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Law Office, specializes in Family and Inheritance Law

Pini Aviv, Law offices
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Established: 1982
Line of Business: Law Office, specializes in Family and Inheritance Law
Address: 7 Jabotinsky St. Ramat Gan 5252007
Moshe Aviv Tower, 52th floor
Phone: 03-6114016
Fax: 03-6114017
Email: [email protected]
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  • Pini Aviv, Pini Aviv, Law offices

    Pini Aviv

    Advocate, Founder & Owner

    Pini Aviv, Law offices

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    Pini Aviv


    Galit Shpitzer-Koren
    Ariel Chachkes
    Shir Aviv-Dahan
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About Pini Aviv, Law offices

Pini Aviv Law Office was founded over 30 years ago and specializes in family and inheritance law.
The firm is considered to be one of the leading high profile offices in the practice of family law and has been responsible for the setting of basic case law and guiding precedents in various fields.
Adv. Aviv has handled the affairs of prominent and important people from Israel and abroad, including businessmen and senior executives in the Israeli economy, public figures, media personalities, artists, etc.
The office prides itself in the providing of unique and creative legal solutions, combining innovativeness and originality, whether by negotiation and the reaching of legal agreements or by way of litigation and handling of claims in all the civil legal instances and the rabbinical courts.
Adv. Aviv believes that in family disputes, one should try at first to reach an agreed compromise, in which one should strive to obtain the opti-mal result for the client, so as to avoid legal confrontations and protracted legal proceedings.

Nevertheless, Adv. Aviv will not hesitate to fight with all the necessary vigor and determination, sticking to his goals, and instituting any legal proceedings and taking any measures needed in the legal battle he is to conduct for his client.

Areas of Expertise

The office specializes in family and inheritance law and deals with a variety of fields including: distribution and equalization of all property components, spouse and child support, child custody and visitation rights, divorce and financial agreements, inheritance disputes, drafting of wills, will contest, administration of estates, mediation, arbitration proceedings and many other issues.

Adv. Aviv and the office’s staff collaborates with top professionals including leading and outstanding civil and commercial law offices in Israel and overseas, CPA’s, psychologists, actuaries, land assessors, private investigators, etc.

Professional Handling and Personal Attention

Adv. Aviv and his dedicated and professional staff are well aware of their significant and essential role during the course of the dispute, which is characterized by many difficulties as well as the mental anguish experienced by the clients, deriving from the sensitive and complex area of family law.

Adv. Aviv and the office’s staff provide clients with hands-on, attentive accompaniment and focus on the formulating of the right strategy for the circumstances, by thorough and methodical planning of all the necessary means and measures, maintaining the utmost discretion and striving to achieve all the objectives. The firm is always ready to provide an immediate and professional response to any matter requiring attention at the highest level of devotion and preparedness. 

Adv. Aviv, personally attends to every client personally, thoroughly selects the cases, in order to provide the highest and best professional ser-vices for every client. 

The Office’s Staff

Adv. Pini Aviv is the founder and owner of the office and he has dealt in family and inheritance law since he qualified as a lawyer in 1982.

Adv. Aviv lectures and participates in professional panels and special forums of the Israel Bar Association. In addition he participates in profes-sional committees in the above mentioned fields.

Advocates Galit Shpitzer-Koren, Ariel Chachkes and Shir Aviv-Dahan work alongside Adv. Aviv, and have exceptional abilities and rich experience in the family and inheritance law area.


For further information on the office and the staff, please visit the office’s website

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