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Prof. Avi Weinroth and Co.
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Established: 2014
Line of Business: Litigation and Real Estate
Address: 2 Weizmann St., 24th floor, Amot Investments House,
Tel-Aviv 6423902
Phone: 972-3-6414100
Fax: 972-3-6414109
Email: [email protected]
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  • Avi  Weinroth, Prof. Avi Weinroth and Co.

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    Prof. Avi Weinroth and Co.

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    Avi Weinroth
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About Prof. Avi Weinroth and Co.

Prof. Avi Weinroth and Co. is a unique boutique law firm that provides its clients with a variety of extraordinarily high-quality services in all areas of civil and commercial law as well as real-estate deals. The firm is staffed by a carefully selected team of brilliant attorneys so that every case is handled by a professional at a senior partner level.

Prof. Avi Weinroth, who is known as a sharp and brilliant lawyer, has extensive legal knowledge and  over 30 years of experience. The firm is characterized by a very high legal level of creativity and original out-of-the-box thinking. The synergy that results from the combination of the firm’s experience, knowledge, innovation, and its professional excellence creates the added value from which the firm’s clients enjoy.

The firm practices a variety of areas: property and real estate laws, corporate law, commercial litigation (class actions and derivative claims), administrative and public laws, banking law, and civil litigation, a field which is one of the firm’s main strengths. The firm handles large, publicized, complex and difficult lawsuits for a wide range of significant clients in the Israeli economy, as well as major real-estate transactions: the firm has widespread real-estate activities of large magnitudes, including in the urban renewal field.

Practice Areas

The firm practices civil and commercial litigation, and mainly handles the following topics: property laws, contractor lawsuits, family disputes, class actions and derivative claims, banking, family law, wills and inheritance, management and cancellation of complex arbitration proceedings, arbitration judgments, High Courtof justice and administrative appeals, tenders, tort and insurance claims, dissolution of real-estate partnerships, Israel’s Land Authorities, building defects claims, various taxation lawsuits (income tax, real estate tax, value-added tax, customs and purchase tax), and tax arrangements.

Class actions - The firm’s lawyers have accumulated extensive experience in the class action field, where they benefit from the advantage of representing both plaintiffs and defendants in significant and diverse class actions. The firm has represented accounting firms, banks, hotels and various manufacturing companies in actions on grounds that relate to The Antitrust Law. The firm has represented plaintiffs, including plaintiffs in claims against pharmaceutical companies, banks, major importers in the market and many other large actions.

The commercial field - The firm specializes in transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, and tech companies, in cooperation with Adv. Paul Weinberg and his team, who operate from Prof. Avi Weinroth and Co.’s offices.

Tax arrangement - The firm practices taxation, international taxation, trust taxation and arrangements with the Tax Authorities – in cooperation with Adv. Meir Nussbaum, who also operates from the firm’s offices.

Real Estate - The firm works in the real estate field, in the support of entrepreneurs in large projects and yielding real-estate transactions. The firm handles complex and extensive real-estate transactions both in Israel and internationally. The firm leads broad and extensive urban renewal transactions both in the representation of leading initiators of Pinui-Binui, Tama 38, etc. projects and in the representation of residents.

Companies laws, capital markets, and debt restructuring - The firm has represented clients in major companies’ laws lawsuits. In addition, the firm handles various debt arrangements and restructurings, including the representation of shareholders, investors, hospital operators, trust funds, diamond merchants, creditors and associations in the framework of liquidation proceedings.

Banking lawsuits - The firm handled and handles dozens of proceedings, including the representation of foreign banks and the representation against banks.

Prof. Avi Weinroth, Advocate and Notary

Prof. Avi Weinroth is a highly-regarded figure in the legal profession, has a P.H.D. from Tel Aviv University since 1994, and is one of the very few Israeli lawyers who have an academic rank of a professor, published important legal books and rigorous articles while simultaneously serving as an active, energetic and experienced attorney. Prof. Weinroth is a brilliant lawyer of the highest class, with in-depth knowledge and years-long experience, an enthusiastic litigator, a smart and thorough cross-examiner and, a well-known lecturer in his practice areas (banking, corporation and property law). Prof. Weinroth has written important books and over one hundred articles, which have been quoted in the Supreme Court.

Among his legal books:

• Property Laws 2020.

• Governmental Corporations – the scope of the administrative law, 1995.

• Taxation of non-profit organizations (income and value-added taxes), 1992.

• Contractual interest, 1998.

• Loan Laws – the lender’s protection in the Israeli law, in co-authored with Prof. Barak Medina (the rector of the Hebrew University) 2000.

• Tying services in banking corporations, (with Boaz Adelstein), Sho’av Publications, 2001.

• Bank Guarantees, 2011.

These are in addition to about 100 articles and many books in Jewish law.

Prof. Avi Weinroth initiated extensive real-estate transactions in Israel, while combining knowledge and creativity to materialize the transaction.


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