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Family and inheritance law, estates and immigration cases

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Established: 2000
Line of Business: Family and inheritance law, estates and immigration cases
Address: 28 HaArba’a St., North Tower 35th Floor, Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-3-7524213
Fax: 972-76-5104019
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.raichman.co.il
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    Ran Raichman

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    Ran Raichman, Law Offices

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About Ran Raichman, Law Offices

Ran Raichman, Law Offices is one of Israel’s leading family and inheritance law firms. This boutique firm handles the full spectrum of family and inheritance law matters including divorces, marriages, nuptial agreements, child custody, child and spouse support, child abduction, domestic violence and the gay community.

The firm has a professional department that focuses exclusively on family law, inheritance and wills, and over the years its lawyers accumulated extensive experience and tremendous proficiency in every aspect of civil status. An additional facet of the firm’s practice is the topic of authority struggles between the courts and the rabbinical courts, including legislation amendments. The firm avowed to the provision of personal service and uncompromising professionalism and it specializes in handling complex family cases with principle issues in the fields of child custody, alimony and property, while representing both men and women. Adv. Raichman is completely devoted to the clients and he and the firm’s team provide an umbrella of legal services with high sensitivity and full availability.

Adv. Ran Raichman, Founder and Owner

Adv. Ran Raichman has more than 20 years of legal experience, and he regularly appears before all of the courts, including the family and rabbinical courts, the Great Rabbinical Court and Bagatz.

He is also a prominent media persona who regularly appears in shows and programs – he is the host of the show “Attorneys to Your Doorstep” in Channel 2, and is regularly called to provide commentary on family and inheritance law matters in the media. He also hosted the show “Legal Question” which was also broadcasted in Channel 2 and discussed civil and family law topics for the public benefit.

He served as V. Chairperson of the Family Law Committee of the Israel Bar Association, Tel Aviv District, and by education he has an LL.B. from The College of Management.

Main Practice Areas

In its family and inheritance practice, the firm is particularly renowned for its practice in three notable segments: Complex joint custody cases, disputes in family-owned companies, and objections to wills.

Complex Joint Custody Cases
The firm has vast experience in handling complex custody and visiting arrangement cases, and in some of these cases it set precedents for its clients. The firm’s team provides a basket of child custody services including the preparation of divorce agreements, custody agreements, filing sole-custody lawsuits, filing joint custody lawsuits, filing lawsuits for expanding visiting arrangements and more, and it provides its clients not just with complete legal support and representation, but also with support and help in crises.

Disputes in Family-Owned Companies
The firm has vast experience and tremendous proficiency in providing legal counsel to family businesses and finding creative solutions for preventing family disputes in businesses which equity can often reach tens of millions of Shekels. In the framework of the support, a great emphasis is placed on solving sensitive family disputes though negotiations and the firm’s extensive experience in such cases assists it in tailoring the legal solution for such situations.

Objection to Wills
In many cases, after a deceased’s will is disclosed, some of the legal heirs see its arranged distribution as unfair and refuse to accept it, on grounds such as undue influence on the deceased, illegal involvement in preparing the will, mental incapacitation of the deceased, technical faults in the will’s preparation process and more. The firm’s team has expertise in filing objections to the probate which have led, over the years, to full or partial cancellation of wills. Another sub-specialization of the firm in this context is the identification of fake wills – through criteria such as signature comparisons, the will’s paper age, unreliable witnesses and more.

A Staff of First-Class Experts and Professionals

In cases where the firm requires the opinion of professional advisors, it uses a longstanding battery of professionals including appraisers, economists, actuaries, private investigators etc. All of the professionals and experts are top-of-the-line in their respective fields and the use of these externals experts proves itself time and time again in the quality, professionalism and contribution to the optimal result of the case.

Holistic Support

The firm defines itself as a boutique firm and accordingly Adv. Raichman personally accompanies the clients and provides them with an attentive ear in their moments of crisis. The firm’s team researches each cases to its finest details in order to receive the broadest perspective and it calculates its steps throughout the entire process with full transparency to the clients, in order to reach the legal achievement that is best for them. This holistic support, which integrates uncompromising professionalism with sensitivity and listening is the firm’s most distinctive characteristic.

Creativity and Out-of-the-Box Thinking

In light of Adv. Raichman’s longstanding experience in the civil status field and the fact that the team constantly remains abreast of new rulings and guidelines, the firm can often solve complex issues through creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.


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