been active in construction and development since 2000. Oded graduated from the Technion institute and from the External Studies Center, and has certifications in various relevant fields, including project management, construction supervision, green construction, construction development and NOP 38.

Areas of Expertise

Pinui Binui - The main field of activity of Peak Urban Revival Ltd. is the construction and clearance of large complexes. The company, with a broad and comprehensive perspective, changes the face of cities, initiates and plans entire streets and clusters of old buildings, which will become a modern complex with all the necessary services and infrastructure, parking lots and traffic arrangements, bicycle and pedestrian paths around cultivated gardens and sports fields, public and educational institutions, commercial and leisure areas. This is how Peak Urban Revival affects the renewal of the old cities, improves the living conditions of the existing residents beyond recognition and contributes to alleviating the housing crisis by adding apartments in the complex with a high quality of life and a design that looks to the future.
NOP 38 - Meant to reinforce old buildings against earthquakes, renew infrastructures and change the appearance of the environment, the NOP 38 plan also includes lobby renovations, common areas and additional upgrades, as agreed with the tenant representation.
NOP 38/1 Structure Reinforcement - Meant to reinforce an old building against earthquakes and more, tenants also benefit from a balcony, protected space, parking space and common public areas including a lobby, stairwell and elevator, according to the structure’s area.
NOP 38/2 - The purpose of NOP 38/2 is to demolish the old building, establish a new one instead and increase the area designated for apartments. During the evacuation phase, the company rents out alternative residence for the tenants as nearby as possible, pending project completion. Special attention is placed on bonds. Peak presents residents with full bonds, warranties and insurance, assuring them with mental and financial peace of mind.

Prominent Projects

Theater House - Across from Jerusalem Theater, with a breathtaking view of Jerusalem, the company is establishing a luxurious building that will feature Israel’s highest levels of design and class.
BBC TOWER - One of Ramat Gan’s most impressive office and commerce towers that will stand 50-story tall and have direct access from the light rail station.
HaMaapilim Hashiva Complex, Beit Shemesh - A prestigious project is being built in the center of the sought-after city, Beit Shemesh, which includes approximately 1,100 units, designed with architectural flair.
Peak Gat, Jerusalem - At the the old Qiryat Moshe neighborhood, a luxurious residential complex is in construction in the heart of a green avenue which includes apartments in various sizes.
Etz Hadar Complex, Jerusalem - A residential complex with 300 high-end apartments is being promoted in a main junction in Jerusalem, planned as a significant milestone in the area’s revival.
Bar Ilan Vilna Complex Shavazi Ramla - A huge project in which approximately 1,650 apartments and extensive public areas are planned near educational, health and commercial services, designed by the best architects.
HaHagana Ramla - On Hagana Street, in front of a green park and in a central area, a tower is being built in which residences are combined with commerce spaces with a facade for conservation, according to careful architectural planning.
Shenkar Holon - On the main Shenkar Street in the city, on a line of buildings, a Pinui Binui project will be built. Designed by Bar-Levi Architects.
HaHida - Bayit Vegan Jerusalem - On HaHida street in the picturesque Bayit Vagan neighborhood, a high standard urban renewal project is being established along with many other complexes throughout the country.
Urban Revival, Vilna - Bar Ilan Complex, Ramla - One of Ramla’s Prominent Complexes - a mega-project with 1,800 apartments and large public areas in proximity to educational, health and commercial facilities, planned by leading architects in cooperation with Ramla Municipality and the Urban Revival Administration.
Yoseftal Complex, Ramla - Over 100 new apartments, including a giant parking lot are being constructed in the city’s most in-demand location.

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