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Psagot A.G. Group, Management and Engineering Ltd.
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Established: 2000
Line of Business: Real Estate Construction and Development
Address: 2 Kaufmann St., Textile House, Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-3-6586588
Email: [email protected]
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  • Hay Gaon, Psagot A.G. Group, Management and Engineering Ltd.

    Hay Gaon

    CEO and Owner

    Psagot A.G. Group, Management and Engineering Ltd.

  • Yair Shalev, Psagot A.G. Group, Management and Engineering Ltd.

    Yair Shalev

    General Counsel

    Psagot A.G. Group, Management and Engineering Ltd.

  • Tali Zarchia Promovitz, Psagot A.G. Group, Management and Engineering Ltd.

    Tali Zarchia Promovitz

    Chief Architect

    Psagot A.G. Group, Management and Engineering Ltd.

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About Psagot A.G. Group, Management and Engineering Ltd.

Psagot A.G. Group, Management and Engineering Ltd. is a boutique real estate company that is owned by the entrepreneur Mr. Hay Gaon, who is the son of the Late Ovadia Gaon, one of greatest founders and senior figures of the Israeli construction industry. Hay Gaon owns additional construction execution and development companies such as: Neot At Ltd. which is promoting the construction of a residential complex in Netanya, and the largest of these companies, Gaon Construction Company Ltd., where he continues the legacy of his late father, which has built hundreds of apartments over the past few decades, with Psagot leading and serving as the project management company.
Psagot Group is active in high-density construction (private transactions) and also in urban renewal projects – Tama 38/2 demolition and reconstruction and Pinui-Binui. To date, the group has built and populated hundreds of new apartments and its customers benefit from aesthetical and designed projects and a particularly lavish technical spec. Psagot prioritizes the customers and their needs above all else and champions the values of professionalism, quality, transparency and reliability. These values helped the company gain the vast reputation that it has in the industry, both among old and new customers and among suppliers and subcontractors.

Decades of Cumulative Experience

Psagot was founded two decades ago by Mr. Hay Gaon, the son and successor of the late contractor Ovadia Gaon. Ovadia was one of the founders of the city of Bat Yam and built about 200 residential buildings across the city. The company grew over the years but when the second-generation member, Hay Gaon, the current CEO and owner, joined it, the father and his son started setting new qualities of quality and innovation in the Israeli real estate construction and development market. These standards are eminent in the variety of projects that the company has built over the years and serve as a model for building at the highest level which is currently available. In light of the group’s business evolution and its adaptation to the dynamic market, it currently consists off three separate groups – Psagot, Neot At and Gaon Construction Company, and it offers, as a one-stop-shop, development and construction capabilities of the highest levels (the company has a construction execution arm with a contractor classification of C3).

Urban Renewal

As part of the company’s aspiration to excellence and in order to achieve customer satisfaction, the company has expanded its urban renewal department and is currently promoting Pinui-Binui and Tama 38/2 projects while providing a complete and uncompromising solution to the apartment owners, and informing them of the process on a daily basis, starting from the initial planning stages, through to the eviction of the apartments and up to delivering the new apartments, all while actively listening and assisting the residents. Despite the vast scale of its operations, the company provides the residents in the various projects that it leads with a direct and unmediated line to its executive management, so that the residents receive an immediate response for any request or demand and the instructions are passed down to the field quickly and efficiently.

Development and Execution Under One Roof

As a group that has both development and execution capabilities, Psagot manages to streamline the construction process and reduce its costs, and this is reflected in the attractive prices and the higher considerations to the residents in the residential and urban renewal projects that the company is promoting. Furthermore, this combination provides the company with complete control over everything that happens in the construction sites and to guarantee the construction quality. The residents benefit from peace of mind knowing that the team that they met when they signed the contract is the team that would accompany them throughout the entire process, including the construction period, until the apartment would be delivered to them.

Projects in Planning, Under Construction, and Populated

The group focuses on construction in the area of Gush Dan, mainly in the cities of Bat Yam, Holon, Ramat Gan, Netanya, Rishon LeZion and more, and currently the company is promoting and building the following projects:
The company is promoting the construction of about 200 new apartments in Pinui-Binui processes in Bat Yam and Netanya, of which 84 apartments are at advanced planning stages, 28 apartments are already at the municipal approval stage awaiting their committee review.
Ben Zvi St., Netanya: A project at advanced approval stages, that includes a 17-story residential building with 45 apartments of various sizes including 3,4 and 5-room apartments and upscale penthouses and 500 sq.m. of commerce areas.
9 Shalem St., Ramat Gan: An urban renewal project, Pinui-Binui, with the construction of 14 new apartments. completion expected over the next few months.
26 Pinkas, Bat Yam: A recently-completed project that included the construction of 12 new apartments.

Additional projects that the company completed and successfully populated (traditional and urban renewal) include, among others, the project in 12 HaHartzit St., Holon (the upscale H 300 neighborhood), 3, 53 and 68 Hashmonaim St. in Bat Yam, 1 and 3 Harav Arie Levin St. in Petach Tikva, 16 Mintz St. in Netanya and more.

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