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Revolutionary leader in the glass sector in Israel. Consultation, accompanying and executing complex projects, and marketing of entrance systems and advanced equipment solutions.

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Established: 1967
Line of Business: Revolutionary leader in the glass sector in Israel. Consultation, accompanying and executing complex projects, and marketing of entrance systems and advanced equipment solutions.
Address: HQ & Rishon Lezion Branch
13 Saharov St., Rishon Lezion 7570715
Ashdod Branch
29 Hayetzika St., Ashdod 7752803
Tel: 972-3-9535001
Fax: 972-8-6111404
Distribution and Logistics Center for Advanced Hardware Systems & Show room
5 Mazal Eliezer St., Rishon Lezion 7565317
Tel: 972-3-9535030
Fax: 972-3-9535031
Phone: 972-3-9535001
Fax: 972-3-9535000
Website: http://www.rafi-shapira.co.il
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  • Izik  Shapira, Rafi Shapira Group

    Izik Shapira

    Owner & CEO, Chairman of the Board

    Rafi Shapira Group

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    Izik Shapira
  • Shay  Shapira, Rafi Shapira Group

    Shay Shapira

    CEO “Mikhlachonet” & Director

    Rafi Shapira Group

  • Igal Amira, Rafi Shapira Group

    Igal Amira


    Rafi Shapira Group

  • Monica Fridman, Rafi Shapira Group

    Monica Fridman

    Vice CEO

    Rafi Shapira Group

  • René Peter, Rafi Shapira Group

    René Peter

    DORMA Director

    Rafi Shapira Group

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About Rafi Shapira Group

Rafi Shapira – DORMA Group is a Revolutionary Leader in the Israeli Glass Sector

קבוצת רפי שפירא | לוגו גדול

The Group specializes in consulting, supporting & executing glass works combined with aluminum and finishing works of any scale and provides high-performance solutions, creating value for its customers. The group’s operations are characterized by efficiency and professionalism, based on 50 years’ proven tradition, emphasizing values of integrity, serviceability, and innovation.

The group provides a wide range of solutions, from glass processing and supply to end customers, through the distribution of advanced quality hardware systems and execution of the works in commercial, public, office, government, security and private projects countrywide.

The Group’s Vision       

Creating added value for its customers by being involved and accompaniment from the planning stage, customizing dedicated and optimal solutions to the vision and needs of the customer, the entrepreneur, and the architect, while using creativity, innovation and thinking outside the box. To the customer’s disposal, there are 250 employees, of which 25 professional installation teams and 5 service teams countrywide, 2 manufacturing plants in Rishon Le’Zion and Ashdod, a logistics center for advanced hardware systems distribution and a showroom that enable added value and speed of execution, while emphasizing efficiency versus cost. 

Among the Group customers are public and private construction companies, project management and construction supervision companies, architecture firms, consulting firms, engineering and supervision firms, shopping centers, retail chains, banks, real estate and entrepreneurship & development companies, governmental companies, Office spaces, residential buildings, hotels, cinemas, the Ministry of Defense, the IDF, etc.

The company was founded in 1967, and its roadmap is based on past success and the aspiration to continue growing and developing. Since then it has upgraded its production lines and technological capabilities into computerized and advanced systems while expanding its operation and activities allowing it offering  unique and comprehensive solution package dedicated for any purpose.

The Group’s Structure

Ownership structure: Izik Shapira owns 70% of the group and 30% is held by DORMA Group, a leading international concern providing a broad and uncompromising solutions through a wide range of high-quality, state-of-the-art products and systems. Dorma Group has chosen Rafi Shapira as the ideal exclusive partner in Israel and the Palestinian authority to distribute and represent the entire range of products and systems of DORMA Group. Rafi Shapira and Dorma Group have joined forces in 2011. 

Organizational Structure

The Group’s activity is carried out by a professional and skilled human system and is managed through a variety of channels simultaneously; The Group’s management and HQ; A Manufacturing and processing plant; A Technical department for support and advice to architects and consultants, An Operations division, A Service division, Logistic and supply division and a Marketing division located in Rishon Le’Zion; The  subsidiary Miklachonet, specializing in glass solutions for hotels and luxury residences, houses and facilities; Shapira Digital Glass Ashdod, a manufacturing and processing plant addressing the whole glass and aluminum market, located in Ashdod; A logistic center for the marketing and distribution of  Advanced Hardware Systems of DORMA and PLATIN RSH brands, as well as a Showroom located in Rishon Le’zion. 

The Group’s Manufacturing Plants

The groups’ rich experience, the technological development momentum, innovative and state-of-art machinery, and the vast resources invested in forecasting the market methods have all positioned its plants at the cutting edge of the global technology. The plants were certified by most of the global glass production concerns to process a wide variety of glass of high performance. The plants have the world’s most advanced CNC production lines, as well as an automated lamination production lines, automated ceramic and digital printing lines, tempering lines, lines for bending glass and for tempering bent glass as well as ballistic solutions (safety, bulletproof, burglarproof and anti-blast glass). The plants are  certified by the Standards Institute of Israel (SII) and meet the strictest requirements.

Shapira Digital Glass Ashdod

In 2009 the Group acquired the plant in Ashdod from “Rabintex Glass” (Besserglick) and converted it into a unique and advanced plant. Its areas of expertise are focused on the supply of ballistic solutions for buildings and cars (safety laminated glass, bulletproof, burglary, and blast-proof glass). The plant is an authorized supplier of the Ministry of Defense and the IDF. It utilizes the world’s highest quality of raw materials and has a qualification and authorization for SentriGlass® lamination.


Miklachonet | Rafi Shapira Group

The subsidiary Miklachonet has been established to provide optimal glass solutions, focusing on hotels, luxury houses, and facilities. The company specializes in planning and performance of complex and extraordinary projects, with custom-made solutions while usage of unique and innovative hardware systems and solutions. Miklachonet cooperates with entrepreneurs, architects, designers, contractors, supervisors, real-estate developers and project managers and provides advanced end-to-end solutions from the production to the installation stage, by its professional, skilled and meticulous installation teams. The company has years of experience in providing uncompromising and unequaled quality and service.


DORMA | Rafi Shapira Group

DORMA Group is a global concern with an international presence (more than 50 countries) and an annual turnover of more than one billion Euros, who owns many subsidiaries and manufacturing plants worldwide. The DORMA brand enables a high level of performance, creating absolute and long-term value through a wide range of high-end access solutions and services that enable better and of high standard buildings. DORMA Group enables and offers inspiring designs and innovative technologies as well as usefulness, safety, and comfort. With a tradition of more than 100 years, the group advocates comprehensive solutions for glass, aluminum and wood sectors and manufactures & distrubutes comprehensive mechanical and automatic entry systems for indoors and for outdoors, including: hinges, door control products and systems, panic and escape  solutions, sliding doors (automatic and manual), rotating doors (automatic and manual), entry controls, portable and stationary acoustic partitions and more, with an emphasis on accessibility and sustainability. All products have been tested and meet the strictest EU and US standards, including fire safety standards.


PLATIN RSH | Rafi Shapira Group

Rafi Shapira company is engaged in R&D and building of the quality hardware and access solutions brand, PLATIN RSH, enabling advanced hardware systems for glass and aluminum sectors at competitive prices and uncompromising quality. The products were developed and tested based on many years of experience, and on the deep understanding of installation needs and the aspiration to streamline and improve it. PLATIN RSH products render precise, professional, reliable and highest standard solutions, with an emphasis on products’ appearance and design. The brand includes comprehensive solutions range, for indoors and outdoors including patch fittings, glazing profiles, door operation and control hardware and accessories, door closers, mechanic, electronic and electromagnetic locks, manual and automatic sliding systems, spiders, shower fittings and accessories and many other innovative solutions.

Fire and smoke proof glass manufactured in the Group’s plants in Israel

As part of the Group’s vision of innovative activity and operation,  it offers a unique and first-of-its-kind solution in Israel for the supply of fireproof and smokeproof glass for up to 120 minutes (EI 120) without the need of window sprinklers or smoke screens, In local production at the Group’s plants in Israel. The composition of the solution includes a unique international patent. The local production enables the creation of tremendous added value to the construction industry and to the entrepreneur, the architect and the client, and considerable savings in time and resources. Rafi Shapira’s  solution meets the strictest conditions, as well as it meets the international and the Israeli standards. In addition acoustic insulation of up to approximately 43db is provided

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