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Established: 2011
Line of Business: Civil, criminal, constitutional and administrative litigation
Address: 35 Ehad Ha’am St., Tel Aviv
Mobile: 054-8082337
Phone: 972-3-7266113
Fax: 972-3-7266222
Email: [email protected]
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About Ravit Zemach, Law Office

Ravit Zemach is a unique and extraordinary attorney in the Israeli legal profession and is one of the senior attorneys in the complex supreme litigation field in all of the legal branches – civil-commercial, criminal (white collar), administrative, constitutional and regulatory.
Following a groundbreaking legal work at the side of Adv. Ram Caspi and Adv. Yehuda Weinstein as a defense attorney, she attained the reputation of a special-tasks attorney who operates in unique methods behind and at the forefront of the scenes.
Due to her thought method and work style, Adv. Zemach is known as the attorney of attorneys, both as a provider of services to lawyers and in the provision of second opinions to lawyers on complex issues that are brought to them and the analysis of extensive evidence cases.
Adv. Ram Caspi defined her capabilities as an “Unconventional weapon” and added that “she has the ability to take a lost case and winning it”. Her work method as a soloist is focused on reversing and changing it’s the case’s course and outlook, out of nothing. Her legal work is characterized by building strategies on the legal battlefield and managing the campaign to achieve the goal while creating large legal structures and deep processes in the case. These turns and reversals are achieved through an in-depth and unique work method, attention to the finest details along with the building of a wide strategy, innovative legal thought, a multi-disciplinary approach and uncompromising goal-striving while hitting targets that others don’t see and turning the details into the bigger picture.
Adv. Zemach was involved in the management of many cases with high public interest and media potential. Her work methods led to turnabouts and successes, also in apparently lost cases, and prevented her clients from having to appear in courts.
Adv. Zemach handles each case personally, and at any given time maintains only a few carefully selected cases. 

The profile of the cases

Adv. Zemach represents clients, lawyers and public authorities in complex civil, criminal (white collar offenses), administrative and constitutional law litigations and various regulatory issues.
The synergy from her unique specialization and vast experience leads to a combination between various legal fields, and between those and various disciplines such as accounting and economics, clinical psychology and medicine.

Practice areas

Criminal law, white collar and compliance with corporate governance instructions - The firm specializes in representing suspects and defendants in a variety of economic and white collar offenses, including antitrust, money laundering offenses, securities offenses, executives and public officials offenses. Adv. Zemach represents executives, physicians, accountants, lawyers, prosecutors, mayors, real-estate entrepreneurs, diamond merchants, capital market traders and others throughout all of the criminal procedure’s stages.
Adv. Zemach led the hearing of former Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, in the only case against him that was closed (the “Political Appointments” affair). In addition, she consulted in the appeal to the Supreme Court in the “Holyland affair” concerning Hillel Chernei. Adv. Zemach represented, at the side of Adv. Yehuda Weinstein, Dr. Jackie Serov and led the writing of the appeal to the district court under which the imprisonment sentence was reduced to public service works.
She also represented Avigdor Liberman’s lawyer in the affair which is known as the Straw Company Affair – another case which has been closed.
She built and led the legal strategy that led to the conviction of Ms. Hannah Rado, Vice President of McCann Erickson in Israel for the offense of using insider information, an unprecedented achievement in the securities field.
In addition, she provided legal counseling for the defendants in the procedural court and towards an appeal to the Supreme Court in major legal affairs where she was a member of the defense team, such as the Tax Authorities Affair and the Holyland trial.

Severe Crimes – outside of Israel – Adv. Zemach represented defendants in extraordinary cases of severe criminal cases outside of Israel and gained achievements and a reputation also in her work with foreign defense attorneys in Europe in co-representation of suspects and defendants with an Israeli Citizenship in particularly complex cases.

Civil-Commercial litigation – the firm handles complex cases in the framework of court, mediation and arbitration procedures in business and commercial disputes between entrepreneurs and investors, control struggles in companies, disputes between shareholders and partners, lawsuits against executives and directors, lawsuits of capital market investors, derivative actions, proceedings concerning tender law, enforcement of external rulings and lawyer fees lawsuits.
Adv. Zemach represents companies, including technology and high-tech, officers and directors, entrepreneurs, professionals, academic staff and ordinary people.

Regulation – Adv. Zemach specializes in central capital markets reforms, such as the Becher Reform. Her main specialization is in the structures for supervising and regulating the financial markets and the construction of alternative models.
Adv. Zemach represented the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel concerning the suggested legislation bill of the Israeli Securities Authorities concerning the establishment of a regulatory entity for supervising the auditors, and, inter alia, conducted a comparative research where she researched the regulatory supervision structures in 33 countries in the world.

Disciplinary and ethical offenses – Adv. Zemach represents lawyers, physicians, public officials and others on disciplinary and ethical issues. Her work led to precedents such as the “Hermon Rule” which applies the “Abuse of Process” from the criminal law to the disciplinary law. This was the only time where the Supreme Court applied this doctrine in order to actually cancel a procedure against a person.

Integration of administrative and constitutional law into the criminal law – Adv. Zemach specializes in the integration of administrative and constitutional claims into the criminal procedure (as a substitute for an appeal to the High Court of Justice(Bagatz)), in order to conduct an in-depth judicial review of the activities of the law enforcement authorities, and maintain determined insistence that they comply with all of their obligations and verify the meticulous protection of the rights of suspects and defendants. Adv. Zemach is an expert in implementing the doctrine of a criminal investigation in its pure form in legal practice, in a way that changes the horizon of the case and rethinks its entire course.

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