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The firm specializes in drafting professional opinions on tax and administrative law, negotiating with authorities, representing before judicial instances, and providing services in a wide range of legal fields, as follows: taxation (national & criminal), administrative, public, commercial and labor laws

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Established: 2003
Line of Business: The firm specializes in drafting professional opinions on tax and administrative law, negotiating with authorities, representing before judicial instances, and providing services in a wide range of legal fields, as follows: taxation (national & criminal), administrative, public, commercial and labor laws
Address: 1 Daniel St. (8 Haneviym Corner) Haifa 3330708
Phone: 972-4-8668990
Fax: 972-4-8668991
Email: [email protected]
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  • Dan Bein, Prof. Bein & Co. Law Office

    Prof. Dan Bein

    Adv., Founding Senior Partner, Arbitrator & Mediator

    Prof. Bein & Co. Law Office

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    Dan Bein
  • Yoav Bein, Prof. Bein & Co. Law Office

    Adv. Yoav Bein

    Founding Senior Partner & Arbitrator

    Prof. Bein & Co. Law Office

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    Yoav Bein
  • Liora Bein-Alon, Prof. Bein & Co. Law Office

    Adv. Liora Bein-Alon

    Founding Senior Partner

    Prof. Bein & Co. Law Office

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    Liora Bein-Alon
  • Hagay  Tal, Prof. Bein & Co. Law Office

    Hagay Tal

    Adv. & Partner

    Prof. Bein & Co. Law Office

  • Iftach Simhony, Prof. Bein & Co. Law Office

    Iftach Simhony

    Adv., CPA & Partner

    Prof. Bein & Co. Law Office

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About Prof. Bein & Co. Law Office

Prof. Bein & Co. Law Office is a leading firm, practicing the following fields:
• Tax law including income tax, VAT, customs, encouragement and governments incentives, Property tax and compensation fund, tax planning, pre-ruling, opinions, representation before the tax authorities and all levels of courts.
• Administrative law – tenders, licenses and permits, planning and building, negotiations and discussions with authorities, litigation, opinions.
• Regulatory compliance laws in the fields of consumerism, occupational safety, labor law.
• Commercial transactions from the negotiation stage, due diligence, tax planning, agreements and reporting to the tax authorities and Registrar of Companies.
• Companies Law, including incorporation, agreements, and support in shareholders’ disputes.
• Education, High education, Budgeting, Licenses, Salary Review, Support Law
• Labor Law, including the Enhanced Enforcement Law
• Legislative and regulatory processes in various areas, including in the field of safety in the workplace, the Consumer Protection Law and labor laws
• Arbitrations and Mediations
• Israeli Standards Institute – Standards-related discussions.
• Municipal tax – fees and charges, including legislation proceedings and reforms in tax orders and bylaws, opinions, etc.
• Antitrust
• Class actions
• Water, Environment and Irregular Wastewater law 
• Real-estate.
• As well as litigations in all of the firm’s Practice areas.

General Background

Prof. Bein & Co., Law Office is a leading and respected firm amongst Israel legal and business communities, as well as its extensive and diverse clientele.

The firm’s broad perspective and ability to combine all legal fields, positions its ranked departments as leaders in their respective fields, for example, the firm’s tax department is ranked as Israel’s leader. The firm has an excelling team which integrates the judgmental and academic realms with real life. The firm’s professionalism, reputation, and creativity positioned it at the cutting edge of its Practice areas, while its commitment to quality, excellence, and personal service attract numerous clients. The firm is also rated by the leading international rating agencies such as Chambers, Legal 500 and World Tax.

Legal Practice Based on Values

Prof. Bein & Co. leads a team of lawyers, who excel in practical law and strive for legal excellence, original and daring thought, creativity, teamwork and integrity, and trust in the just needs of clients.

The Firm’s Clientele

The firm’s clients include government ministries, leading government, public, private and international companies, industrial enterprises, NPOs, education institutions, water corporations, infrastructure companies, local authorities, individuals, etc. The firm represents companies from their inception and specializes in representation before government ministries and regulators such as Finance Ministry, the Tax Authority, Israel Securities Authority, Antitrust Authority, Economy Ministry, local authorities, planning committees etc. The firm cooperates with European, US and Asian law firms enabling clients to receive legal advice on overseas transactions.

The Firm’s Opinions Change Legislation – The unique synergy from the combination of the professional know-how to prepare opinions, the expertise in negotiating with authorities including tax authorities and the ability to conduct litigation and court discussions at the highest levels, serves as the added value from which the firm’s clients benefit. The firm has an expertise also in managing complex cases with various authorities, including on incentives and Encouragement Laws, property tax and compensation funds, and obtaining compromise agreements and pre-rulings that create major tax savings and/or benefits for clients. The firm’s opinions are recognized and accepted by the tax authorities, the legal community and courts. Administrative law tax legislation amendments have been based on the legal opinions published by the firm. The firm handles criminal tax cases from investigation through payment arrangements, voluntary disclosure, plea bargaining and court representation. The firm’s staff handles commercial transactions from setting up businesses in corporate level including evaluating tax implications for the company and its owners. The firm provides counsel in structuring businesses and planning deals and its tax expertise assists in all tax aspects.

Senior Partners

Prof. Dan Bein, Founding Senior Partner – An esteemed and renowned legal figure among the state and legal authorities, and the public, who appreciate his ability to combine practical and original thinking, with broad interdisciplinary academic knowledge and many years legal experience. A former District Judge, Prof. Bein was one of Israel’s leading tax and administrative law judges, responsible for setting many precedents in tax and administrative law as Haifa District Court Deputy President for administrative affairs. Today, as a lawyer, he provides first-class tax and administrative law services and consultancy to major bodies. He is an arbitrator and mediator, chairman of the Haifa District Bar Association Tax Committee, and headed several public commissions, including the State Commission for Israel’s water economy. He is a respected lecturer in academia and various forums.

Adv. Yoav Bein, Founding Senior Partner – An expert in administrative, property tax, commercial and labor law. Adv. Bein manages legal strategy in complex cases, including those requiring interdisciplinary thought, breakthroughs, management of proceedings in a range of instances, conducting talks and unique solutions. Main areas of expertise are administrative law, specializing in tenders law, tax law and commercial law, and war compensation (property tax), encouragement of capital investment, municipal tax, standard issues (Standards Institute) and labor law. He has extensive experience in litigation and consultancy. He is an advisor to the Haifa & North Chamber of Commerce and the Manufacturers Association, and an Administrative Court committee member; an Israel Bar Mediation Committee member, Haifa Bar Association Labor Law committee member, and former Young Rotary Club (Haifa) President, and lectures in various forums.

Adv. Liora Bein-Alon, Founding Senior Partner – Member of the Israeli Bar Association National Council, and Specializes in taxation and administrative law, litigation and negotiation. Adv. Bein-Alon founded the “Taxation and Finance Forum”, which brings together Israel’s leading chambers and organizations, and was Chairman of the Tax Committee. She serves as an adviser to the Haifa & North Chamber of Commerce and advises and acts for public and private companies in tax and regulation matters.

Adv. Hagai Tal, Expert on all aspects of administrative and commercial law, represents Israel’s leading companies, member of public committees and adviser of the Chamber of Commerce, and supports leading companies in his areas of expertise. The firm’s staff includes 25 top accountants/ advocates who graduated from leading institutions, as well as interns.

Adv. & CPA Iftach Simhony, Partner, and Head of the Tax Dept., expert at Income Tax, Real Estate Taxation and Value-Added tax.  Adviser and represents the leading companies in the market, global companies and public entities in various proceedings before the Tax Authorities and The Office of State Attorney. Former Senior Manager in the Tax Dept. at Deloitte Israel and a former employee in the legal department at the Israel Tax Authorities.

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