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Intellectual Property services including Patents, Trademarks and Designs, Litigation

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Established: 1934
Line of Business: Intellectual Property services including Patents, Trademarks and Designs, Litigation
Address: 26A Habarzel Street, Tel-Aviv 6971037
Phone: 972-3-7109333
Email: [email protected]
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  • Ilan Cohn, Reinhold Cohn Group

    Dr. Ilan Cohn

    Senior Partner

    Reinhold Cohn Group

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    Ilan Cohn
  • Ehud Hausman, Reinhold Cohn Group

    Ehud Hausman

    Senior Partner

    Reinhold Cohn Group

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    Ehud Hausman
  • David  de Vries, Reinhold Cohn Group

    David de Vries

    Senior Partner

    Reinhold Cohn Group

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    David de Vries
  • Ena  Pugatsch, Reinhold Cohn Group

    Ena Pugatsch

    Senior Partner

    Reinhold Cohn Group

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    Ena Pugatsch
  • Ronit Barzik-Soffer, Reinhold Cohn Group

    Ronit Barzik-Soffer

    Senior Partner

    Reinhold Cohn Group

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    Ronit Barzik-Soffer
  • Svetlana  Stadler, Reinhold Cohn Group

    Svetlana Stadler

    Senior Partner

    Reinhold Cohn Group

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    Svetlana Stadler
  • Tamar Morag-Sela, Reinhold Cohn Group

    Tamar Morag-Sela

    Senior Partner

    Reinhold Cohn Group

  • Orey Gilliam, Reinhold Cohn Group

    Orey Gilliam

    Chief Executive Officer

    Reinhold Cohn Group

Partners (Alphabetical order)

    Alon Sa’ar
    Dr. Fraenkel Yigal
    Dr. Goobes Riki
    Hackmey Michal
    Kravetz Yossi
    Litvak Dima
    Dr. Lotan Mirit
    Novikova Inna
    Dr. Rivenzon-Segal Dalia
    Ross Jonathan
    Schnur Myriam
    Seruya Yehuda
    Shahar Saleit
    Shlomo Doron
    Sokol Edith
    Tauber Gilad
    Zemach Rodman Einat
    Zohar Shelly
    Dr. Zrihan-Licht Sheila
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About Reinhold Cohn Group

The Reinhold Cohn Group is the leading intellectual property consulting firm in Israel. The group includes the patent attorneys firm Reinhold Cohn & Partners and the law firm Gilat, Bareket & Co. The synergy between patent attorneys, experienced in a diverse spectrum of technical and scientific disciplines, and the legal professionals, creates a unique and effective platform for maximizing returns of the client’s Intellectual Property assets by securing optimal protection. As the largest, leading and earliest established IP firm (1934), the Reinhold Cohn Group offers premier expertise in filing, prosecution, renewals, protection, oppositions, opinions, due diligence, freedom to operate, enforcement, litigation, licensing, commercialization and evaluation, portfolio management and strategic counseling. The group operates in all areas of intellectual property such as patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights, open source, plant breeders’ rights, etc. As a full-service intellectual property consulting firm, the group has over 220 employees; out of which about one third are patent attorneys and attorneys at law.

The Reinhold Cohn Group and its team of professionals are internationally renowned for excellence and are continually ranked at the top tier in leading international and local guides such as Managing Intellectual Property – IP Stars, Chambers & Partners, Legal 500, WTR1000, Who’s Who Legal, IAM Patent Strategy 300, IAM Patent 1000, Expert Guides, WIPR, D&B Israel and BDI. 


The group takes pride in the diversity of its clients, which include multi-national corporations operating in Israel, large Israeli companies, NASDAQ and other publicly traded companies, academic institutions, start-up companies (at various stages of development), private investors and funds, scientists, entrepreneurs, and inventors. Many of the group’s international foreign clients (some of them are Fortune500 companies) exclusively seek the group’s services for drafting and filing applications in Israel and in various other jurisdictions.

Areas of Expertise

The Life Sciences & Chemistry practice handles inventions in a wide spectrum of fields, such as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical compositions and equipment, molecular biology, organic and inorganic chemistry, agriculture, nanotechnology, biochemistry, pharmacology, food technology, diagnostics and green technology, and related fields. The department also has vast experience in handling Patent Term Extension cases.

The Hi-Tech practice handles a wide range of technologies including computers (hardware and software) and computer-based inventions, electrical engineering and electronics, electro-optics, cellular technology, databases, multi-media, integrated systems and processes, semiconductor devices and related processes, communications and telecommunications, internet, cyber, computer-based business methods, storage, etc.

Reinhold Cohn Group’s Mechanics & Technology practice handles inventions in the fields of mechanics and engineering, such as mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, aerospace engineering, maritime engineering, optics, medical devices and equipment, agricultural and engineering equipment, agricultural and water technologies, consumer products, materials engineering, packaging and handling of merchandise and materials, military technologies, etc.

The Physics practice of the Reinhold Cohn Group handles inventions in the fields of optics, electro-optics, acoustics, electrical engineering, optical communication, optical and electronic information storage, semiconductor-based technologies, energy, medical devices, nanotechnology, etc.

The interdisciplinary Medical Devices field combines various areas of expertise, including engineering, life science, physics, electronics, material science, software, pharmaceuticals, etc., demanding an innovative multidisciplinary approach. Therefore, ad-hoc teams of professionals are formed to handle specific projects, each one handling the aspects within their technological area of expertise.

The Nanotechnology department has expertise in medicine, material sciences, microelectronics, physics, electronics, chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, etc.

Reinhold Cohn Group’s Trademarks practice provides strategic and legal counseling relating to selection of trademarks and their proper use, planning, implementation and management of international trademark portfolios for local and international clients, conducting searches to ascertain the degree of freedom to operate, assistance in selection of a trademark and opinions regarding criteria for use and procurement, legal consultation with regard to drafting applications, registration of a trademark, domain name, drafting trademark-related agreements, conducting searches and watches.
The Designs department specializes in the protection of indistrial designs, and in the selection of strategies and tactics for filing designs, in Israel and abroad, while considering all aspects of protection and enforcement of respective rights.

Gilat, Bareket & Co.

The law firm of Gilat, Bareket & Co. is one of Israel’s leading IP law firms, specializing in litigation and legal protection of intellectual property rights in patents, technologies, brands, designs, creative works, and inventions.

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years 86 Since 1934



Since 1934

220 Employees



Partners 27 Out of which 8 are Senior Partners



Out of which 8 are Senior Partners

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