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Civil - Commercial Law, Insolvency, Rehabilitation and Corporate Recovery

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Established: 2013
Line of Business: Civil - Commercial Law, Insolvency, Rehabilitation and Corporate Recovery
Address: 40 Tuval St., Sapir Tower, Ramat Gan
Phone: 972-3-7293970
Fax: 972-3-7293971
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.mangel-law.com
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  • Raz Mangel, Raz Mangel & Co., Law Office

    Adv. Raz Mangel

    Founder & Owner

    Raz Mangel & Co., Law Office

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    Raz Mangel
  • Tal Cohen, Raz Mangel & Co., Law Office

    Adv. Tal Cohen

    Raz Mangel & Co., Law Office

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About Raz Mangel & Co., Law Office

Raz Mangel & Co., Law Office, deals with various aspects of civil-commercial law and is considered a pioneer and leader in a wide variety of fields. The lawyers in the office are continuously involved in managing and leading control struggles in companies and corporations, complex real estate transactions, company rehabilitation and liquidation processes, difficult and complicated collection procedures, and more. Over the years, the team has received praise from various regulators and legal authorities and is committed to full transparency with clients, providing close assistance and comprehensive support to achieve the desired outcome for the client.

The office serves as a professional roof for conducting transactions, resolving disputes, and adjudicating struggles - all with close and enveloping personal attention. Among the clients of Raz Mangel & Co. are some of the major entities in the Israeli economy, including public companies, funds, businessmen, Israeli investors, and foreign investors. Leading the office is Adv. Raz Mangel is an experienced and skilled attorney who formally established his private office in January 2023 but has been engaged in personal legal representation since 2013.

Areas of Activity

Civil and Commercial Litigation
The firm is at the forefront of legal representation and handling civil and commercial disputes. Over the years, the office has achieved numerous unprecedented achievements for its clients, some of which are studied in law faculties. The office’s team is known for thinking outside the box, applying thorough analysis, and showing determination to achieve the goal. All these, along with their extensive expertise, are what is making the difference. Each client and every case receive personal and close attention and comprehensive legal, communicative, public, and financial treatment - until victory.

Foreclosures and Hard Collection
The office has extensive experience and impressive successes in asset collections and hard collections. Thus far, the office has realized property worth hundreds of millions of shekels, including, buildings, lots, apartments, jewelry, heavy military equipment, and more. The firm succeeds in initiating and implementing solutions even in the most complex convention cases, including cases in which construction and completion of projects and buildings is required. The office staff is involved in debt collection for some of the largest and most well-known financing entities in the country, continuously dealing with collection in enforcement offices, including returned checks, execution of works, and execution of judgments.

Family Law, Private Clients
The lawyers at the office are available to clients for the most personal and complex issues in their lives, standing at the heart of struggles related to wrongdoing, The staff handles the client’s assets and needs, all with sensitivity and humanity. The team’s extensive knowledge allows for creative solutions and crisis management in personal matters optimally.

Guardianships, Wills and Inheritances
The office has long-standing experience in maintaining and opposing wills, managing estates, appointing and opposing the appointment of guardians, and drafting wills. Additionally, the office has vast knowledge and understanding of managing conflicts related to property disputes between spouses, property disappearances, and concealments.

Company Rehabilitation, Insolvencies
Raz Mangel & Co. handles some of the largest insolvency cases in the country. The attorneys at the office are frequently appointed as trustees by the various courts, as special managers, and as liquidators of corporations and companies, and over the years have saved hundreds of jobs and large and small businesses alike, including the construction and completion of several residential projects in places where entrepreneurs have failed. The office’s involvement includes entities and private individuals who find themselves in financial distress and insolvencies, formulating debt settlements, carrying out creative and complex collection procedures, managing and leading insolvency procedures, handling property seizures, and managing international insolvency proceedings.

Real Estate
The office represents entrepreneurs, executive contractors, public companies, foundations, infrastructure companies, financial institutions, private clients, and Israeli and foreign investors in diverse fields related to the world of real estate. Thus, the office provides representation and accompaniment in various real estate transactions, representation and accompaniment of contractors, entrepreneurs, companies, contractors, and residents in urban renewal projects, including evacuation-construction projects and NOP 38 projects, as well as deals with sales, combination transactions, and more. Additionally, the office team provides close guidance at all stages of negotiation, including dealings with financing bodies, land rights holders, buyers, and sellers.

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